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Does the Job!


Really impressed with this product

Sprays on easy, feels like wax when working it into the paint (unlike other sealers that feel like water), but surprisingly comes off with little effort leaving a deep shine on this 20 year old paint. I’ll be keeping this stocked and will be looking at other Torque products.


I used the mirror shine and had great results, then I saw and used the ceramic shine. It brought out the color so much.
I did clay bar and then applied. I also used a buffer to really get the product in. It was a fantastic shine !!!!!!
Would highly recommend, the results say it all, GREAT PRODUCT

Fantastic Shine as Promised

I was very skeptical about ordering this product with all the email hype about car coatings that produce shine and beading. I ordered a small bottle of the Torque Mirror shine and I was really surprised with the gloss and finish when I applied it to my Corvette Convertible Stingray. It looks just like new and so do the chrome Z-51 wheels. I will be ordering more when I am getting low!! Great Product.

Unbelievable Shine

Started off using the Ceramic Shine which was so easy to apply. Gave it a day to cure then applied Mirror Shine as suggested. Finally used the High Gloss Tire Shine and the final results as you can see are amazing to say the least. My Raptor is a 2017 and looks better now then when I bought it. The best part is the ease of applying your products.


Finally got a whole day to do a proper clay bar prep and application of Ceramic Shine on my Tacoma. This stuff is amazing! I have never seen anything repel water like this stuff does.
Application is super simple. I applied with the supplied microfiber sponge, let it sit for approximately 30 seconds, then buffed with a clean microfiber cloth. Also, when the directions say “a little goes a long way” they aren’t lying.
For anyone reading this, I would recommend keeping a few clean cloths on hand to cycle through. When one gets a little too full of the residue, it will start hazing. Swap to a new cloth, and you’ll be back to buffing out a crystal clear finish.
Will definitely be purchasing again. Thanks for such a great product!

New Car Finish 2001 Mustang

Torque love your product. Used it again before the weather hits. Easy on easy off. My 2001 Mustang is car show ready!!!!!! Thank you.

Awesome Shine

This product is awesome, you have to have a little patience when applying and buffing on a cool vehicle. I then let the vehicles sit in the sun to cure. Nice water bead and run off.

Great product

Brought out a deeper red color. Easy to use. Will order again. 2005 Corvette

Torque Ceramic Shine

Product works great! Used on it my truck and car it it makes the finish look like glad.

Great Product

Applied this product and it worked really well I would highly recommend this product.

Highly recommend

Just bought my dream car, a brand new Dodge Challenger hellcat redeye edition.
I wanted to put a good protectant on the virgin paint . The Silica was different than anything I had tried over the years. It went on easy and buffed out easy as well . What I loved is it did not have a negative reaction if I got any on the plastic parts which many other products do ! Left a nice clean shine that seems to be holding up well ... even did a second coat 24 hours after the first ...really makes the black paint POP!

Just had nice enough weather a few days ago to go ahead and finish. the ceramic shine was easy to apply and gave my vehicle beautiful depth and shine
Way to go guys a product that actually works.

Excellent so far

My go to for the last several years is Klasse sealer. Ceramic Shine goes on and buffs off just as easily. I used a clay bar on the truck and re-washed and rinsed. It took probably an hour to apply Ceramic shield and buff it off. This is THE most hydrophobic coating/wax/sealer/protector I've ever used. The shine is not as good as Klasse although still very nice. It makes the trim and plastics pieces look incredible! If the protection and shine will last 9-12 months on my garage kept Tacoma, Ceramic Shield will be my go to from now on. Amazingly it only took about an ounce and a half to do the entire truck including the wheels. I do intend to do a second coat soon if the weather will cooperate. I've not used it on my Harley yet.

2014 Mustang

This product is extremely easy to apply and creates a beautiful finish. The more you buff, the more the shine. Great product and I HAVE recommended it to many of my car loving friends!


Just used the product this evening. Awesome.

Excellent Product

I washed my 2018, black Ford Explorer Sport with the Decon Soap. The following morning, I applied the Mirror Shine spray. Very easy to use. Extremely pleased with the results. 10/10. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Amazing results

I started with the Mirror Shine (Loved it) so I tried Plastic Restore (lLoved it) now i tried Ceramic Shine. You have a Customer for life. Thank you for producing great products that are easy to apply and give the results that use to take me all day to get the same results in less then 1 hour

My car looks so good, I do not want to drive it in bad weather.

Per your information, it was very easy to use and I did two car, my larger one took me about 45 minutes, the Buick Cascada took me about 35 minutes. I sending a picture of the Buick which I had since January 2016 and has gone through 3 winter so far.

Great shine

Easy to use , surface prep is a must , shine is outstanding


Applied to my 2012 Nissan Frontier and the shine is jus what i was hoping for...and the protection is great...have a trouble with tree sap staining the my truck...since applying mirror shine and cremic shine no more stains from the sap...good job guys

Made the Cabriolet Look Like NEW!

I've been using Torque Mirror Shine for a while now on my daily driver, but I just purchased a 1997 Audi Cabriolet convertible for summer-only use. It had been outside for a while, so before putting it away for the winter, I decided to wash it with the Decon Wash Pack and then apply some Mirror Shine. WOW! Baby is safely tucked away in hibernation and it never looked better.


Great product. Easy to use. Love the products from this company.

Super Gloss Hybrid Car Wax Spray & Sealant

I have used many well-known products out there and for the money & ease of application, this is over the top. I finally was able to super-clean and apply early this week, then it rained. By looking at the vehicle, you would never know. Everything just beaded up and rolled off. Now for the true test.....Winter and it's snow, salt, road brining for this 2013 Ford Edge, with 30,000 miles. I will update after this winter torture, but I see no problems now or in the future. Thanks for a great product.

Excellent Product

Easy to use, remarkably shiny!
We’ll see how long it lasts in the South Florida sun.