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Super shine in no time

I have used other products over the past couple years, but I always come back to ceramic shine. It's extremely easy to use and gives a shine like no other. I keep a bottle of this and torque's water wash in my trunk

Finally got the shine I wanted

Got a 2021 Buick envision With the Ebony twilight metallic. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve had a black car I was working as a detailer for a car dealership when I had it and had a buffer on it once a week To keep the level of shine that I wanted. I put on Maguire's ceramic And it was OK but still wasn’t satisfied so like everyone else I saw the YouTube video and desperate to give it a try. Thanks to the tracking I was almost done polishing it by the time it arrived.
Tips When it says put it on in a cool shaded area they aren’t kidding it was about 85° when I try to put it on and this smears were horrible. Then also use the best microfiber towel you can get it makes the polishing a lot easier

Fabulous Products

I have a 2017 Nissan Murano which has gone thru a few Ohio winters. I used the Torque soap, then the scratch repair, followed by the mirror shine and my vehicle looks new! Listen, I am a 57 year old women who is very fussy about the look of her vehicle. If I can use these products with ease and get fantastic results any one can.

Parking Lot Scrape

I got a parking lot scrape about 6 weeks ago and I had been reading about the TD scratch repair. Since I have been very pleased with their other products, I decided to give it a try. The scratch wasn't that deep but it was noticeable. I used the product after it came and the scratch literally disappeared in front of me.

Not sure if this is an approved use of the product, but I decided to try it on a scratch on my hardwood floor where a mover wasn't careful about moving a piece of furniture. It works just as well on the floor as it did on the fender of my car.

Hypersonic is back in the red.

Spent two days, 2017 Prius was very dirty. Did the wash and clay lube the first day. Then two coats of Ceramic Shine.

Love it

Great product going on

Saving me so much time. CAN'T Live without it!!

Love you guys products. Waterless detail is Magic in a Bottle. Thank you..


Goes on easy, comes off easy, leaves a luxurious shine. Thank you

Waterless detailer

The product works great! Easy to apply and shines great!

Makes my Black Z4 M Look Stunning

Great job on a black car.

Deceptively Easy to Apply

I haven’t hand washed a vehicle in decades. When I bought a new black truck, I knew I needed to do something different to take care of it. Washing it was easy - but the idea of using a product like Ceramic Shine left me intimidated. What if I didn’t do it right? What if it messed up? I shouldn’t have worried. This product goes on easy, and was so simple that even I could use it with zero detailing experience. Just work panel by panel, section by section. And even on a full sized pickup, you use so little that the small bottle is still well over half full. And the best part? The truck looks better than when I bought it.

2021 bighorn Dodge ram

So far so good! washed it three times with the soap and wax it twice. Loving mirror like shine.

Torque products are as advertised

I’m 75 and in all my years I can say that Torque products, (Mirror Shine, Waterless Car Wash, Ceramic Coating Spray) you will find they are as advertised. Very easy to apply, beautiful results, and lasting.
Pictures are of my truck after using the Ceramic Spray

‘Looking glass’ shine

Nice and easy to work with leaving a mirror like shine. I own a Ceramic Coatings company and I’m always looking for ways to provide a good product in a timely fashion. I look forward to working with your product and exceeding my customers expectations.

Ceramic Car Wash (16oz Bottle)
Jeff Duer (Waldorf, US)
Still impressed

They once again have raised the bar. No disappointment here and my truck looks amazing. Thanks for a superior product that doesn’t break the bank !

Absolutely amazing product used it on my car and my wife's I will send picks

Absolutely amazing

Ceramic detail

Hey! Yes I applied it right away after a wash, clay bar, paint correction and it is doing great! Really loving the shine and protection! Tried many different products and this one has to be my favorite

Black is the worst!!

I was sceptical, thinking it was probably just wax in a bottle but when I tried it boy was I wrong. This stuff really works. The shine was absolutely incredible!! Take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself. Notice you can see clearly every object around the vehicle just like looking in a mirror. Completely sold!!

2014 GMC Denali

Rob Messmer

Works excellent

Used it on my 97 f-350 and my 19 F-150 it worked great on both.

At first it sucked. Did not work as advertised.

Like the title said I used this on my 2020 Chevy Camaro and followed the pre-use instructions. I paid my neighbors 17 yr old to claybar My car in return for him to use Torque.
Well, I applied the first coat and in the Camaro the hood is plastic, and so the skin on the roof. And a few other painted places. So it brought out the different tones of blue. On each panel differently. So I thought it sucked
However...I tried again It was much cooler that day and I used more on each surface. It had 24 hours to cure the 2nd time ....and I added just a bit on all the sun facing panels a week later after it rained and I buffed it dry. It took some elbow grease. 2 WEEKS is what my my car looked like:

Clay Decon Kit - Clay Lube and Reusable Clay Pad
Scott Sikorski (Crossville, US)

Easy to use! Followed up with TD Ceramic Shine and Plastic and Trim Restorer. Also have Mira Shine to keep it looking good!

Long lasting

I used this product on my tires about two weeks ago. I have driven it through rain twice since then. The tires still look great. Looks like I just applied it. It's the best I have ever used.

Like new

Apply to the product 5 days ago very happy with the outcome if I knew how to add a picture I would.

Turbo Ceramic Waterless Detailer

This product is amazing. Creates an awesome shine on all services of my car. This product is recommend for anyone who is meticulous about their car. Highly recommended

Amazing product

Wow didn’t believe this would actually work but the scratch is gone truly amazing