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Ceramic Car Wash (16oz Bottle)
J.R. (North Port, US)
The best there is!

I’ve been using all of the products for the last 6-7 months and my truck has never looked better. No matter what the weather does here in FL my Acadia Denali always looks good. Every product lives up to its name. I recommend it to all my friends.

Great product

I can't say enough about torque products 👍 I used the plastic restorer on my 2016 sonata sport and I was completely impressed ; especially the area under the wiper blades , made it look brand new - well just see for yourself in the pics

Premium products

I absolutely love torque products - everything I've tried has surpassed my expectations and the interior cleaner & shield is exceptional 👌 I'm all about precision and quality & torque products are number one in my book , D James

Ceramic Car Wash (16oz Bottle)
Thomas Grab (Lewistown, US)
Ceramic Car Wash

Don't have to use much, really cleans my truck very well. Shines very well after it's dry.

Outstanding Products

Just detailed my wife's Buick and my Silverado. Washed the vehicles with Decon Soap, then used the Clay Lube, polished with the Reverse Scratch Repair, then applied Graphene Burst. Used Graphene Shine on the tires, Intra-Clean, Intra-Shield on the interiors, and Leather Restore on the Buick seats and door panels. Outstanding! All products yielded excellent results! Just purchased the Turbo Ceramic Waterless Detailer. Can't wait to use.

My Zo06 Vette

I have used a lot of quick detail for your car and I find Tourque to be the best I have found. So easy to use and the result keeps your pride and joy looking fantastic.

Torque Shine Ceramic Coating

Love this product and have used it on over two dozen cars and trucks and motorcycles turn out especially nice after a full detail and then the ceramic goes on and looks totally amazing when I am done, all my customers love the shine😎😎🤠🤠


SO easy to apply and such am amazing shine.

Great product. Very easy to apply and the gloss is phenomenal.
FIGURES. Detailed and Ceramic coated the car #torquedetail few days ago. Left the gym and the Birds had a field day 💩 ing on HQ. Sprayed water and the droppings wash off without wiping. Loved it. What a phenomenal finish that product left and protection. I even used it on the wheels. Still clean after 2 weeks and all this rain.

Ceramic Car Wash (16oz Bottle)
Chuck Shields (Columbus, US)
Ceramic Car Wash

Excellent product to extend the life of the ceramic coat on your vehicle. Keeps shine bright and the water beads up and tolls off.

Still impressed

Usually at a car show, among all your pre-judging preparations is dressing your tires so that they are as beautiful as the rest of the vehicle. I put the Graphene Tire Shine on 4 shows ago and haven't had to prep the tires at all since. They still have a sweet, clean appearance.

Great product

Love the product with the ease of application and great results but I do have one problem. I have written to you twice using your contact page and so far for the past 10 days no one has answered my questions. I have another question: What is the difference between the Ceramic Spray and your Mirror Shine? can you apply the Mirror Shine over the Ceramic Spray? why buy the Mirror Shine if I have already applied the Ceramic Spray. What can I use as a touch up when I go to a car show? Important questions in my book. I hope someone answers this time. I would like to tell my other club members about your product but your response time doesn't really encourage me to share.

Restored the plastic beautifully

Used this on my 2002 F150 and was pleasantly surprised at how well this worked. There were a couple of spots that I had to apply a second time to to get the results I wanted. It cant make the plastic new but it sure made it look much much better! I highly recommend.

High quality

This washing fluid leaves a noticeable shine on your vehicle. Suds up well and even smells good! I love the results after washing my truck with this.

Bug be gone

Like all the products I have used from Tourque detail, the decon wash pack is the bomb. Just another layer of protection to help my girl keep looking sexy and clean.

Tire Shine

I've used a lot of tire conditioners over my 75 years and this one I like the best because it makes the rubber look new and not gooey! Great product!


I purchased the recommended Torque products to do a full detailing - Decon Soap, Clay Lube/bar, Reverse, and Detail ceramic spray. I was a bit nervous never having done this before and taking on my pristine '93 Miata with original paint. Lucy (my car!) looked good before. She is a stunner after! Every product performed as advertised. I could easily feel the effect of each product as it built toward the final ceramic spray. For an amateur like me, it was fool proof, simple, and the results were simply amazing. I'm a fan for life.

Best of the best

Absolutely love it !!!! Used it on both my truck

Great Product

I detailed my Jeep Cherokee and looks Great

Professional product

Incredible!!! I use both F11 top coat and Torque mirror shine on my cars. Both are great detail sprays. When you email me about you’re new ceramic spray I decided to give it a shot. Wow!!! Neither F11 or mirror shine, in my opinion, comes close to the results I got with Torque Ceramic spray!!! It’s amazing. My cars have a professional detailed look. I love this product and will stick with it until someone can do better. Thanks Torque

Easy Peasy

I have been suspicious of ‘miracle ceramic coatings’ since they came out. I finally decided to give this product a try because of another good Torque product. Since my paint is in good shape, I washed the car, clay barred the painted areas, and then applied Ceramic Spray. It exceeded my expectations. As long as the paint is cool, the product went on very easy with a microfiber applicator, and immediately polished with a good microfiber cloth. If the sun managed to sneak in, I applied to smaller areas and worked fast with the cloth.
I have significant vinyl wrap on my hood, roof and trunk. As I was applying product to the nose a little bit got on the tip of the stripe. I wiped it on that small piece and was amazed at the result. Knowing vinyl and petro based products don’t get along, I contacted Tom at Torque and he said there is nothing to worry about, so I applied the product to all of my exterior vinyl and that also went up a few levels of shine. I highly recommend Torq ceramic spray!

Ceramic Car Wash (16oz Bottle)
Carlos Dubose (Chesterfield, US)

Ceramic Car Wash (16oz Bottle)

Ceramic Spray: Two Bottle Pack
Philip Rapoport (Boynton Beach, US)
best product

this is my second purchase that's how great is my 2008 911 4s cab looks as good as the day i bought the car. 14 years ago.. THIS SHINE IS 2 WEEKS OLD


I love all your products . I used the Graphene on my red Mini Cooper it came out like glass.👍👍👍
The only problem I had was shipping damage the bottle of car wash soap leaked 1/2 a bottle. The cap was loose. I emailed you twice and got no response.