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Outstanding Product

This leather makes the seats of my 2008 Shelby GT500 really shine like new...even after only the first coat. I highly recommend it, like every other Torque Detail product I've used!

Awesome shine

I'm no professional detailer but this product is the best by far that I have used and I've used alot. Customer support is also a 5 star. Look forward to trying out the other products

The Best hands down!

Will have a show car finish. This is my 67 Chevelle

Not got my product

Only thing I received was the spray nozzle.


Tried quite a few car care products over the years, but the Reverse is a different beast. Paint on my truck was looking really rough—honestly couldn’t have expected the results I got! Was truly amazed after just testing the Reverse on the drivers door. Incredible difference as you can see from the images. Finished the rest of the truck, then topped it off w/ the Graphene Burst.

Anxious to see how long the shine holds up. Regardless, well done Torque—the Torque products I used far surpassed any other detailing products/brands I’ve tried previously!

Ceramic Spray

I’ve been detailing for over 25yrs this stuff glides on easily on my truck! I wish the bottle was bigger though. Thank you! Kings Mobile Detail!

My 2018 Chey high country has that show room shine. So easy to apply , took about half an hour and never looked so good. I'm sold.


This is product absolutely amazing I have been detailing my own car for quite a while and this is the first one that made my car gleam if I could give you a 20 star rating I would. Excellent!!!!!

Ceramic Spray - Spray On Ceramic Coating (8oz Bottle)
Anthony Procopio (New Port Richey, US)
Great product

Very easy to put on, my car is black and I though it had a good shine, but when I applied this it brought out the high gloss luster I never knew was there, Don’t need that much, a little goes a long way

2022 Camry

These seats look better than when they were new.

Awesome Product

I used Torque Detail spray-on ceramic coating a few weeks ago. I applied it twice on my 2018 Subaru Forster. What a shine.After letting the car set for three days I took it out on the road. About four days later it rained while driving. The rain just sheated off the car that by the time I got back home the car was almost dry. I used micro fiber towels to wipe down the entire car. It actually looked like I just applied ceramic coating again. I live near Allentown,PA. and we are now getting into the Winter weather so I'm anxious to see how the ceramic coating will do. From what I've seen in the first month of use I'm very happy with the results. I would highly recommend this product.

Chrysler 2015 200c

I was skeptical at first with the small size bottle of the product. After applying the product and only using a quarter bottle I was just flat amazed at how well the product applied and the end result !!! Keep in mind the car sits out in the Florida weather and has
194,546 miles on it

Mirror Shine

I did receive your mirror Shine and my car looks awesome thank you

2011 Toyota Tacoma

Looks great very hydrophobic very easy to apply and very Shiny and slick

Ceramic Spray: Two Bottle Pack
Rodney Thomas (Abingdon, US)
Ceramic Spray

This product is awesome! I put it on my wife’s white Camaro and it shines like glass. Very very happy with this product. I would highly recommend!👍🏻

Amazing product

I've used ceramic coating for 2 years on my vehicle! It's only a Kia Sportage it looks better than when I picked it out of the show room

Best wax I have ever used

Great shine and longevity. Lasted a year on garaged car and at least 6 months on car kept outside.

Best Car Detailing Platform on the Market

I detail cars as a side hustle for the past 20+ years and you name it and I’ve tried it, except for the ceramic coating option which I don’t have the resources to do myself. Enter Torque Detail, I have bought pretty much every product they sell and I am deeply impressed, the sheer ease of use, the results and the suite of products you offer leaves 99% of the competitors in the dust.
It is clear that you spend a lot of time in R&D and your products are a testament to your hard work. Well done gentlemen, well done.

Great product !

Easy to use and better than expected results.

Ceramic spray

Love it. Easy to use and you get a FANTASTIC SHINE !

This product tops the competition

I have said this before and I will keep saying it, no other product on the market give your car that new car shine like this one.

Showroom shine all the time

I picked up a 2014 dodge Durango a couple weeks ago. It was really nice, but after driving through a week or so of wet weather, it naturally lost some of its luster. I knew I wanted to ceramikote it and came across your product. I bit the bullet and bought 3 bottles. After giving my suv a nice wash, dry and coat of spray gloss, I applied your product on. It was really easy to apply and the whole process of washing, drying, glossing and ceramikote took a little over an hour. It’s been almost a week and with frost, drizzle and a little rain, my suv didn’t lose that showroom shine. I was amazed! The true test will be how long this lasts during this rainy season and winter.

Ceramic Spray: Two Bottle Pack
Donald Cullins (Delaware, US)
Shine for America with Torque

I’m 86 years old. I used it on my Chrysler Aspen. I now have a new Chrysler 300 and your products is the only treatments it has received. Look at it shine and when it rains the water just runs off. I also treat the inside of my wheels to keep the brake dust off. Donald Cullins


I am a loyal customer wen it comes to buying ur product. My peril white truck really blings in the sunshine. Thanks

Ceramic Spray: Two Bottle Pack
Chris P (Folsom, US)
This product is amazing

I first used the ceramic spray on my 2018 Honda Civic. After following the instructions, it looked BETTER than new! I recently purchased a new Dodge Charger and just parked it in the garage for a week so I could apply several coats of the Ceramic spray. Again, the paint looks "wet" all the time and washing the car is very simple. Water just rolls doesn't even bead up like regular car polish does. Love this product! Follow directions closely and you'll have the same results. I recommend new cars be immediately treated with several won't be sorry.