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How to Fix Paint Chips on Your Car In Less Than a Weekend

If car ownership were a movie, it would be a suspense thriller. And, the star of the show would be those sneaky paint chips that show up when you least expect them like… “BOO!”

I can see the audience now: Women and children covering their eyes, popcorn spilling onto the floor, and Coca-Cola spewing from nostrils everywhere…

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Redline Shine is a 7H hardness polysiloxane ceramic coating that protects your vehicle from grime, contaminants & chemicals. You’ll get up to 2 years of protection even in the harshest conditions.

Whether it’s a rogue pebble on the highway or a hailstorm that turns your car into a pincushion, paint chips can feel like a never-ending battle. Not only do these annoying little spots not look great, but if left unresolved, even the tiniest chip can turn into a monster of a problem.

The good news is that you don’t have to surrender to this type of abuse. 

Today, we’re going to help you save your car from ugly paint chips and bring it back to the glossy perfection it once was. We’ll cover everything, from how to fix those annoying chips to preventing them in the first place. We’ll answer those burning questions and provide you with practical, step-by-step guidance. 

To ensure your ride’s paint job is tougher than ever before, we’re adding a bonus level to the mix with a revolutionary solution: Redline Shine – the premium protective coating that promises more than two years of protection and a dazzling shine. 

So, grab that toolbox! It’s time to hit the road to the land of automotive paint TLC. 

Part 1: Repairing Chips on Your Car

We’ve all been there: you’re cruising down the highway, feeling on top of the world in your shiny car, when suddenly, a pebble strikes your hood, leaving behind a memento in the form of a paint chip. These unsightly blemishes aren’t just a nuisance; they can lead to costly damage, including rust. But you can put a stop to this before it spirals out of control.

Determining the Severity of the Chip (How bad is it, Doc?)

Before embarking on your paint chip repair quest, it’s important to assess the size and severity of the chip. Paint chips come in all flavors, ranging from teensy little specks to larger, more serious imperfections. 

Small chips, typically smaller than a dime, are relatively easy to fix. But if you’re dealing with rust, deep scratches, or larger chips, it’s probably time to consider calling in the professionals to help, just to make sure the body integrity of your vehicle isn’t compromised.

Cleaning the Wound

Once you’ve sized up the situation, the first step is always washing. You’ll want a squeaky-clean canvas to work with, so start by rinsing the area with water. Then, use warm soapy water to wash the affected area and its immediate surroundings. 

how to fix paint chips on your car

We highly recommend using our Decon Wash Pack; it’s an essential step for flawless paint chip repair. This specialized wash pack is designed for decontamination or “Decon” washing, ensuring a lasting repair and a stunning vehicle finish.

Why Decon Wash?

Decon Wash is your go-to solution to ensure impeccable paint chip repairs. Washing is more than just a step; it’s vital:

  1. Stripping Previous Coats: Over time, your vehicle’s surface accumulates layers of waxes and sealants, forming a barrier between the new paint and the clear coat. To ensure long-lasting repair, these previous coatings must be removed. Decon Wash effectively strips away these old layers, allowing the new paint to adhere correctly.
  2. Removing Contaminants: Your vehicle’s surface harbors both visible and invisible contaminants. While bug guts, bird droppings, water spots, and tree sap are noticeable, unseen culprits like iron deposits, brake dust, and overspray also mar your vehicle’s appearance. Decon Wash eradicates these contaminants, preparing your car for a pristine paint chip repair.
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Make sure your ride is bone-dry before moving on to the next step…

Smoothing Raised Edges and Removing Debris (Road Shrapnel)

When your car’s paint is chipped, the edges around the chip can become raised, which creates an uneven surface. Take a clean cloth and gently rub away any loose paint. You’ll also want to check for any waxes, grease, or coatings that might affect paint adhesion. Carefully pick up any debris by hand or with tweezers. 

Quick tip: Canned air can help get rid of smaller particles. 

After that, use rubbing alcohol to eliminate grease and oil, ensuring the primer or paint will bond effectively. If there’s any amount of rust, your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to remove as much as possible using a rust remover (usually found at your local parts store), followed by cleaning the area with isopropyl, or denatured alcohol.

Applying Primer and Paint

For medium and large paint chips that expose the metal body of your vehicle, it’s essential to apply primer before painting. Many stores offer automotive primers that include an applicator brush for easy coating. 

Now, don’t overdo it; a thin layer is all you need, and make sure you are not going beyond the edges of the chip. Wipe away any excess, drips, or streaks, and make sure the primer is entirely dry before moving to the paint application. 

Again, if you’re dealing with large chips or missing paint it is highly recommended that you call in the pros to fix it for you– they know what they’re doing, and can help get your pride and joy looking like the day you first laid eyes on it.

As I’m sure you’re well aware, choosing the correct paint color is crucial, and if your vehicle’s original paint color is still intact and hasn’t been repainted, you can usually find the color code inside the driver’s door (most cars manufactured after 1983 came with this code). 

If you can’t find the correct color code, consult your car dealer, as they often carry paint for the vehicles they sell.

Large Paint Chips (Best Left to the Pros)

For medium or large chips, you’ll need to apply paint more delicately. If you’re indeed going to attempt these types of repairs yourself, then you’ll want to start at the center of the chip and work your way toward the edges. Use a small amount of paint at a time, and allow each layer to dry thoroughly between applications. 

how to fix rock chips on car paint

A word of advice: When applying automotive paint or clear coat, do not apply it in the direct sun, or if temperatures are below 50°F.

Once it dries, the paint will shrink, so check if the chipped area is nearly even. If not, you can use wet sandpaper with a grit of 1000 or 2000 to even out the paint.

