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Awesome product

Used it on my 2019 corvette and camaro, exceptional results. Highly recommend!

Awesome product

Why try anything else? Really. I've detailed cars and trucks for years and never had a product that works like this. Hands down.

Wait for a sale and go Big

At first I thought it another China junk product. After reading about 50 testimonials and all were positive I bought the 8oz. Size to see for myself. Holy Moly it's the easiest to apply and mirror like shine. With that same amount I did 2 Integras and an Accord. And they "all" look like new paint. Labor day came around and the price went down on a gallon and that's what I bought next. I own a few cars and detail cars on the side. And use this product with good success on all.
There is only one little draw back, on black paint if there are any scratches this product tends to leave white residue in them. But the overall look and protection is well with the money.

My black Integra is original paint. The metalic is blue, but when I bought it I could not see it. Even after buffing still straight black. Only the door jambs showed metalic. After 2 coats of TDMS there it was!
The next day was a hot sunny summer's day and the hood was lit up with the blue metalic.
So that was it for me, best waxing results I've ever had.
This is a fanominal product

Looks Really Great!

A friend told me about this product, i applied two coats and have a great depth of shine on my 55 two-tone Chevy!
S R Satt...

The best we have ever used...

Here at Eric’s Muscle Cars we have to try all the new products that hot the Car market because our customers rely on our opinion and knowledge. We have stopped looking NOTHING COMPARES to Torque ! It’s the best we have ever used !

Excellent product!

Goes on easy, and easily buffs off to a deep shine. Will buy more.

Works Great.

Easy to use . Leaves mirror shine . A little goes along way. So Ive Applied it ....pretty much daily lol.

Best product for black cars

I have always taken great care of my cars, but struggled with streak marks on dark colors.

I have two black Mercedes Benz and i used torque. I got amazing results, easy to apply, wipe on and off. I wet the car down afterwords and water beaded up just like wax.
I am extremely pleased with your product

Jluv Williams

Very very impressed with mirror shine.
Really like how easy it is 2use.

2008 Miata daily driver looks Great

I applied 2coats of the Mirror Shine it my daily driver 2008 Miata and it hasn’t looked this good for a long time. The product is easy to work with and the results are amazing

Great wax

This is the best wax I ever purchased the shine is so great I tell everyone about your product

It Did a Fantastic Job

I brought your product Mirror Shine to use on a 2004 38 ft Damon Motorhome, that has not been Cleaned for a couple of years I’m told .

Works Great

In the early part of my car career I was a detailer at a new car dealership in the days before clearcoats. My AMX is a carryover from those days. Every few years I tidy it up and take a few pictures. It hadn't been touched since 2015. The paint is too thin for clay bar. Last week I polished with Meguiar's Ultimate Pre-Wax polish and finished up with Mirror Shine. Everything they say is true - it goes on and comes off easy, The car is generally garaged so it should last a while.

Wife new car

Just finished up the detail on my wife’s new car really looks great good job and easy to apply

Great stuff

The wash and clay bar worked great. Easiest clay bar prodcut I have ever used.
Great stuff

2017 RDX

I have used the Decon and the mirror shine. It went on as easy as advertised. I would really like to order more, but I had no idea how much it would cost me after I put my order in. With the exchange rate and the duties charges it became a very expensive wax job.
I like the product and would be more profitable if I knew someone in the states to have it sent to so I would be able to have it brought up over the boarder.

Easy with Great Results

I don’t drive my 2008 Corvette but I like having it looking good.
Very easy to apply and polish. The result was amazing.

Torque mirror shine

Bought 128oz of torque mirror shine to refill my 3 bottles that I used when I detail vehicles. So far every vehicle I applied it too still has the glossy finish to it when I see it driving around town. Absolutely the best and easiest product I have ever used with amazing results.

Easy to apply

I’ve tried other products. Torque Detail is the best of all. Easy to apply and buff. The shine is unsurpassed. Excellent customer service, too.

Awesome shine easy to use

Torque is an awesome product so far easy put and take off. Getting ready to put on 3rd coat on Black Range Rover 2018 it's looks like just drove it off the show room floor. The true is test be how it holds up dirty snow during the winter living in Connecticut. If you can guys can come up with a better stray nozzle that you where it comes out as a mist would be great as you don't need a lot product. With the present nozzle in get all over the place into gaps between the doors and fenders making it hard to wide off. Other this minor detail the product is awesome and live to what it said it does, second to none why it's voted #1 wax car sealant out there on the market.

Boss Mustang Shine

I used my Mirror Shine the day after I received it. It was extremely easy to apply and my Boss Mustang looks and feels great! Thanks again for supplying car guys like myself such a wonderful product!

My Car

I'm giving Mirror Shine 5 stars. Before I used it my car was very shiny so I really didn't notice a difference, however I feel there is an extra layer of protection on the car. I did notice one great feature of the product, Usually when I go to the car wash since I live in the country within 2 days I notice a layer of dust on the car. I washed my car at my daughters on the other side of the mountains 240 miles away. Used mirror shine and came back home. I have driven the car for over a week and don't notice a layer of dust on it. I'm hoping to get the yellow mustang done before the weather gets bad because when you look into the hood you can see your outline but not your face. I'm sure mirror shine will take care of that.

GREAT product, very easy to apply and remove. Awesome shine

Dapper Durango RT

Had 2coats of Torque Detail applied to my wife's Durango RT yesterday... it has never looked better!
The Ram sitting beside it gets 2 coats next week.