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Ceramic Cobra

I would definitely recommend Redline Shine. I followed all of the recommended steps and my car came out great. Very deepshine without the expense of professional application.

The Easiest most Awesome Ceramic Ever!

I applied the redline shine to my new 2023 Honda Odyssey. It was so easy, gilded on smoothly, 1/4 of my van at a time and had plenty of time to remove it. Came off just as easy and looks amazing.

Great shine

Easy to apply, however I wish I knew about the clay bar prep, before I ordered.

Better looking!

My car looks better now than when I drove her off the dealer’s lot!
This Red Shine is outstanding and very easy to apply.
Already have two neighbors asking what I did and could they do their cars!

Great product

First I applied Red Line Shine now I don’t leave home without my Turbo Ceramic Waterless Detailer! After off-roading my Jeep Gladiator very little sticks to it! Then I simply Turbo it back to life! After experimenting with many different products through the years, Torque is the best!! I’m definitely a lifelong customer.


All your products have been great! But, this one is truly amazing. The shine you get after a car wash is so awesome, it looks better than when it came off the showroom floor. Great product! I will be buying more of this for all my friends. They're going to love it. I really is an amazing product!

RedLine Shine

the Shine applies easily, and it has not washed away as of yet, it seems to luster as it goes on as it has rained in Florida it still shines. I wish the bottle was easier to pour, and I don't know if I can use the same applicator next time I do it.

For tires

This stuff works great no smears on the sides I'll be buying it again when am ready

Slick as silk

Unbelievable how much suds it makes, and how easy it is to use it. I’m still using the bucket method but did purchase a Torq Foam Blaster for the next time. Extremely impressed with this product. You never seize to amaze us with all of your products.

And it’s a mirror!

Graphene Burst is GREAT stuff! Effortless to apply, fantastic shine!


I can’t believe how good my 2012 Tacoma looks. I used the Decon soap, clay pad, Graphene burst, Graphene tire shine and plastic restore. I can’t believe how easy everything was to use. Torque products are amazing, easy to use and the best.

Gentle Drying Towel

Used the drying towel today for the first time. Absolutely amazing. Easy to use and result is incredible. A great detailing tool that is a must to have

Clay Mitt for Claying & Decontaminating
Pat Meszaros (Mesquite, US)
Clay Mitt and other Torque Detail products keep my cars looking superior!

I was able to use the Clay Mitt to clay my SUV in about 1 hour compared to nearly 4 hours using a clay bar. I used Ceramic Shine afterwards and again got that new looking showroom shine from 2 years ago. I also used Purple Destroyer on the wheels and they came out super clean inside and out. Then I used Graphene Tire Shine to complete the job. I’ve also used the Intra Clean and Intra Shield to keep the interior absolutely clean. Intra Shield keeps the dust off the dashboard for weeks in-between car washes. Waterless Detail keeps my cars looking good in just 20 minutes as needed. I use Torque Detail products on my Honda HRV, my wife’s Acura and I also use Graphene Burst on my custom 1951 Studebaker Champion Starlight Coupe (it really helps turn heads). Finally ran out of Ceramic Shine, so I’ll be using Red Line next time a ceramic coat is needed.
All of Torque Detail’s products are easy to use.

Redline Shine

Applied to my Dodge Charger, and Toyota 4 Runner . Easy to apply looks great just follow the instructions

Ceramic Spray: Two Bottle Pack
Julian Watkins (Sulphur, US)
My car

I use it to keep my car looking good. The award I am most proud of is the one who I got an award for best paint

Ceramic Spray

This is a second bottle. I used the first on my 2022 Corvette. I was pleasantly surprised with the way it went on the car. Ordered another to use on my wife’s car. Thank you!

Clay Mitt for Claying & Decontaminating
Candace Griffin (Lynden, US)
Clay Bar MIT & Redline Shine

I’m not going to say it was supper easy because I’m a lady in her upper age so, it took me 3 days. One day to wash an hide the car in the garage before it rained then, the next day I clay bar’d which was a lot of work but I wanted to do it right. So I followed the directions an Holly cow was it smooth after I was done an I was able to do it all in my garage. It was beautiful. On the 3rd day (also in the garage an ventilated I added the Redline Shine, panel by panel - my god you were right. So easy to apply. I let it cure overnight an brought it out for a few photos for you. She is ready for our Fathers Day Car show here in Lynden, WA on June 18th. I am so happy with all your products. Thank you
The clay bar glove worked very well an you could work a better area because it’s larger. You can always feel if you need more product while working - I love it. The Redline Shine is amazing an brought back the shine the car needed.

Graphene Burst: Two Bottle Pack
Marc Fitzgerald (West Chester, US)
Not used yet - was out of town

Hope to use your product next week.
Thank you

Trophy Finish

Out Standing looks great

Look No Further This is the Best by Far

I got my bottle of Trophy Finish Drying Aid & Shine Enhancer and couldn’t wait to try it. After a good hand wash I used it to dry and polish my car. The results were fast easy and just simply amazing!! I’m 71.9 yrs old so for over 55 years I’ve been searching for the holy grail: the best things to use on my cars. Look no further! I’ve found it!! Simply spray onto wet surface. Spread with towel as you dry. Flip towel over and polish it up. So fast. So easy. Sooo shiny! Golly what a great product. My 8 year car shines like the sun. Cannot wait to try in the other cars. Thanks so much.

Ceramic Shine

I had detailed my new to me F250. It was so easy to apply so I did my wife's car to.

Easiest shine I ever put on a vehicle!

Unbelievable shine, Unbelievable ease, and Unbelievable Compliments on my vehicle! Picture of me Holding the camera is the hood!

Corvette stingray 2019

This works and my corvette has a shine like no other. Water rolls off and bugs do not stay on. The is the greatest protection I have ever used on any car that I have ever had. Thank you Torque, your the best by far.

2023 Silverado Trail Boss

Ceramic spray looks awesome, easy to apply, really made the Sand Dune color shine on my Silverado Trail Boss.

I love this product i’m 73 and it don’t take much to tire me out.The Torque product is the best and easiest I’ve ever used.I finished my wife’s car and then my truck back to back.Deep shine and it’s like they said spray on wipe it off that’s all I did.I would highly recommend Torque products.