Who Is Behind TORQUE Detail?

TORQUE Detail is a family business, started in 2012 by Frank Mitchell. Frank is a car enthusiast and former professional detailer.

Frank got his first taste of automobiles at the age of 16. He bought his first Corvette from a neighborhood friend who was selling his car. Frank bought the car for less than $1000, spent a month fixing it up, and sold it for $2000. 

From then he was hooked. He began "flipping" cars by finding distressed vehicles around town, making engine repairs and repainting the body and reselling for a profit.

By the age of 27, Frank opened up a professional detailing business, which he ran for over 30 years. At it's height, Frank employed a staff of 5 detailers.

Since he wound down his detailing business in 2009, Frank has been manufacturing small-batch automotive chemicals and creating his own formulations to maintain his classic car collection with premium detailing products.

Frank's two sons, Diego & Christoper, are also heavily involved with the business. Diego is Head of Digital Marketing and Christoper is Head of Sales & Business Development.

A Man of Few Words: 


Here Is Frank's Current Car Collection:

1973 Corvette Stingray:
1966 Ford Thunderbird:
1999 Saab 9-3 Viggen Turbo (everyday driver):
2001 Ford Mustang GT (Custom Supercharger):
Any Questions? Shoot me email at "frank@torquedetail.com".

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