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We Narrowed Down The 5 Best Graphene Coatings (Updated 2023)

Step into the world of graphene—thinner than a whisper, yet stronger than a diamond! For anyone keen on preserving their car’s glossy finish, especially for those with newly painted vintage models, the quest is all the more pressing.

Remember, a myriad of everyday elements threaten to dull your vehicle’s shine. But here’s the good news: a top-notch graphene car coating can not only enhance your car’s look, offering a mirror-like finish, but also protect it against the weather’s whims.

In this article, we’re exploring the best graphene coatings out there and unveiling the host of benefits they can bring to your cherished ride. Buckle up and read on to discover how you can take your car’s appeal to the next level!




High Rated Reviews from 150+ Customers 

After a simple spray and wipe down using a microfiber towel, your car’s paint job will be protected for up to an entire year. Your car’s top coat impenetrable to any chemical, liquid, or environmental contaminant there is. In a matter of minutes!

Why are so Many Car Enthusiasts Flocking to Graphene Coatings?

Car service worker applying a coating on a red car.

Although ceramic coatings have some advantages, still car owners desire much more than them. This coating has been utilized for a very long time to shield the paintwork from the effects of outside contaminants.

Another emerging innovation that provides the level of external car protection you’ve been seeking is graphene coating. It helps a car’s functionality and appearance and keeps the paint from scorching.

So, in this section, we’ll talk about the advantages of graphene coating for cars and how that technology could completely change the protective coatings market for vehicles.

Greater Longevity Compared to Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a reliable form of protection for automobiles, and one of the main factors in its industrial acceptance is its durability. But it’s interesting to note that the durability might be strengthened much more with the addition of graphene.

Graphene is a 2-dimensional material with a honeycomb lattice that makes it light and robust. It gives the graphene-coated surface unrivaled years of durability. After application, you can benefit from the 10H hardness glossy finish for 3–4 years. Rain or shine won’t cause your glass shield coating to deteriorate.

Super Hydrophobic Characteristics

Due to graphene’s chemical makeup and honeycomb arrangement, water slides off the surface far more quickly than a traditional covering. Fewer evaporation results in fewer unpleasant water spots remaining behind your car’s bonnet because less liquid is on the surface.

Extreme Gloss and Richness of Color

Your paint’s luster and beauty are significantly improved by the nanoparticle Graphene layer, which leaves a gorgeously rich, deeper gloss.

Pulls Away Dust

Graphene incorporates these advantages because of its chemical characteristics. The conductivity characteristics of graphene are believed to make it “anti-static” more technically. This suggests that it repels grit and other tiny or microscopic elements and prevents them from adhering to the surface to which it has been applied.

Depleted Water Spots

Combining typical ceramic coatings with graphene makes the surface’s upper layer more heat resistant because conventional ceramic coatings are known for retaining heat and escalating water spots. By doing this, you can avoid wasting money on polishing water stains that have left their mark on your car’s surface.

Is a Graphene Coating Harder to Apply than Others?

There aren’t many distinctions between graphene and ceramic uses. Both coating types must be applied to a surface completely free of paint. Therefore, thorough cleaning, decontamination, polishing, and painting are required before coating application.

Coatings must be performed in a space with a regulated temperature, such as a garage. It is necessary to use an applicator to apply the layer, work it into the surface in small parts, level the character after the coating has “flashed,” and then buff it.

Ceramic and graphene coatings are generally more challenging to apply appropriately than waxes. However, some car detailing products, such as Torque Detail Graphene Coating, make it very simple.

The best level of protection available right now is a professional graphene coating, which measures 9H on the Mohs Hardness Scale. The exciting truth is that only diamonds have ever received a 10H rating. Even its DIY application is quite simple and has excellent hydrophobic properties. Additionally, it prevents water and dust from adhering to the automobiles’ surface.

How to Apply Your First Graphene Coating?

Compared to waxes and sealants, the application is where coatings typically fall short. Significant planning and confident application skills are needed to achieve the most remarkable results when utilizing a coating. As a result, experts often use coatings in a covered, temperature-controlled environment.

With a few significant exceptions, applying Torque Detail Graphene Coating is essentially the same as applying other ceramic coatings. Although several of their clients have observed that the entire application and cleanup process is relatively simple and forgiving compared to certain other coatings they have worked with, the graphene options tend to flash and cure more quickly, especially in hot and humid areas.

However, we have discovered that the Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating may stay on the surface longer than we would ordinarily allow it to. Yet, it can still be easily removed in settings with very low humidity.

Hand of a man spraying Torque Detail Graphene Burst Coat on a car.

Step 1: One of the fundamental elements of simple application is determining the perfect spot when the coat has not flashed for too long or too short for your surroundings.

After evenly applying the coating to the area, it will start to take on a greasy appearance in as little as 20 to 30 seconds, which is the sweet spot period.

Step 2: Wait until the coating feels just a little bit tacky so that when you remove the flashed layer, your microfiber towel has a little bit of tension. Depending on the conditions and humidity inside your garage, this could take just a minute, or 5 minutes, or a little longer. While temperature and humidity may not always guarantee this, this is typically when the coating will have some tension after being removed.

Step 3: The best method for removing it depends on how the towel feels.

In addition, leaving the coating on too long may create streaks, overlap lines, and other imperfections that can be exceedingly challenging to remove.

How Should I Prepare the Surface for Applying Graphene Coating?

