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Very easy to apply and awesome shine

Excellent product impressive result with minimal effort

Product definitely does not disappoint. I used the decon soap, ceramic coat and followed up with mirror shine and was impressed with the results. All my coworkers agreed that this was a phenomenal product and requested ordering details. I have always served as the guinea pig for new product and I have no regrets. Although hand buffing will yield amazing results following up with lambs wool bonnet will take it over the top. I have been told that my 2016 looks like it just rolled off the lot .

Hot in South Alabama

Thus wax was so easy to apply. It does everything it says it does by far the best spray wax on the market...


Did wife’s car,a 2003 Honda, paint was fading, used torque, wipe on wipe off, product did what it said it would do. Then did my 2002 RoadKing, what a shin!!! Love your product!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I can shave by looking at the paint of my car 🚗

GR8 Product, goes on easy and wipes off easy. Anyone can do it and look like a pro.
This paint job is 30 years old and Torque made it look like NEW!

First application

Truck looks great. Always kept up with appearance, but I do like the easy on, easy off part. Real test will be my 72 converable VW. Cherry Red.

Brilliant Shine

Used this product on my 03 F150, used the Mirror Shine on it first, the shine and feel are excellent. I’m going to see how long it lasts before I do another coat of the product. I’m including a picture and it’s been 4 days since I applied the product and it’s been rained on a couple of times since.

Best out there

After thirty plus years and seven Corvettes, I have tried just about every car finishing product out there. Not anymore. Torque Mirror Finish is the one I have been looking for.

Awesome Shine

I have a white Ford f-150 xlt and the shine is great. White paint usually doesn't look as deep as colors but the finish looks like a mirror and it is smooth as silk .So little effort to apply. Great Product! Very Happy and would highly recommend !

Great Product

This product is easy to apply, and the reflection is amazing. Water beads up and after a three hour drive in rain, the water just rolled off, and the car looked like I has just detailed it. Works great on glass too.

1931 Model A Pickup & Others

My '31 Ford Street Rod turned out so well, I then had to try my '88 Mazda RX7 convertible (with only 50k miles on it), which now looks new. Not to stop there I also did my 2009 Hyundai (with more than a 140,000 miles on it). After much claying it too looks great for its age. Unfortunately my wife then decided that her 2012 Xterra had to be done, it too now also looks like it just came from the factory. I'm glad that I don't have any more cars, but next time should be easy.

Top 3 Trophy

I use this on my 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser and people thought I had a new paint job done...Took a 3rd place Trophy in my class!!!

Shines like Glass.

Shine brighter than the day I bought it. My truck is 2yrs old.

Color is back.

Easy on, easy off. No swirls. Brought back details in the color that I forgot was there.

Flying Proud Racing

Product works great and effortless on our 1976 Vega drag car.

Great Product

My 2002 Honda Accord ....this soon to be 18 year old looks amazing after an application of Torque Detail. After spending 17 winters in Michigan she still is smiling 😁 I loved the ease of application & THE END RESULT is fantastic....Thank You


Just got done polishing my new Jeep gladiator and it shines like you wouldn’t believe! My Jeep is black. The picture I added is of the sky reflecting off my truck.


I really enjoyed the ease of putting this on and the luster after wiping it off

Super shiny Focus ST

This product does what it says ! Makes your vehicle shine like a mirror ! I would advise to decontaminate your paintwork as suggested for the best performance of this product!

“Black Betty” gets her shine on!!

Great product, I used two of your products on my 2013 Hennessy 700 HP Cadillac CTS-V Coupe.
I used the Torque decon soap, then applied my first coat of Torque mirror shine! She turned out great!! Fantastic shine and water just beads up!! “Black Betty” looks amazing in & out of the garage!!
Thanks Frank
Bill Harris

Great product.

Stuff was really quick and easy to apply. Car has never shined this great before. Shipping was a little slow but definitely be buying again. Photo below is with 3 coats.