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I just want to say thank you and that I love this product! It makes my motorcycle look better then when I 1st bought it. Highly recommend this product to everyone !!!!!👍🏽

I was super impressed

My vehicle is a 2017 Ford F250 Super Duty. I bought my vehicle in March of 2021 and it had a decent coating on it from the dealership but I could see the oxidation in the paint. I put in work by hand and took my paint down to the clear coat with a compound, clear coat polish and then used ceramic shine. Holy cow was I blown away with the results. It leaves a glass like feeling on the paint and the shine is amazing! It looks almost new from the dealership again. I put in 24 hours of work doing all 3 steps by hand, but the results are impressive to say the least. I absolutely love the way my paint shines, waiting to see what happens when it rains. I completed the process on Sunday September the 12. Says to wait a week before washing, but it looks amazing. I've found pollen sticks to the truck but any other dust or debris have blown off just driving down the road. I'm definitely sold on the product.

Love everything Torque Detail🎉

I liked the Intra detail cleaner and ceramic detail spray! I have several Torque Detail products. I did the interior 2 weeks ago and the exterior a month ago with Ceramic Shine. Love everything Torque Detail🥰. My 2015 Camry looks brand new😀

brought back color

I just bought a new to me, used Corvette the car is red and the seats are red, but a shade off, which made the appearance just not right. But after using the leather restorer they now look good together. Great product and with no grease shine look like new.

Can’t get any better then this

Got my bottle of Decon soap Saturday afternoon and perfect weather to get started. It did take two washing to get all the other coatings off of it. Brought it in the garage and gave it the Ceramic coating first. Sunday morning put a coat of the Mirror Shine on it. As big as my truck is, a Ford Raptor it still only took about 45 minutes to put each coat on. Your products, all of them I’ve used for interior and exterior are the easiest to use and results are fantastic. It’s great being able to get all these unbelievable products from one place. As I said in some of my other reviews, one stop shopping. Just checked and need to order some Tire Shine.
Thanks again guys. Paul Mason.

15 year old Mini looks brand new.

Purchased Ceramic shine kit. 2 Decon wishes, Clay lube application and ceramic shine coat, followed by plastic restorer and tire shine. Took about 2.5 hours.
!!! Absolutely Beautiful !!!

Mirror like shine

My Audi already looked great but after applying mirror shine it literally reflects like a mirror. The clearing is amazing and the application was easy.

Home care

I would used this product over and over again
Because it’s an excellent mirror shine it works. My 2015 cross tour Honda

I did complete clay bar, polish, and 1 coat a day for 3 days. The shine is great just have to see how it holds up in the Florida sun. It was very easy to apply to wipe off. Time will tell

Easy and smooth

This stuff is great! So easy to apply and none of the stress of full ceramic, but with similar benefits. Where I live it frequently rains and after applying Mirror Shine this past weekend, the muck from the road didn't stick like usual!

Time will tell…

The order showed up as expected, was well packed & arrived in good shape. My car is a black 2017 MB E300, with the entire hood, front, headlights, front fenders, rocker panels & rear bumper protective wrapped. Had to wait almost a week for the weather to cooperate long enough to wash the car outside. The soap did an excellent job washing, blew the car dry, brought in the garage, & proceeded to use the clay pad w/lube, it was easy, pretty much effortless to use, & also did an excellent (paint was in very good condition to start with). It did take 2 days to clay it, & put the Ceramic Shine on, but that was due to my not being able to stick right with, & insufficient lighting in the garage to see well enough. The Ceramic Shine also was easy to apply, easy to polish off, with no smears or streaks, & an excellent shine, with great clarity, it sat over night, don’t know if it was necessary, but did the car a 2nd time, & it looked even better. Tried , out of curiosity, the Turbo Waterless Detailer, because it specifically said it had an anti static property, as well as greater hydrophobic properties. It also was very easy to apply, made the surface feel much slippery & the appearance went from outstanding to spectacular! Finished up with the High-Gloss Tire Dressing which also was quick, easy,& gave great results. Had 4 total strangers walk up to remark just how beautiful the car is! (A great feeling!) Hope it is a few days before it gets rained on, but once we start getting weather, we’ll see how long the finish holds up. The car is always garaged indoors gets washed about once a month & will probably be using the Turbo Waterless Detailer after washing & drying it. So looking forward to see how it holds up, especially to snow, road salt & what MN winters throw at it! I would say that these products are on par with the best of them, but far easier, & quicker to apply, as well as less fussy to get spectacular results. Was as easy on the protective film wrapped surfaces as the factor finish. The finish looks as clear as a mirror, & the depth of the color is fantastic! All told, probably took about 5 1/2 hrs of actual time, but the last coat of Ceramic Shine, & the Turbo Waterless Detailer went on & polished off in less than 30 mins, even with my failing old gimpy body! FYI: probably will get 4 to 5 washes, & Ceramic Shine times out of each bottle, the clay lube maybe 8x, the Turbo Waterless Detailer 4 to 5, & the High Gloss Tire Dressing will easily get 15 to 20x or more.

