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Blessing (and a curse)

First, the "blessing" - this product has garnered more compliments on "Lil Red" I cannot count them all. The "curse" ? Now all my friends want me to detail their rides for them !

Seriously, though... I began detailing new vehicle for a Porsche/Audi dealership back in the mid-70's, and have been at it ever since with my own vehicles. As a retirement gift to myself I recently bought a new-to-me 2019 Chevy Colorado, loaded with all the goodies. Since it's most likely the last truck I'll ever own I go to great lengths to keep it looking new and protect it from the blazing Florida summer sun.

The results speak for themselves. Great product, easy enough to apply, and easy on the eyes. The ladies go gaga over "Lil Red".

Need cheap sunglasses

My truck looks awesome, ceramic shine did the trick.

Great stuff

I already have the stuff, but now have extra. Great shine and easy to use.

Miata refinish

I have been using this product on my Miata for a couple of years now and being an outside car the finish still looks great

Mirror shine

Well even though I bought Torque several months ago, I finally got to apply the product.
Wow very impressed used your Decon kit to wash, than I used a clay bar, than applied Torque went on smooth & easy my truck have a mirror like shine on it looks great. thanks great product

Sweet! Just love the results time and time again

Have done my car and my friends car after being washed and dried in 47 min nothing but a wow

My car looks beautiful. I am very impressed with this product

Waterless Detailer

Just did my car with the Waterless Detailer. Wow! My neighbor came over and asked what I was using. He said he seen me in my garage but couldn’t figure out what I was doing. Turns out he said he was looking at my reflection in the paint and thought that was the real me! So yes, this works like a dream and makes the shine look deep as heck.

Highfilloot Inn 2. Houseboat

I used the ceramic coating on my Houseboat and it is looking great! Easy to put on and last long also!

Appreciate the Quality of the Torque Detail Products

Been using the Turbo Ceramic Waterless detailer
Couple of weeks now even fir windows just need to be sure buff it well when finishing with a napped micro fiber towel
Also been using the other Torque products
Ceramic car shampoo-ceramic shine-detaminate clean wash
been very happy with their ease of use /quality of cleaning /and sealing ceramic weather fighting characteristics I switched from another internet retailer I have used for year’s the improved results & sale pricing has been very much appreciated. Thanks for your product development
Pics of our 2018 & 2014 red Subaru Foresters

Awesome shine.

Totally agree with the best protection shine for over 6 months , I can not believe it my still protects & shine's on my truck over 8 months. Thanks !

Happy customer

Prepped with wash and a clay bar on a 2019 Tundra before spraying this on. Biggest thing I noticed vs wax was how easy it was to apply and buff... 20 min and it was done. Looks amazing.


I love it that why all ways I keep order with you guys thanks I’m happy I can recommend with all my friends

Waterless Car Wash

Outstanding product. My 2003 Jeep Wrangler Sport looks like it just came off the showroom floor. I’m getting many compliments.

Showroom Shine

Best product that I ever bought for the car. More compliments than I can count. Proud to show it off.

Aston Martin

I did use your product and like all the other products I have used by Torque has been fantastic. I was impressed with the shine on my 2008 Aston Martin

Easy to Use with Good Results

So I decided to give this a try. I do not own a fancy, sporty, expensive car; but a soccer mom van. Yeah I know, but it actually turned out awesome. See attached pics. Thanks Torque Detail.

Worked as promised

Used on all exterior plastics on a 2006 Dodge 2500. The product did indeed turn the plastic back to black from a faded grey color.

15 year old Mini looks brand new.

Purchased Ceramic shine kit. 2 Decon washes, Clay lube application and ceramic shine coat, followed by plastic restorer and tire shine. Took about 2.5 hours.
!!! Absolutely Beautiful !!!

First time user

The soap was great the ceramic spray even better. I'm impressed! A couple days after I applied we got heavy rain and blown away by how the water was jumping off the paint! This is an 88 s10 and the paint is not in the best of shape

The BEST wash product ever!

Used decon to wash my black truck and remove stubborn sap stains snd other worked amazing! Required little elbow grease and I was done in no time! Ceramic shine finished it off and it looks like a new truck! Thanks again TORQUE!!

Torque Detail Ceramic Shine

Ceramic shine is a great product. I love the way it makes my Harley shine. I get many compliments on the about the shine of my paint and the chrome. I recommend this product to everyone that ask he how I keep my bike so shiny.

Shine on

Went on as advertised and the shine is what I was looking for!

Good stuff

Easy on and easy off I find that I use this more than your Speed Shine. Wish you would sell this by the gallon.