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This was to replenish what I've already been using on seats. People love how their seats look and feel.

Graphene Burst review

What a great product. After a detailed clay bar application, I was ready for a graphene burst coating. 20 minutes later by refurbished 1972 California sidewinder looked new 50years later.

Great product

Super easy to use product. Gave awesome results.

Ceramic Spray - Spray On Ceramic Coating (8oz Bottle)
Vernon Beavers (Capitol Heights, US)
Hood comolete done in gargage with trusses showing in shine

It looks beautiful only completed the hood its a 2015 Ford tauras with 86000 mules

7H Ceramic Coating Kit

Frank and the Torque Detail Team, I finally caught a break in the weather for the last couple of days here in Niceville (Sunny in the low 70s). Washed my C8 2020 Corvette using your microfiber wash mitt and the Decon Prep Ceramic. Dried and clayed the car. Applied Torque Detail Coat Ceramic. Wow! I am impressed! The Torch Red paint just came alive again. With all the previous coats of Torque Detail products removed, the color burst forth, no more hazing or swirl marks. Just the deep red color, like new. Seeing is believing as evident in attached photos of my Corvette. Thanks for a remarkable product the 7H Ceramic Coating Kit and so easy to apply.

Torque Detail Spray is Awesome!

Just used Torque Detail on all 8 of my cars. Definitely the best ceramic spray I have used. Very easy to apply and buff. Check out the shine!

I Sent pics to Franks email.

Graphene Burst Coat

Great produce it rained in SOCAL last week and the water just rolled off our 2002 Cadillac Eldorado. Thank you.

Only the best for my car.

I love all the Torque products. My 2017 Camaro SS looks great because of them . Just protecting my investment.

The cleanest streak-free windows I’ve ever had

Have tried lots of different brands of window cleaners , but I’ve finally found my new favorite .
ClearView gave me the cleanest streak free windows both inside and out. Took some practice as I think the first time I used it I actually used to much of the product . It works so well , less is more .
Also noted that the inside window fogging on a cold day seems less . I think the stuff is magic !!

I used it on my 2019 ram rebel granite Cristal and it makes my truck outstanding

The product is very good it gives a beautiful finish can't be better.

Must Have!!

This was the first item I purchased after picking up my used 2018 Ram 1500 Bighorn Hemi crew cab

Excellent product!!!

Torque window cleaner is an excellent window cleaner. I just add it to the many other Torque products that I use. Ever since I discovered Torque, it is all I use on all of my vehicles, old and new. I always recommend the products to my co-workers and others. People always ask me what do I use to make and keep my vehicles shiny. I always say “TORQUE “.

Shine is unbelievable, could have done a more thorough job but looks great.

Centennial black

Great Deep Shine!

I washed my Caddie, then used your Graphne product to get the grime out of my paint. I sprayed the Torque Detail as suggested and have never seen a deeper shine! I am a very happy camper!

Im obsessed!

Literally threw away all products i had. Love this product. Did the whole thing, wheels and all in about 3-4 hours. That’s removing the wheels and ceramic coating inside and outside. This is my 2007 SAAB! Looks amazing!


Applied about a month ago.This is the best ceramic coating I've used to date. Less dust after applying, looks like a fresh wash after a rain. Easy on, easy off worth the cost.

2020 Tacoma ROCKKIT sled

Really good product. I used it for the first time on Friday 12/30/22. Very user friendly. I have used one other ceramic coating, and the Torque Detail seemed more user friendly. I used much more of the other product to do the job. I am hoping it lasts.

My 2015 Shiny Shark Gray Stingray

I used the Graphene Ceramic Coating on my 2015 Corvette Stingray in the garage to start the year 2023 off right!
Very pleased with the results and the Graphene Tire Shine as well. Torque Detail products are the BOMB!


Work as described a great shine on all three vehicles

7H Ceramic Coating 3 Step Kit

Great kit, would recommend it DIY and more

It works great I was skeptical at first but this stuff really does work

As advertised

Torque ceramic spray is exactly as advertised! Easy on and off, left me with the shine I was looking for! Did the decontamination wash then applied the first coat. It wasn’t until I applied the second coat the next day that I really noticed the big difference with the shine! I have a 2020 4 door Silverado, that’s a lot of metal to polish! It took me about 2 1/2 hours for the first coat and about 1 3/4 for the second. Love how quick and easy it was to get a great shine!

Torque high gloss tire shine really works it makes your tire looks brand new

High gloss tire shine is really works


I have a two year old car a just bought. The previous owner didn’t take very good care of the exterior of the car. I have applied one coat of the ceramic coating and it made the color of the car come back to life and took about 75% of the swirl marks out. My plan is to keep used the coating and see how it developers.


I have used many products but nothing compares to this. The shine is better than a showroom finish. My truck is so simple to clean now since dirt does not stick to the ceramic coating. I hose it down and any dirt seems to run right off. Highly recommend!!