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Great Products!!

Awesome variety of products! Super Value for the price!!!

My Stelvio quard

Shins like new money

Ceramic Spray - Spray On Ceramic Coating (8oz Bottle)
Charles Newmanzee (Fredericksburg, US)
Excellent product

Absolutely amazing and so easy to apply. Will not allow picture, please let me know how and I will send.

Glass like finish!

I was amazed how easy it is to apply. The color depth was really brought out by Torque. Truly a glass like finish.

Red line

Finally was able to try the Red Line Shine that I purchased during our heat wave. Today was cool. Have been using the Graphene Ceramic since it came out and really enjoy the shine I get with it along with the protection it gives to the coating on the car, water just ROLLS off. Red Line seems to give the same shine as their regular products due. So time will tell on the longevity of the protection.

Red Line on White SC430

The RED LINE is very easy an effortless to apply. Might even say it’s easier that your Ceramic Burst or your Graphene Burst. As far as shine I have used all three products on our cars and I would say that you cannot tell the difference. Each product comes out with the same DEEP SHINE. I think I like the GRAPHENE product the best. Time will tell. Going to apply the RED LINE to the Red 08 Solara in the next few weeks. Will see on that one as the GRAPHENE really made the Red on that one POP.

Ceramic Spray - Spray On Ceramic Coating (8oz Bottle)
Halim Kaygisiz (Middle Island, US)
Humbled by the product

At first, I didn't have much confidence that it would make the car shine the way it did in the end. I followed all the instructions to the TEE and it turned out amazing. I decon cleaned the car first then used the clay brick. I completed the car with the detail spray. I was blown away. The car looks awesome. I washed my wife's car first. My truck is next.

Torque Detail Killer-Shine Graphene Tire Shine

Great shine without greasy residue
Couple coats is all that’s needed!
Perfect product for tires
Use nothing else!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Torque ceramic spray

Absolutely love this ceramic spray you guys make! After some stepped detailing this finished off my car very nicely. I decided to use it on the wheels as well. Hopefully it'll hold up! Thanks guys😁


Torque Detailing is easy to apply and wipe off. Application process was much easier and faster than waxing. The shine is unbelievable. Applied to windows as well. I drove in the rain, and it beads off the windows and car. Dint notice water spots either. My neighbor complemented me on how shiny my car was before telling her that I bought Torque Detailing to try. I love it! A little goes a long way too.

Gentle Glide: Massive Absorbent Drying Towel
Willie Franklin (San Jose, US)

Really Good towel for absorbing water and also used for buffing.

My Toyota Tundra 2011

I really like the product it is really easy too apply I would not use anything else

Yeah the massive dr

ing towel did a massive drying job! Thank you!,

Excellent Shine on Acura TLX A Spec AWD

I was a little skeptical because all products seem to say the same thing. I did decide to try Torque Detail and I am very happy I did. I love the shine and only time will tell about the length of time and water repellent portion. I am hopeful! One word of caution, do not do more than a 2x2 area or you will have a more difficult time to buff out.

Love your products I have been using Torque for a few years now!! It makes our 57 Tbird gorgeous Thanks.

An Amazing Result!

I’m a professional automotive detailer and a professional artist. This combination of trades has benefited me over many years, and having the best materials is vitally important to achieve results that match my expectations. When I initially read about TORQUE products and the promises the ads were touting, I was skeptical. I followed all of the instructions for prep and application, and the results were/are amazing. The process for achieving this is much easier and simpler than anything I’ve ever used and I’ll repeat myself, amazing! So far I’ve applied this to my own 26 year-old roadster, two client’s vehicles and am now going to use it on all my client’s cars.

Really nice!

This product really makes drying your car quick and effortless. I use the big drying towel that Torque offers, as well. I love the ease and results of all their products. I can see this becoming one of my favorites.

So very Impressed

I had my doubts, but I was amazed at how well the decon soap, and clay lube with pad worked. I've already recommended the products to friends! My truck is 3 and a half yrs old. It looks like it came off the showroom floor!

Torque products are freaking AMAZING!

Included are pictures of my wife's 2014 Honda CRV. Yes it is 10 years old. All of the plastic trim was gray, the tires are 3 years old, and the finish was beginning to dull. Now the vehicle looks like it just came off the showroom floor. I luv your products from the plastic renew to the new graphene products now available. I have recommended them to any one who asks "How do you get your vehicles to look so great". The best part is it took less than 3 hrs to thoroughly wash and dry, treat the tires, renew the plastic and vinyl and apply your Graphene Burst Coat. Sitting next to the Honda is my 2023 Ram 1500 which took less than 2hrs to finish a Graphene shine and vinyl renew. The tires in the photo of my Ram were treated 10 days ago with the new Graphene Tire shine and still look like they were done the day before.
Special Note regarding the Ram 1500; The tires/wheels, the running boards, and the tonneau cover actually are from the 2020 Ram 1500 I traded in for the 2023. It is very hard to tell as I was using your products on my 2020 Ram as well. As long as they are available I will always use only Torque products to maintain the finishes on my vehicles.

Great protection at a affordable price

I’ve been using ceramic coating for a while. Hesitant about the hard work it requires, I decided to try Torque Redline Shine, looking for an alternative solution without the hard work. After using Redline, I was able to obtain similar results. Even if the ceramic coating doesn’t last the advertised 2 years, still pretty easy to re-apply, and for the cost, is a win/win scenario.

Graphene Tire Shine

It's not oily, it seems to go easier on the tire. I've only used it once, I have to see after it rains again and see how it behaves.

Fabulous Finish

Love Trophy Finish - quick way to dry your car and fantastic shine in minutes - took 5 minutes to dry the car and two days later the shine is still fantastic even with the car sitting out overnight

Worked really well on my car and on my friends antique 1946 fleet line will be buying more products that’s for sure give it 5 stars

Redline Shine

I am new customer to Torque products and so far I am happy with their products. Recently I decided to try Torque Redline Shine Ceramic Coating, I have to say that what an amazing product. I would recommend Redline Shine Ceramic Coating to anyone who their cars to be looking fantastic and easy to apply. This Redline Shine Ceramic Coating is extremely easy to apply and make anyone’s cars looking fantastic!!!!!

Great product

Shiny car ! used once so far on a new 2023 Kia Sportage, color vesta blue,
which had been washed and waxed, with 100 miles on the clock.