Pro-Detailer Bundle - Complete Car Detailing Kit
Michael Buring (Gaithersburg, US)
Pro-Detailer Bundle - Awesome product!

I've detailed two of our vehicles so far. The results are amazing. Both of these vehicles are 14 year old daily drivers but you wouldn't know it by the shine! Repels water without leaving a trace of spotting. Even had a professional detailer approach me who said "I was going to see if you wanted your car detailed but I see you've already had it done!".

Plastic shine

Great product best I've ever used . Shines with no greasy residue left behind! Will buy again when needed also very easy to apply

Plastic Repair Excellent

This is a superior product with a variety of applications. There is no comparison to the big box products

my 68 Camaro

I frist wash the car with the decor wash and the used the ceramic car shine and it shine very easy took about a hour and a half with a few brakes m

Showroom shine

Hands-down the easiest thing I’ve ever had to do when detailing my car. Recently purchased a brand new car and tried the stuff out and it still has its lustrous brand new car showroom shine. This stuff is amazing. Don’t waste your money on anything else but this ceramic shine spray by torque.

Love that shine!

I love a product that’s easy to use and works! I used the decontamination wash first and then Torque Detail to give my 2018 440i some TLC. She’s looking fine!


Great product well worth the money very happy with

Black trim emboldened.

Torque Detail brought new depth to the plastic trim.



Glass like finish

I was surprised how well it worked bought other products that just didn’t do what this product did great product would definitely try other stuff they offer

Love it

I really am impressed with this product. It is amazingly easier to apply and buff to a even shine than the other ceramic products out there. I used to decon soap and the ceramic spray and it truly impressed me. I noticed it also made my trim look great. I will buy again. Only wish the torques ceramic spray came with a couple microfiber cloths and a larger bottle. The decon soap came with a wash mitten. I happily give 5 STARS . It turned out good , 17 year old paint that has seen better days and still has the ability to allow torques ceramic spray to lift the shine. Still happy after second coat was applied

Loved it

This product is amazing. It was easy to apply and wipe off. My car is so shiny

Torque has once again outdone themselves!!!

First and foremost, go full tilt and get the whole kit, you will NOT regret it! The 7H Ceramic coat is brilliant! The prep shampoo is somehow better than their already amazing decon wash. Also notably thicker. The detail spray also is somehow even better than their Turbo Waterless Wash. It's extremely straightforward to apply. The results are STUNNING!

Here I thought their Ceramic Shine was amazing (and it is), but the 7H takes it to a whole new level of amazing. I've yet to find a Torque product I wasn't absolutely enamored with, and the 7H Ceramic is no exception. By and FAR worth every penny. Extremely potent stuff (be advised, do not open the cap indoors, lol).

I used at BEST half the bottle on my car and it turned out perfect. Weeks later I haven't needed to do a full wash, just 1 quick wipe down with the detail spray, and it was right back to the way it looked day 1. I seriously could go on and on here. As the title states, Torque has once again outdone themselves!