  • Remove any loose debris and impurities from the paint and fabric’s surface.
  • To ensure that no pollutants interfere with the coating’s characteristics, use a clay block to eliminate any rough embedded particles from the surface.
  • To eliminate paint flaws, including scrapes, swirl marks, and rust, polish or compound the car. Since the graphene covering is a semi-permanent coating, any faults would be fixed underneath after it was placed.
  • Use isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to thoroughly remove any polish lubricants or leftovers from the surface that can obstruct the bonding procedure.
  • Please remove any remaining water that may be lurking beneath the panel gaps, headlights, or taillights so that it doesn’t seep out and interfere with the curing of the coatings.

Best Graphene Coatings: Our Reviews

Follow along to learn more about the best graphene coating. We conducted research and identified the most delicate graphene coating for automobiles, so you may not need to waste your time looking for it.

1. Torque Detail Graphene Burst

Torque Detail Graphene Burst bottle

Who is it best for?

  • DIYers
  • Those who do not wish to use power tools such as machine buffers

Want DIY graphene coating? Take a look at Graphene Burst right away! Get all the advantages of a graphene treatment without the pricey service fees or the hassles of do-it-yourself kits that if misused, can damage your car’s clear finish.

Due to graphene’s capacity to resist any weather, toxic, or other contaminants that may come your way, Graphene Burst gives you a waterproof jacket for your car. Additionally, the exclusive recipe of Graphene Burst combines tiny silicon dioxide particles to offer your vehicle a never-ending glass shine all year long!

An oxidized form of Torque Detail Graphene Burst bonds to the clear coat of your automobile to make what we like to refer to as a “Super Adhesive,” preserving the microscopic finish of your car. It protects your car’s transparent layer from contaminants like bird droppings, bug guts, sulfur dioxide, and other dangerous chemicals.

But graphene shines when paired with ceramic coatings. The gorgeous deep luster you get from ceramic is sealed in and protected for up to a year by the protective armor of graphene.

Instead of using the traditional ceramic coating, try Torque Detail Ceramic Spray for quicker and easier results. A specialist, over many hours, must apply a typical ceramic coating. The layer could damage your car’s clear finish and paint if misused.

We’ve been discreetly working on a detail spray-on ceramic coating that provides all the benefits of one without the hassle of paint leveling, long cure times, and challenging application. You can spray and wipe it on to properly apply a layer instead of hiring an expensive expert!


  • Transform your automobile with a bright “Showroom Shine” in just 20 minutes that is locked in and protected for up to a whole long year.
  • Never wash, wax, or clean any part of your car.
  • Graphene, a material that won the Nobel Prize, shields your vehicle without needing specific technical knowledge.
  • 6,081 customers with verified reviews.

2. IGL Ecoshine Renew F4

IGL Ecoshine Renew F4 bottle

Who is it best for?

  • Those trying to improve an old paint job

A graphene-infused nano solution called Ecoshine Renew F4 renews and revitalizes paintwork in just one step. It easily cleans and revives painted surfaces. A finish that withstands heat, compression, and frost is also used to seal micro-marring.

3. Ethos Graphene Coating

Ethos Graphene Coating bottle
  • Those who want to apply a professional grade 5-year coating themselves
  • Those who have some experience in detailing cars and are up for a challenge

The graphene nanotechnology used in this group of Ethos goods is among the best. It’s a fantastic technique to offer an exceptional, incredibly resilient covering that lasts for many years. The item boasts hydrophobic qualities, a deep gloss, and a special coating.

For 12+ months, this robust and long-lasting coating will keep your automobile better looking by repelling dirt, water, dust, and UV rays. Ethos Resist is the ideal option for anyone who prefers to maintain their car looks new because it is simple to apply and offers exceptional protection against the elements.

4. ArtDeShine Graphene Coating

ArtDeShine Graphene Coating bottle
  • Those looking for a similar alternative to Ethos

One of the most dependable types of graphene coating available is the ArtDeShine Graphene Coating. It offers a great outcome and is built incredibly reliable and robust. The finished product will have an excellent, glossy polish.

It has a remarkable degree of success on both dry and wet surfaces. Additionally, it can be used on surfaces with or without varnishes, coatings, and waxes.

5. Glassparency Graphene Coating

Glassparency Graphene Coating bottle
  • Those looking for a high-end car care product that can last more than five years if applied right
  • Those who are up for a challenge or are experienced detailers

This GlassParency product is unique since it provides a superb coating that is translucent and invisible to everyone. In other words, you get the best customer satisfaction and protection while finding it incredibly difficult to notice. If you want to improve your car’s appearance instantly, this is a fantastic investment.

The Final Verdict

We are encouraged by the emergence of graphene in the commercial and do-it-yourself detailing industries and think it may be the next big thing. Choosing the perfect graphene coating is crucial if you want to protect the paint on your car adequately.

The most acceptable alternative in the market is graphene coating products, which will offer excellent value and effectiveness. Choose one of the abovementioned solutions, and you won’t have any trouble with years of protection. These remarkable graphene-coating goods are renowned for their excellence and toughness.

Before conducting our testing and side-by-side comparisons, we wish to exercise patience and avoid falling for the hype. As always, we’ll accompany you along the journey as we explore what is sure to be a long list of graphene products coming to market, sharing our insights and recommendations along the way. Best of luck!

  • Published on Sep 26, 2023