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Ceramic Spray - Spray On Ceramic Coating (8oz Bottle)
David Plitnick (Fort Lauderdale, US)

The product is amazing it really made my truck shine

Great product. Made my new corvette shine like glass.

Great Product

Very easy to apply and really shines the car up nicely.

Torque Detail Great shine!

Easy on and off! Can use it on almost anything,

Redline is the best coating i've ever used. Beautiful color. Only question is do i need to add Torque Ceramic Detail or Graphene after the Redline?

Plastic testore

I’ve been using Torque products now for three years or so. Plastic Restore for about maybe two years or so. I used 303 before and it was better than anything I could find at auto parts stores, but Torque Plastic Restore is on a whole different level. Plastic fender trim gets black, as well as rear bumpers, grills even my inner fender wells. Product produces a distinctive shine very nice. When applying let it sit 15 sec. or so and wipe with microfiber towel.


Everything that we own that hits the road has Redline on it. It took three days but looks great on the 44’ Solitude 5th wheel camper

This really work

I now have a product that's really work has advertised

It shines even in the shade

I’ve spent a bit of of time over the years using different paint protection products, even the Torque Detail Ceramic Spray but the Redline Shine takes it to another level.
If you follow the instructions given meticulously, you will see a shine and feel a painted surface that will make you truly pause.

Absolutely the best shine I've had

Greatest shine and protection. I applied it and the next day, even after a short ride I had to put it back in storage for over two weeks.When I finally went to put new plugs on my bike it was a shiney as the day I applied it with absolutely no dust which is usually the case in my storage facility.

Make life easier towels

The towels arrived on time I use them for detailing regularly. I love them. They work well no scratching absorb water. Well thank you for a great product.

Yes , it is a complement to the ceramic spray that I bought from you guys. I have a lot of your products, they're pretty good. My friend from Tampa just saw me finishing the car and he likes the product .

If your car is Black

I use this after washing the car it removes any water spots that may still be there and leaves the paint with a deep wet look. Would highly recommend it if your ride is black. Could not be easier to use try it you will not regret it.

Decon Wash

My only complaint / suggestion is that you can buy the soap without the wash mop and in a gallon size as well
Thank you
Kevin Dilio

Ceramic spray

Great product and was easy to use will recommend it to anyone who asks

Plastic Restore Really Works

I used the plastic restore on our condos shutters and am very happy with the results with just one coat. It suggested doing another coat which I will do.

Good stuff! Get some!!!

I used decon soap, followed by the clay bar, and finally the detail ceramic spray and FREAKING WOW! I used all three treatments on my wheels too and It's hard to look at in the sun but today is cloudy. I used them all the day I brought my car home from the dealership and again today; 6 months later. My car looks better than it did when it came home from the dealership. Notice how it's like a mirror reflection of the truck parked next to it and the trees. I'll be ordering more before I run out and recommend you give it a try. It's worth every penny!

Wheel & Tire Cleaner (16oz Bottle)
Mel Skelton (Marietta, US)
Another Great Product from Torque

Easy to use. Spray on, let it sit and the wheel grime almost comes off by itself.


Warm day and KC so decided to wash and apply Redline Shine for the first time. 70 degrees and in the sun. I did hood and windshield first then roof and rear hatch then both sides. Application and buff out are both extremely easy. Looks great!

Wheel & Tire Cleaner (16oz Bottle)
Charles Richardson (Henrico, US)
I've tried the rest but this is without a doubt, the BEST!

I've been in car shows since 2001 and have tried every tire and rim product on the market. From chrome, aluminum, painted and powder coated rims, nothing worked...until Torque's Tire and Wheel Cleaner. Simply follow the directions and your back in car show shine in half the time as other cleaners. Great job on this product guys! I'll be on the waiting list for the gallon size. Pete R. Lake Gaston, NC

Trophy Finish

The product works great. Leaves a super shine as you dry. Beads water very well,

Worked Great

I used it for the first time yesterday and it produced good suds and worked great


Excellent product. Have always wanted a glass like coat and never could achieve that until using Torque detail ceramic coating. Now after using the Graphene Burst coat the car has a mirror like shine. Absolutely the best ever. Amazing!! Spray on, let it dry and polish to the most amazing mirror finish.

Ceramic Spray - Spray On Ceramic Coating (8oz Bottle)
Skelton Richard (Fayetteville, US)

The spray ob ceramic worked great. I haven't take a picture yet.

Barry's Nissan

excellent product. my car looks showroom new.