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Purple and elbow grease!

I bought a 2009 BMW that appeared to have rims that were never cleaned. After trying all other products I tried this one. I will say it put a dent in the 13 year build-up of brake dust, iron and road gunk. But I will admit that it took quite a bit of scrubbing with a scouring pad along with Purple to finally get the job done. I’ve included a photo of the wheel I haven’t done yet with the finished wheel so you’d understand how bad they were. Torques products haven’t let me down yet!


My Ford has come up two levels since I use torque product I am work on level three
Ford is blazing and clean the best I have use to date

2019 BMW 430i

After using the Mirror Shine and Torque Detailer on my 1999 Mitsubishi 3000gt, because I love the GLASS SHINE I applied both products to my 2019 BMW 430I and it looks AWESOME!!!

Perfect Shine!

Your product does what it is advised and more. Applies ever easy, and come off just as quick! Great product I’m glad purchase the amount I did. 33’Ford California Dave. I’ll try to send a few before & after , you choose.

Ceramic Spray - Spray On Ceramic Coating (8oz Bottle)

Torquing up my rides.

Great product. Easy to install. Only prerequisite is a clean surface. I did three cars with one 8 ounce bottle.

Really Shines

Very easy to apply to a clean car. Really enhances the shine and super slick.

All products Amazing

I bought majority of the products!! Decon wash was amazing and I knew it cleaned much better than the usual car wash clean from local part stores. The reverse scratch is also amazing!! It took out scratches that a buffer wouldn’t take out!! My CTS V is very clean, shiny, and smooth with using nothing but Torque Detail products! I’m a customer for life!

Michael McBurnett


The best I’ve ever used. A+

Product Review

This my 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT. After using the Mirror Shine and now I applied the Ceramic Detailer my car now looks like glass to be over 20 years old. I get a lot of compliments and have given out your website address. I am now working on my 2019 BMW 430I . Your products are AWESOME!!!

Love this product

This goes on quickly and maintains a rich black shine on my tires. It lasts longer and works better than other products I've tried.
Use this plus Graphene Burst Coat for the exterior paint and you'll have one beautiful vehicle!

Ceramic Spray - Spray On Ceramic Coating (8oz Bottle)
Steve DiChicco (Palm Beach Gardens, US)
Trying something newi

I had wheels off my 996 Carrera and thought I'd use my Torque Ceramic spray on the inside of my painted wheels...2 coats look great...hopefully it will be easier to clean in the future...


I had ceramic coating applied to my 2013 Audi S6 several years ago. The paint on my vehicle seemed to have lost some of its luster. So I decided to give the Torque Spray On Ceramic Coating a try. The results were outstanding!!! It really revitalized the paint to the wet look it once had. I HIGHLY recommend Torque Spray On Ceramic Coating to other vehicle enthusiasts looking for a quality product that works.

Does an amazing job really like the shine and very easy to use

Easiest shine ever!

I did the decon wash and prepped car as they directed. The ceramic spray was sprayed on the sponge and then applied to a cool surface. The buff was easy and the shine is incredible! This was just applied so we will see how it holds up. I was impressed with these 2 products enough that I just ordered the Purple stuff for the rims, so don’t look at those in the photo ;)

Graphene Pro Kit
Guy Fox (Orange, US)
WOW Shine

Graphene reall;y works wonders and has an incredible shjine and you need to wear sin glasses

Easy, Fast & Durable

I have been using Torque Detail Mirror Shine since 2016. It's amazing how it has brought up the finish of the 22 year old paint job on my 1932 Ford Roadster. It also does well protecting the shine on the billet aluminum wheels

The Shine of Shines

Hello Everyone at Torque,

I just put a fresh coat of Torque Wax on my 2016 Ford Escape and in less than half an hour I had that GREAT Torque deep shine back on my SUV these car care products are the BEST easy to use with ultimate results. I passed the word on to all my friends and they also love your products. I can't Thank You enough for creating these car care products and sharing them with everyone who wants the shine and protection that Torque products provide,

Thank You,
Don Place
a Loyal Customer :0)

Car Scratch Remover

It works like magic with minimal effort. The best scratch remover I have ever used with out a doubt. It definitely lives up to its claims! Go Torque Detail!!

Graphene Pro Kit
Harold Cottom III (Dayton, US)
It is absolutely amazing

I follow the instructions using turbo wash and then graphene burst and my cars look totally wet. Everybody who came buy couldn't believe the shine. I commented with pics on Instagram and tagged you all in it. Thanks Torque for such amazing products.

The Best hands down!

The best !!!

Torque shine

I detail cars and have used all kinds of waxes and nothing beats Torque shine.awsome! Thank you ken k


I am not often attracted by rave articles from a sales outlet. But, for some reason I ordered the three bottle option for Graphene Burst Coat. The bottles are small sop I thought they would not last long. Wrong. It does not take much to wax the car. And it is fast. I applied to hood, then fenders, then doors, then trunk. Applied, rubbed it in and then buffed. The result was spectacular. I did three cars ( a BMW Z8, a Bentley Flying Spur and a Jaguar XJ in under an hour. The Z* and Bentley had excellent finishes that were enhanced and, hopefully, are better protected from the southern CA sun. I also did our golf carts. Every vehicle looked terrific and application was really easy.

Better than I expected

Wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it myself!

Even made a YouTube short

It made my brand new, just picked up the same day, Polaris Slingshot S slide like an ice skater through the wind. Here's my vid. YouTube video placeholder