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Ceramic Coating Your Lawn Mower!? Here's Why You Might Want To Do So

Ok, DIY detailers. After you get your car is shined and protected there are endless things around the house that could be tricked out from a ceramic coating.

We’ve heard of customers…

  • Ceramic coating their phone screens
  • Ceramic coating their home windows
  • Ceramic coating their RVs
  • Ceramic coating their…airplanes
  • …and today you’re going to learn about ceramic coating the ol’ mower.

Lawn and garden care is comparable to DIY auto detailing when it comes to the sheer number of available products, tools, and chemicals. Nowadays, having a perfect lawn is not just about having a green thumb, but also being armed with a little creativity and a handful of cheats and hacks to assist you.

Like any successful project, achieving an immaculate lawn requires the right equipment and some clever enhancements to ensure optimal performance. One of the most common concerns people face when tending to their lawns is figuring out how to prevent grass from sticking to the mower deck, which can lead to reduced efficiency and extra maintenance.

Fear not, for there’s a perfect solution to tackle this pesky problem — ceramic coating your lawn mower! In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of this ingenious non-stick coating for mower decks and discuss whether it’s truly the game-changer you’ve been waiting for in your lawn care arsenal.

Glowing Radiant Shine With Deep Depth

Get 2+ Years of Protection With This Scratch & Chemical Resistant Coating


6k+ Verified Customer Reviews

Redline Shine is a 7H hardness polysiloxane ceramic coating that protects your vehicle from grime, contaminants & chemicals. You’ll get up to 2 years of protection even in the harshest conditions.

Why Your Mower Might LOVE a Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating, an innovative technology initially designed for the automotive industry, has been making waves in all sorts of industries…even lawn care…for its exceptional non-stick properties. So, why exactly do mowers need a ceramic coating?

High-Gloss Finish

Ceramic coatings create a high-gloss finish that gives your mower a stunning, polished appearance. The glossy surface not only looks impressive but also highlights the mower’s design features, making it a head-turner in your lawn care arsenal.

Depth and Clarity

One of the key advantages of ceramic coatings is the depth and clarity they bring to your mower’s appearance. The coatings accentuate the paint’s natural richness and vibrancy, making your mower look fresh and new. The enhanced depth and clarity of the color add an extra touch of sophistication to your equipment.

Dirt and Grime Repellent

Ceramic coatings are designed to repel dirt and grime, ensuring your mower looks clean and well-maintained for longer periods. The hydrophobic properties of the coating make it difficult for dirt to adhere to the surface, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and keeping your mower looking pristine.

Scratch Resistance

A ceramic coating also offers a certain level of scratch resistance, protecting your mower’s surface from minor scratches and scuffs. While not entirely scratch-proof, the coating’s hard layer minimizes the impact of everyday wear and tear, maintaining the mower’s polished appearance.

Enhanced UV Protection

Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause your mower’s paint to fade over time. Ceramic coatings provide UV protection, preventing the paint from losing its vibrancy and ensuring the mower retains its eye-catching shine.

Enhanced Mowing Efficiency

One of the primary reasons to opt for a ceramic coating on your mower deck is the enhanced efficiency it offers. When grass clippings stick to the mower deck, airflow is impeded, leading to reduced cutting performance and an uneven trim. A ceramic coating creates a hydrophobic, non-stick surface, preventing grass clippings from clinging to the mower deck and enabling optimal airflow for consistently clean, precise cuts.

Reduced Maintenance and Cleaning

A ceramic-coated mower deck not only improves your mowing experience but also simplifies the post-mowing cleanup. Thanks to its non-stick properties, grass clippings slide right off the coated surface, making it a breeze to remove any remaining debris with a quick rinse or wipe. This means less time spent on cleaning and maintenance, freeing up more time to enjoy your pristine lawn.

Protection from Corrosion and Wear

Ceramic coatings provide a thin, yet durable layer of protection against the elements. By creating a chemical-resistant barrier on the mower deck’s surface, the ceramic coating prevents moisture, dirt, and chemicals from causing rust, corrosion, and other types of wear. This extra layer of defense not only keeps your mower looking new for longer but also extends its life, ensuring it stays in peak condition for many mowing seasons to come.

