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Tesla Car Wash Mode: We Break Down Your Biggest Confusions

If you have a Tesla, it’s critical to keep it in the best possible condition. This goal includes the cleaning process. To help keep your Tesla in good shape, you have access to Tesla car wash mode ever since the 2021.24.4 software update. This tool comes in handy whether you wash your car at home or head through an automated car wash system.

Read on to learn more about the Tesla car wash. We’ll discuss what it does, whether it’s safe for your car, and tips for washing your Tesla and other things. It’s not cheap to invest in a Tesla–car wash mode helps mitigate the risk potential. Let’s clear up any confusion with the Tesla car wash mode.

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What is Tesla Car Wash Mode?

In a modern Tesla, you will see Tesla car wash mode. It came to life in the 2021.24.4 update over-the-air for the sake of improving the cleaning process of the Tesla. It’s a way to enable and disable some features that come with the Tesla whenever you bring it to a car wash.

This mode works with a Tesla when exposed to an automated conveyor belt, but it works well if you want to wash your car at home. Many features come with the Tesla car mode.

Everything Tesla Car Wash Mode Does (Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X and Model Y)

There are many things that Tesla car wash mode does in conjunction with the car. All occur with the intent to protect the vehicle and make it easier to bring through a car wash. All it takes is three taps to put it into position.

With Tesla car wash mode, what you can anticipate is this:

  • Closing windows
  • Locking charge ports
  • Disabling windshield wipers
  • Sentry mode
  • Walk-away door locks
  • Parking sensor chimes

You also can select from two buttons – screen clean more and fold mirrors, making it easier to get these two items done before the wash happens.

In Tesla car wash mode, you can enable ‘Free Roll’ to put the Tesla in a neutral position. This action prevents stopping or acceleration when a Tesla drives on a conveyor belt at a paid car wash.

Enabling Tesla Car Wash Mode 

For Tesla car wash mode, it is critical to understand how to enable it. Before you can complete this process, ensure your car is parked. Once in that position, you are ready to continue.

Follow these steps to enter Tesla car wash mode:

  • On the screen, press Controls, then Service, the Car Wash Mode.
  • Select Enter Car Wash Mode.

After you hit the secondary button, you will be in Tesla car wash mode.

Almost everything will be sealed and turned on automatically for you. If you have a Model 3 made before 2020, close the trunk yourself. The car should let you know if the back is open to give you the chance to shut it before it is too late. Avoid water in the Tesla at all costs!

The Free Roll mode for the conveyor belt only takes a few steps. You will need to press the brake, shift into drive mode, and select the button once the button is visible. It will be blue when the Free Roll is on.

Tesla car wash mode is an excellent and convenient addition to an electric vehicle that already works to make life easier for the driver. It is simple to turn it on in just a few steps.

Disabling Tesla Car Wash Mode 

Once you are out of the car wash, you will need to disable Tesla car wash mode. When you are out of the car wash itself, there are two possible routes you can take to disable it.

Here are two ways to disable the feature:

  • You can turn it off by selecting the ‘Exit Car Wash Mode’ button. After selecting it, the Tesla will automatically push out of the mode.
  • If you do not have a chance to push the button, you can drive. Once you get over 10 MPH, the Tesla will exit out of the mode.

Both options are effective ways to disable the Tesla car wash mode.

Tesla makes it simple to turn on and off Tesla car wash mode. It’s a quality option that reduces the buttons you need to tap if you decide to take your Tesla through an automated car wash location. It’s available on all Tesla models.

Tips for Taking a Tesla to an Automatic Car Wash

If you are going to take your Tesla through an automated car wash, it’s critical to remember a few things. Taking a Tesla to a cleaning location isn’t the same as driving the average car to the car wash!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when taking a Tesla to an automated car wash:

  • Don’t let it touch bristles: Tesla recommends that you take your car through a touchless wash. Any automated car wash you bring it to should only make contact with the surface of your vehicle with water and soap.
  • Ensure Tesla car wash mode is on: If you don’t have the car wash mode on, you risk getting water inside the vehicle and damaging your car.

These two tips will keep your Tesla in the best condition possible.

Take proper precautions before heading to an automated car wash. If you don’t, the Tesla car wash mode might not matter. It’s critical to keep the surface of your Tesla in mind, no matter where you go. A Tesla isn’t a cheap investment! You want to be careful, even in the cleaning process. The new car wash mode is just a helpful addition.

Should You Bring a Tesla to a Car Wash?

Now, we’ve talked about how to bring a Tesla to a car wash. But should you do it? Is it the best way to keep your electric car clean?

The consensus from Tesla and Tesla owners is no. Avoid bringing a Tesla to an automated car wash at all costs. It carries more potential to bring more harm to your vehicle than it will good.

If you go to a car wash, ensure you head to a touchless car wash instead of one that works with bristles. Car washes work for all cars, not specifically Tesla. They can damage the surface of your Tesla in just a few seconds.

Can You Wash Your Tesla Yourself?

Washing your Tesla yourself is the preferred option when wanting to keep the vehicle clean! It’s the preferred method by Tesla owners and recommended by the company as a safe way to keep the car clean from stains and other damage. You can put the Tesla in Tesla car wash mode and get started.

Here’s the best way to wash your Tesla at home:

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  • Wash your Tesla with a garden hose, which will soften dirt and rid the surface of debris and other large items on top.
  • Fill two buckets of water. Put a few drops of 7H kit’s Prep (a high-quality decontamination soap) in one bucket.
  • Put a high-quality microfiber mitt (included in the 7H Kit) in the soap bucket, then clean off the surface of the Tesla. When it’s full of dirt, rinse it off and repeat.
  • After it’s clean, wash it with more water from the garden hose. Dry it off with microfiber towels for best results.
  • Optionally, utilize a clay bar to get off any additional embedded grit. We have the Clay Bar Kit for that.
  • At last, apply the Torque Detail Coat product, as included in the 7H Kit, to provide a long-lasting, high-gloss ceramic coating.

The two-bucket method is the best way to clean your Tesla at home.

If you’re not a fan of this option, there’s another choice. You can utilize a waterless detailer to remove any grit and grime that has gathered on the surface.

Tips for Hand-Washing a Tesla

If you decide to hand-wash the vehicle, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to keep it in the best condition possible during the wash.

Here are a few tips for hand-washing the Tesla:

  • Ensure it is not in the sun to prevent evaporation because it can leave dirt and water spots on the surface.
  • Clean the soap before it dries to prevent soap marks and further agitation.
  • Ensure you stick with horizontal motions to avoid swirl marks.

These will keep your Tesla clean.

If it seems too tricky to hand-wash, you can always take your Tesla to a touch-free car wash. That’s what Tesla car wash mode was made for, after all!

2 years of protection and unbelievable shine

FIRST EVER Sprayable 7H Ceramic Coating


See Why The 7H Kit Got Rated 5-Stars

The FIRST EVER sprayable 7H Ceramic Coating! It took us years in the lab to finally be able to introduce: a sprayable ceramic coating that will rank on the 7H scale. That means you’re getting 2 years of protection and unbelievable shine while being much easier to apply than traditional small 1 oz bottles.

Is Tesla Car Wash Mode Actually Worth It?

Tesla car wash mode doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the table. It takes new features that require a lot of button pressing and places them in one convenient location. Tesla car mode makes it easier to defend your vehicle if you take it to a car wash or clean it at home.

This addition is worth it for ease and accessibility in a car wash. It prevents your Tesla from getting waterlogged and comes free of charge in every model.

  • Published on Apr 11, 2023