Small Paint Chips

For small paint chips, if possible, consider using a touch-up paint pen. It makes DIY car paint chip repair fast and easy. Use it to fill in the chip until the new paint is just above the surface of the existing paint, allowing for shrinkage during the drying process. 

If the coating is still tacky, it is not ready for another coat or the next step. “You can’t rush art!”

Applying Clear Coat

After the final paint layer is entirely dry, it’s time to apply the clear coat. This step protects the paint and helps give your car a glossy shine, making the auto paint chip repair virtually invisible. Use a small brush to apply a thin layer, and as a reminder, make sure it dries completely before continuing to the next step.

Polish and Buff to Perfection

This step ensures that the repaired area matches the rest of the paint job. By using our Reverse All-In-One Paint Correction Compound, and a microfiber cloth or polishing pad, apply gentle pressure and work in small circular motions. Extend slightly beyond the new paint onto the old paint for a seamless transition.

how to fix paint chips on a car

Part 2: Protecting Your Car from Paint Chips

“Prevention is better than cure”, and that saying is also true when referring to chips on your car’s paint job. These seemingly harmless chips can build up to costly rust repairs and decrease the resale value. So, act promptly to prevent any further damage.

Alright, now that you’ve cleaned, primed/painted, buffed, and polished those unsightly areas back to near perfection, it’s time for the most important step: adding a layer of extra protection with Redline Shine. It’s like hiring a bouncer for the entrance to your car’s paint job!

Protecting Your Car with Redline Shine

Redline Shine is your ride’s new best friend, delivering unmatched longevity and a flawless shine. Developed over two years, it’s a game-changer in car paint protection. This revolutionary product features a 7H hardness polysiloxane ceramic coating that acts as an impenetrable shield against grime, contaminants, harsh chemicals, and mother nature in general.

Even under the harshest conditions, Redline Shine keeps your vehicle looking pristine.

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But here’s where Redline Shine truly stands out: it’s designed with user-friendliness in mind. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first-time user, applying this coating is a walk in the park. No need for tiny applicators; Redline Shine provides a larger microfiber applicator for superior comfort. 

With extended flash times, it allows you to coat more surface area without the stress of wiping off excess product, and when it’s time to remove it, Redline Shine proves easier than almost every one of its competitors.

The Perks of Using Redline Shine

  • Perfect, Streak-Free Coating: High spots, the bane of ceramic coatings, are history with Redline Shine’s “Perfect Level Technology.” It ensures every application results in a flawlessly level coating.
  • The Myth of Prep Spray Debunked: Redline Shine simplifies the process, saving you both time and money, with its formula engineered to mimic the function of a prep spray.
  • Self-Cleaning Shield: Redline Shine resists water with remarkable efficiency, causing it to bead up and effortlessly roll off the surface, taking dirt and grime with it. This coating is tougher than your vehicle’s clear coat, providing excellent resistance to stains from bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, and even small pebbles! 
  • Enhanced Water Spot Protection: Redline Shine goes the extra mile with an exceptional ingredient that bolsters resistance to water spots, ensuring your car looks flawless in any situation.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Redline Shine doesn’t discriminate; it shields every inch of your car’s exterior, from the front hood to the back trunk and every nook and cranny in between. Your vehicle remains in impeccable condition from all angles.

How to Apply Redline Shine: A Foolproof Guide to Gleaming Glory

Applying Redline Shine is easier than playing hide-and-seek with a kindergartner – no experience required. Let’s break this process down:

  1. Clean Your Car: Begin with a sparkling, desert-dry car. Bid farewell to dirt, dust, and any wannabe coatings that dared to trespass.
  2. Apply Redline Shine: Let the magic flow! Pour a tiny amount of Redline Shine onto the microfiber applicator that comes in the package. It’s like dressing your car in a shimmering coat. Work your magic section by section.
  3. Allow for Flash Time: Here’s where Redline Shine turns into your car’s personal spa day. Enjoy longer flash times, giving you the liberty to coat your ride stress-free. You get more efficiency and fewer headaches.
  4. Wipe Off Excess: After your car enjoys its pampering session, gently wipe off any excess with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. It’s like giving your vehicle a final, luxurious rubdown.

Glowing Radiant Shine With Deep Depth

Get 2+ Years of Protection With This Scratch & Chemical Resistant Coating


6k+ Verified Customer Reviews

Redline Shine is a 7H hardness polysiloxane ceramic coating that protects your vehicle from grime, contaminants & chemicals. You’ll get up to 2 years of protection even in the harshest conditions.

BOOM! That’s all there is to it! Behold the dazzling results. Say hello to a car that shines brighter than a supernova, repels water like it’s on a mission, defies grime, and looks better than a Hollywood star on the red carpet.

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Wrapping It Up

Car paint chips might be an inevitable part of life on the road, but dealing with them doesn’t have to be a headache. With the right tools and a bit of know-how, you can quickly and effectively fix those unsightly chips and help prevent possible costly repairs.

Glowing Radiant Shine With Deep Depth

Get 2+ Years of Protection With This Scratch & Chemical Resistant Coating


6k+ Verified Customer Reviews

Redline Shine is a 7H hardness polysiloxane ceramic coating that protects your vehicle from grime, contaminants & chemicals. You’ll get up to 2 years of protection even in the harshest conditions.

Remember, taking proactive steps to prevent paint chips is essential to preserving your car’s appearance and value. So, don’t wait for those chips to turn into a full-fledged problem. Equip yourself with the knowledge and the right products to keep your car’s paint looking fresh, vibrant, and chip-free. Redline Shine offers a game-changing solution for those who demand the best in automotive paint protection.

So, from chip to chic, you can fix your car’s paint job with ease. Bid farewell to those annoying chips and hit the open road with style and confidence!

  • Published on Dec 06, 2023