Why DIYers are FLOCKING to Redline Shine to Ceramic Coat Their Mower Decks

When it comes to caring for your lawn mower, while aesthetics can be important, improving its performance is crucial. The latest and greatest innovation from Torque Detail, Redline Shine, is not only a perfect solution for your mower, but also an ideal ceramic coating to make your entire mower deck glisten and be non-stick.

Glowing Radiant Shine With Deep Depth

Get 2+ Years of Protection With This Scratch & Chemical Resistant Coating


6k+ Verified Customer Reviews

Redline Shine is a 7H hardness polysiloxane ceramic coating that protects your vehicle from grime, contaminants & chemicals. You’ll get up to 2 years of protection even in the harshest conditions.

  • Enhanced Mower Aesthetics: Torque’s Redline Shine isn’t just for your mower deck — it can be applied to your entire mower, making it look brand new and polished. The advanced ceramic coating formula gives your mower a stunning glossy finish, ensuring it stands out and looks as impressive as the lawn it maintains.
  • Unparalleled Mower Deck Performance: While the aesthetic appeal of Redline Shine is undeniable, its benefits go beyond the surface. Coating your mower deck with Redline Shine helps prevent grass clippings from sticking, ensuring optimal mowing efficiency. The hydrophobic, non-stick surface created by the ceramic coating ensures grass clippings slide right off, allowing for smooth operation and even cuts.
  • Advanced Protection and Durability: The innovative formula of Redline Shine combines the hardness of ceramic coatings with the flexibility of sealants, providing unmatched protection and durability. This protective layer shields your mower and deck from moisture, dirt, and chemicals that can cause corrosion and wear, helping to extend the life of your equipment.
  • DIY-Friendly Application: Redline Shine is designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind. The easy-to-follow instructions and user-friendly application process make it simple for anyone to achieve a professional-grade result without requiring special equipment or professional assistance. This ensures you can protect and enhance your mower’s appearance and performance with ease.
  • Long-lasting and Cost-effective: Redline Shine’s protective properties last up to 2 years, ensuring you won’t need to reapply the coating frequently. This makes it a perfect cost-effective and hassle-free solution for both the appearance and functionality of your mower and mower deck.

How to Apply Redline Shine to Your Mower

Applying Redline Shine to your lawnmower is a simple and straightforward process. Here are the steps you can follow to achieve a professional-grade result:

  1. Clean the Mower Deck: Before applying Redline Shine, make sure your mower deck is clean and free of any dirt, debris, or grass clippings. You can use a hose or pressure washer to spray down the deck and remove any loose material.
  2. Give your mower a wash and soapin’: Once the mower deck is clean, apply Torque Detail Foam Decon Wash to remove any remaining dirt or grime. This high-quality cleaning solution will help prepare the surface for the ceramic coating. Check out our 2-bucket wash instruction for more details.
  3. Clay bar your mower or mower deck for best results: There’s a lot of barely noticeable contaminants in your paint. This goes double for your mower deck a lot of people never wash. To ensure the surface is perfectly smooth, use Torque Detail Clay Bar Kit to remove any contaminants, such as tree sap or tar. This step will ensure that the Redline Shine coating adheres properly and provides maximum protection.
  4. Want a pristine mower? Remove scratches like this. Use Torque Detail Reverse: If there are any scratches or swirls on the surface of your mower deck, use Torque Detail Reverse to remove them. This step will help ensure that the Redline Shine coating will provide a smooth and even finish.
  5. Apply Redline Shine to add protection and shine: Take a small microfiber sponge and apply Redline Shine directly to it. Then, apply the ceramic coating to the entire mower deck, making sure to cover all surfaces evenly. The hydrophobic and non-stick properties of Redline Shine will ensure that grass clippings do not stick to the surface, allowing for optimal mowing efficiency.
  6. Buff with a High-Quality Microfiber Towel: Once you have applied Redline Shine to your mower deck, wait for the rainbow effect to disappear before buffing the surface with a new high-quality microfiber towel. This step will help ensure a flawless and stunning glossy finish.

Ceramic Coating Your Mower Deck: A Summary

Torque’s Redline Shine is the ultimate ceramic coating solution for your mower and mower deck. With its advanced formula, easy application process, quick curing time, and long-lasting performance, Redline Shine is a game-changer for lawn care enthusiasts looking to improve the efficiency and longevity of their equipment. Give your mower deck the protection it deserves with Torque’s Redline Shine, and revel in the satisfaction of a perfectly manicured lawn.

  • Published on May 21, 2023