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Saving time out of the field

We farm. Keeping farming equipment in a well maintained condition includes cleaning the equipment when the field work is completed. Torque products allows us an easier cleanup of all farm equipment surfaces. We use Torque Products on our tractors, and our hay-making equipment, including our discbine.

Easy Application and Best Shine

Very quick and easy to put on and zero problems with the spray bottle. I didn’t think you could beat a McGuires Ultimate shine but this product is better. Hope it holds up a few months.

Ceramic Shine on Mercedes-Benz GLC300 Coupe

I decided to apply the ceramic shine on my wife's GLC300 after thoroughly washing it. Seen the results ceramic shine on my E400 so I wanted to try it on my wife's GLC300. Man the results were amazing! Her GLC300 looked like black highly shine glass. This ceramic shine ain't no joke! That's it for me searching for products to detail our vehicles. Torque detail products is the one!

Ceramic Shine on Mercedes-Benz E400

I’ve been using Torque Detail Shine and other Torque detail products ever since I saw the incredible results. However, recently applied the Ceramic Shine on my obsidian metallic black Mercedes E400 and the results were amazing! It left my car like black glass! As for me I’ve finally found a product that really works incredibly and easy to apply.



I have been in the auto industry for over 40 years. I have tried many products. It takes a lot to impress me, these products are really great.
With that being said let’s see how will it last!

Great Christmas present

My daughters gave me this for Christmas used it the other day it worked great Went on easy came off just as easy

Slick as greased Owl______ oh well you fill in the Blank

Tried much of what came in my detailers bundle and must say I am impressed and satisfied. So a day or two seeing what dew and sunshine combine to erase the effort put forward if they can will tell the final impression. Still so far this little Maserati coupe looks great.

line paint remover

worked great for cleaning line paint specks off my black truck !!!!!!! much better than clay!!

Applied torque to my Charger

Shines like a mirror. I never done the wheels, but plan to.

Like glass. Easy on easy off

Great product. It does really shine. Now I am waiting to see how it holds up from rain, snow.

Magma Red F250 - Wet Molten Look

What can Ceramic Shine do for your paint? While the bright sun will reveal every imperfection and flaw in the paint, here you can see how Ceramic Shine has given the paint a wet molten appearance. The Ford Magma Red paint is one that looks black in the shade and reveals the true color in the sun, leaving you wondering what color it is. After a year of being parked outside in TX, 30 minutes and Ceramic Shine have this F250 looking better than the day it was delivered. Easy to apply with outstanding results!

Easy on, Easy off.

Very easy to apply and remove, the Silverado has a brilliant shine! Thanks for making a great and easy to use product.

Mirror Shine™ - High Performance Sealant - 2 Gallon Jugs / 2-Pack of 128oz Refills

Mirro shine and waterless wash

I am a customer of more then 4 orders. Your products are amazing. Each one works great. And the shipping is out of your hand. With the care and shipping time. And your customer service is great too. So I can truly say Mirro shine and the ceramic paint sealer wax are the best one tow punch out on the market today. And the new waterless wash is amazing. I recommend your products to anybody. And my 04 Mercury Marauder is proof of the shine. On my stock paint

Shine, Shine ,Shine

Can't get enough of how beautiful the shine on my Colorado, great product ,love it!!!

My car is slick as glass!!

I put the Ceramic Shine on my Corvette Stingray and it is very slick and shiny. I should have purchased it sooner. It is a great product. It made my wheels look new. Keeps off dirt and dust.

Awesome product

First time user and I'm very impressed. Car looks amazing.

Fantastic Detail

So easy to use, works better than I expected. I also purchased the ceramic finisher that is fantastic and so easy to apply, the shine is amazing.

Love these products!!!

Christmas Day 2019 in Illinois- 60 degrees!
2 coats of Mirror Shine!
Very easy to apply and buff out!
My 2016 Equinox is So Shiny and Silky, I have to feel the smoothness every time I walk by it!
I will Never use anything but these products

You, What do you Think?

My 1998 Toyota 4 Runner SR5 22 years and 230,000 miles later, Original Factory paint, Nice Shine! Great Stuff! Thats just one application

Nine years old and looking new!

My Audi looks awesome. The ease of application and great results makes Ceramic Shine my new go to detailing product. I truly enjoy driving a car that looks new. People tend to respect a new looking car in parking lots. Thanks Frank.

Great protection!

Torque Detail works great at keeping the Central California bugs from sticking, making my bike way easier to clean up after every ride!

So shiny your wife’s ring is going to be jealous

The best waxing product I have ever used, my wife tough I was crazy for buying 3 bottles of a product I never used before but today I was able to proof her That I’m not that crazy, my 2018 Audi Q5 has never looked so clean and shiny since we got it out of the dealer even then I don’t think it looked this good, Great product.

Simple to apply; works well

Used Speed Clay 2.0, then Ceramic Shine. Was a fairly quick process, primarily due to how well the Speed Clay synthetic clay bar works. Water repelling is good, if not spectacular. Picture is from a week after Ceramic Shine was applied. Car was had washed, lightly buffed with MF towels, and a little quick detailer was used. Overall good results. Extended experience necessary to really judge.

Great product!

I really like Turbo Waterless Detailer! After washing and decontaminating my paint, I have been using Mirror Shine, (which I love), when you offered Turbo Waterless Detailer I had to try it. My vehicle is a 2016 GMC Canyon and people are always commenting about how great my new truck looks, when I tell them the vehicle is now nearly 4 years old they are shocked at how good the truck shines. When I first tried Turbo I just lightly dusted the vehicle with a microfiber cloth and applied the waterless detailer and it took off bugs, pollen stains and water spots, the water spots are a little tougher, but it worked. I would recommend your products with no reluctance. I read a lot of reviews and know most people stick with what they are familiar with and I am sticking with Torque.