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New vette

I used the towels on the new vette they are great. I had a good friend order some supplies she loves them also.

What a time saver!

A beautiful finish in one forth the time when using Turbo Ceramic Waterless Detailer compared to water wash + towel dry then waxing... Great product!

Ceramic Detailer

Used the ceramic detailer today on my wife’s car first (white car) then a car I have for a collection piece next (black car). I’ve used multiple non SiO2 retailers and have had pretty good luck in the past. The torque product appears to be really good and high quality product upon initial application. Easy on and off with minimal streaking. I’m an avid car enthusiast and a perfectionist relative to automobile detailing. So far with the initial use of the ceramic detailer (I’m very picky) I’m quite pleased. The depth of the paint is extremely good. The detailer provided a very high degree of shine. Curious to see how well it performs when some time passes by. Curious to see if the hydrophilic and dust repellent properties are as claimed (6-12 months) on the marketing data. Product seemed to go a long way with a small amount. On the front end I’m very impressed.

Crazy reflective shine

I’ve been using the Mirror Shine but when the 1st gen ceramic shine came out, I thought I’d definitely give it a try. Now that there is a new Ceramic version, I can’t wait to test out as soon as I finish this 1st gen. As most people with black cars know, it is a pain and extra work to get your non-metallic black paint pop out as best as you can. I’ve tried everything form the big brands but after using Torque Details products, I’m totally sold. Yes, you still have to do the regular care like clay but after compounds/polish/wax, having this extra Ceramic protection makes a difference. The shine definitely comes out and I didn’t even use the Mirror Shine underneath that I normally would put. Pictures tell a thousand words so let my pics tell you the story.

I may just give these 1st gen away just to try the 2nd gens.

Thanks guys and keep up the great work!

Torque wax

Best wax by far gives my car showroom shine and last a long time

So far so good 2013 C-Max 90000 miles

Finally a day between rain. Clayed and applied Your best. And looks awesome and slick. Will see what happens with next rain and see how must dust sticks when it’s dry. I used Meguiars Ultimate products for years. A couple vehicles back used GTECHNIC C2V3. This seems a little slicker. Just applied this evening.

Great product

I love the torque ceramic detail product. Makes my truck look showroom clean everyday. Doug

My old new XLR

I tried your Ceramic Shine after I applied to decontaminating soap, and I couldn't believe the results. My car's finish looks like glass, and the man who repainted my car said he never saw such a glossy finish. See attached photo

Simply the best I've ever used

I have been driving Corvettes since 1968. I have tried virtually every "miracle" shine/protect product that has been introduced. Nothing, and I mean nothing has matched this product. Easily applied, fast and the results are amazing.

Ceramic Shine

This product is absolutely amazing! It made the color richer, the swirls were gone and the shine was like a mirror. I would recommend this product.

Pretty good stuff!

Gave this a try for the first time this evening. Been about two weeks since I washed my car with the ceramic wash. This stuff worked really well. Car is garage kept, but I drove in the rain one evening. This product cleaned and shined up the car well. Took about 20 minutes. I do recommend going around the vehicle one more time with a new microfiber rag to buff out any remaining residue.

Reflections of RT 66 on Torque ceramic shine

Both vehicles done the same time two days ago. Both shine better than new. Red Nissan is 3 yrs old ,silver gray Tacoma is 15 months old. Followed directions on application and got better results than I expected. Would recommend to anyone.

Nice product

Hard prep but easy application and awesome results

Mirror Shine™ Super Saving 3-Pack - (3 Bottles for the Price of 2)

Finally had a chance to use it. Have a 90 Corvette, White with 30 years of road grime. Had to lacquer thinner & clay bar the bottom. It turned out great. Even wet sanded my rims and put it on them. The whole car has a good shine to it. Now to find time to do my Black Canyon. I'll let you know the outcome on that. Good product, easy on easy off.

Easy to use!

Traveling panhandle of Florida for next few weeks will see how it holds up. Wet shine looks great!!

Great stuff

Have always used Lexol in past with good results but Torque product much better and works on all interior pieces ..have a 93 Corvette and seats are in good condition but now really nice look..can't attach pic but take my word.
.actually you can't go wrong with any of Torque Products

Wicked awesome

I was tired of paying big bucks for ceramic coating to be applied by someone else. I used to detail cars in the 80’s ya I’m old. So I have some skill. I can’t believe how easy this 3 step procedure is compared to what I used to do. I bought the kit for a great price. I did the wife’s car for Mother’s Day. Water spots gone, bug guts gone, fine scratches and black scuffs gone. I will maintain with the turbo wash and hopefully it holds up. I am wicked impressed. Going to do my jeep next. Enjoy the pics just wish I did before and after.

2009 Sport Trac looking new

Used the Restore on tons of black plastic trim, tonneau & running boards and Shine on the body...looks new after application. Hope it lasts for a while.

Wow what a great product

Want a mirror shine that stays clean after a rainfall or want to turn heads while you drive by?!

Yes I ready apply it to my car I love it very shiny like a mirror awesome thank you so much guys

Mirror Shine™ Super Saving 3-Pack - (3 Bottles for the Price of 2)
Magnificent shine

Easy on,easy off,magnificent shine, I hit the mother load. I have been waxing cars for 61 years, best shine ever.

Mirror Shine™ Super Saving 3-Pack - (3 Bottles for the Price of 2)
Super shine 2017 sonata

Application very easy and quick.fabulous the finish.first class product

Pro Detailer's kit, saves time and money

I really like taking care of my cars. I'm not a mechanic, but I do get satisfaction from making my cars look good. I bought the pro detaing kit and used it on my wife's 2017 Mini Cooper S. I love the way it looks since I finished using all of the products that came in the kit. I took two days with time for things to cure or get worked in good! I think it looks like a new car!! I will send photos!