Ceramic Spray, our spray on ceramic coating, was developed for ease of use, however taking proper steps when applying the product will help it last much longer.

If the ceramic coating spray cures unevenly on your surface or doesn't last as long as expected, this is usually because proper steps were not taken prior to application.

How To Apply:

1). Decontaminate Your Car's Surface

Remove the layer of dirt and contaminants from your car's surface. Sometimes this isn't visible to the naked eye. 

Ceramic Spray is most effective when it bonds to the car's "clear coat". It's unable to do this if there is dirt and grime sitting atop the clear coat.

Use a polish or decontaminate "Decon" wash to clean your car's surface. To remove deep contaminants, we recommend "claying" your car as well. 

We use a Clay Lubricant and a Clay Block. We prefer the Clay Block, as it's easier and faster than a traditional Clay Bar. But using a Clay Bar is fine as well.

2). Shake Bottle Thoroughly Before Using

3). Make Sure Surface Is Cool and Dry

4). Spray a Small Amount of Ceramic Spray onto your surface. Less Is More.

5). Use a Clean Microfiber Towel to Work Into Surface.

6). Use a 2nd Clean Microfiber Towel to Buff Into Surface Until Desired Polish Is Reached.

7). Apply To One Section at a Time.

8). Let Coating "Cure" for 6-12 Hours in a Cool, Dry, Covered Area

9). Continue To Reapply as Needed. This Will Ensure Your Surface Stays Coated and Doesn't Need to be Washed and Waxed again!

After Care Instructions:

After care starts before the product is applied.

  • Ceramic Spray should NOT wash off quickly after application. It should not wash off after a rainstorm or a car wash.
  • Decontaminating the car's surface prior to applying will help with the durability and length of Ceramic Spray's seal.
  • If you find Ceramic Spray is washing off too quickly, use a polish or decontaminant "Decon" wash to remove the surface decontaminants before applying Ceramic Spray.
  • This will ensure the product bonds to the car's clear coat and will increase sealant strength up to 80%.