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Super protector

I love your products I have been using them for 2 years now nothing on the store shelves compares

Keeps the tires nice and shiny and doesn't come off tires and go on paint of vehicle like some tire dressing does.

Great stuff

Very easy to apply and looks and feels like glass when done! This is a 2008 GMC Sierra. I have always taken care of it so when I bought this I was a little hesitant…but it works great!!!

Excellent Towels

I used the microfiber towels that I purchased recently. The towels were the best I used for applying the Torque products I have purchased. These are the only microfiber towels I will ever buy.

Graphine burst

Great product! Easy to use!

Graphene tire shine

This is the very best stuff for your tires I have been using torque products for 3 plus years and my 2003 Toyota matrix looks beautiful just like she came out of the show room I highly recommend all of torque products I will need use anything else ever again I would love to put pictures of my car and the tires

Best Ceramic Coat

Hello, I used this Redline for the First Time. It is the Best that I have used so far. I understand that it lasts two years. I am very happy with this Product.

Plastic Restore

It's great restoring the looks and keeping it looking good.

Ceramic Spray - Spray On Ceramic Coating (8oz Bottle)
Robert Armstrong (Norris City, US)
Torque Detail and the Restorer

I have used torque detail for 3 seasons and well pleased.. used restorer on my 2002 Tacoma on the black rubber fender extensions and it didn’t restore to looks brand new but greatly improved them

Great product

I’m loving the shine and great service from torque,, dropped my bottle by accident and they sent me a new trigger, no questions asked!!! I will recommend them to anyone

Saved me lots of work.

I have a small cabin cruiser boat that I keep in the water 7 months out of the year. I pull it during the winter. I have to use Lime Away every year to remove scale, then I wax it. I tried using the Torque Ceramic coating one year and the next winter when pulled the boat I started to clean the scale off but it came off easily with just a hose and the ceramic coating was still beading the water. I now ceramic coat every 2 years as opposed to yearly with wax and I no longer have to use Lime Away. Saved me lots of time and makes my old boat look great. Thank You Torgue Detail.

Wheel & Tire Cleaner (16oz Bottle)
Robert Haley (Cabo San Lucas, MX)
Great Tire and Wheel Cleaner

The Torque Tire and Wheel Cleaner is a great product. Very easy to use and gives a great shine to the wheel. The tire is ready for Torque Graphene Tire Shine when you are done with it!

Redline ceramic

I applied thus foe the first time a coupke if weeks ago. I furdt washed, dried and applied torque ceramic detailer to insure a clean uncontaminated surface. I then applied the new product using the applicator supplied in the kit. The results were very nice. The shine looked clean and deep. I’m pleased with the results.

Well I thought I was getting your regular detail spray but you sent me your Ceramic spray, but I like this and maybe better ❤️

Better than Meguires

Cleans and drys nicer than Meguires Detailer!

Mirror Finish

I’ve been using the ceramic spray now for about a year. All I can say is wow. Mirror like finish and it last a long time. It’s easy to apply and no stress to make your car shine.

Torque detail ceramic spray 1st use

Was very pleased with the shine it gave to my 19 year old chevy silverado. Was easy to apply and made the old paint look great. I'll be watching to see how long it lasts and protects. A really good product I definitely will use it again!

Beechcraft Baron BE58

We use your product on a Beechcraft Baron...a BE 58.
The shine is great and the bugs on the nose and leading edge of the wings cleans off easily.
A friend gave me a bottle to try and I just bought a gallon...that pretty much will explain how I think your product works...Good stuff.

Great product

Great shine. Goes on super easy. Water beads up great. Time to see if it will last two years

Beautiful Perfect


Second Order for Scratch Reverse

Bought my first order of Scratch Reverse when it came out as a trial early purchase. Gave 1 bottle to a friend after I used it on my XK8. The stuff is amazing and since it's been out for awhile, it should be even better as Torque continues to refine all their products after release. Can't wait to use my new batch. I'll probably give a bottle away so I can get someone else using Torque products.


Easy on an easy off! Gives you a mirror shine without all the work and make sure vehicle soft as silk!

Wheel & Tire Cleaner (16oz Bottle)
CurtZ (Rio Rancho, US)
Wheel & Tire Cleaner Comparison

I compared Torque Wheel & Tire Cleaner along side P&S Professional Detail Products - Brake Buster Wheel Cleaner. Both products are comparable to cleaning power. The Torque wheel cleaner does not have the strong odor as the P&S cleaner. I always wear rubber gloves when cleaning/detailing my vehicles. A definite must with the P&S cleaner. I would feel comfortable cleaning my wheels without gloves using the Torque cleaner. Future purchase for wheel cleaner will be based on price. At the time of this review, P&S sells gallon containers of their wheel cleaner for 27 cents per fl oz. If however buying a 16 oz bottle, the cost per oz is $1.06 per fl oz. One bottle of Torque tire cleaner (16 oz) is $1.12 per oz. If buying three bottles then price goes down to 94 cents per oz. So unless Torque comes out with a gallon container, which should lower price per oz, my opinion would be the P&S wheel cleaner would be the way to go. If one is sensitive to odors, then Torque would be the way to go. I always clean my tires in the driveway outside so odor is not an issue and the use of rubber gloves means skin irritation is not a factor. If no gloves, again Torque is the way to go. Both products clean tires and wheels pretty much the same.

It can’t be trur

It can’t be true? You mean I prepare my paint properly and just spray this on and immediately remove it and it’s going to provide real protection? Well, it is true..
I have owned and detailed too many cars to count and this detail ceramic spray is just this side of incredible.
I keep buying it and sharing with my family.
I have bought care care products from just about everybody (exaggeration) and I haven’t found a product I like better for ease of use and results.
Waxing is a chore of the past..

Graphene Tire Shine

Best product I ever applied to my tires. Properly clean the tires and apply 1 coat and a hour later apply a second coat and amazing results. I applied to my every day car and lasted thru the winter . I have a triple black Corvette and the tires look outstanding. Thanks