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📍 Graphene Coating Near Me - What to Know BEFORE You Get a Graphene Coating

One of the most popular coatings for a car on the market today is the ceramic coating which is important for car care. A close relative is the graphene coating – an evolution of the technology that comes in a ceramic coating. It’s less reactive than ceramic and provides items like surface hardness and water spot resistance.

If you spend a lot of money on car washes and car coating for your vehicle, you want to ensure you get the most out of the expense. What is graphene coating really like? What should you look for before handing a company your cash or performing the procedure yourself?

Read on to learn more about everything that comes with a graphene coating. We'll discuss the lies, the truth and everything in between.

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What Type of Graphene Coatings are Offered Near Me?

Graphene coating is an advancement in the world of auto detailing. It’s a carbon-based nanotechnology that many brands claim offers up to ten years of protection. It’s thick, easy to apply, and growing in popularity in the car detailing market.

Of course, the time that the graphene coating will stick to your car largely depends on the money you spend. The higher the price, the better the product and the application process. Although many auto detailers aren’t convinced, there are many different types of graphene coatings on the market. Each varies in the time it will last on the surface of your new car.

What To Look For When Choosing A Graphene Coating Option Near You


Prices are not the same when you head into a detailing shop to get your vehicle professionally coated in graphene. Including the service fees, a professional graphene coating done by a professional could cost you between $1,500 and $2,000.

This price will go up or down, dependent on factors like size, the professional level of the applicator, and the services provided. It seems like it makes sense to pick a less-expensive option, but this choice may cost you more in the long run. Spending more on a professional will serve your car well.

Vehicle Condition

The next item to consider is the condition of your vehicle. You need to have a smooth surface and fix any scratches to avoid sealing the imperfections before the graphene. If you have some intense dents and scratches, it can add cost to the procedure.

If you don’t have enough to deal with imperfections ahead of time, you can add a car’s paint protection film as paintwork on top of the car’s paint surface. It will hide minor issues.

Refusing to fix these issues ahead of time will save money, but your car will suffer. Instead of the smooth, sleek exterior advertised, you will have permanently lumps of sealant and bumps beneath the surface. Ensure your vehicle is in the best possible condition before anything happens.

Customer Feedback

If you have a few professional detailers in mind, look up the customer feedback from a location. It’s one thing if they have a history of a few errors – it’s another if troubles with coating processes are a standard for the detailers there.

Customer feedback will tell you everything you need to know about the credibility of a particular location. You want to entrust your expensive baby with a company with a history of quality production with items like graphene and ceramic coating!

Products and Equipment Used

Finally, consider the products and equipment used. Are they using a complicated coating that only a professional can handle, or are they charging you far too much for a graphene coating that you could apply yourself? There are professional-grade, DIY consumer-grade, and DIY spray-on graphene coatings.

The equipment matters, too. The more you pay, the higher the quality should be. Although the jury is still out about graphene coating and its durability, the best ones claim to last up to ten years without fail.

Can You Apply Graphene Coating Yourself?

It’s absolutely possible to apply graphene clear coating yourself, and financially, this choice often makes more sense for the average person who wants to add some protection to their car. If you know about cars, you shouldn’t have trouble putting on a graphene layer all by yourself.

The best option for people who know about vehicles is a graphene spray-on coating. It goes on fast, and the result will be similar to that of a professional. They are affordable and protect well. Of course, it’s critical to do your research. Not every spray-on graphene coating will last for a long time.

There are also non-spray-on versions, which are a little more expensive but excellent. You have to add these coatings every few years for the best results.

Of course, if you’re not confident in your ability to work with cars, you may be better off taking your vehicle to a professional. They can apply it in a way that is sure to last.

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Pros and Cons of Getting a Professional Graphene Coating Procedure


It Can Be Done Right

If you take your car to a quality professional, you can feel safe knowing it will be right. A quality automotive location knows what they are doing and are ready to defend your car with a graphene coating. Ensure you research to ensure the local spot is worth the investment.

It Can Last a Long Time

There is no contest – a professional-grade graphene coating performed by a professional last longer than any kits offered to beginners. With a professional graphene coating procedure, you can be sure it will last a long time.

It Can Provide Peace of Mind

The knowledge that you have left your car in the hands of a professional can bring substantial peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about messing up – it’s not in your hands! A professional with years of experience knows what to do with professional-grade graphene tools and a car.

It Provides Excellent Resistance

A professional-grade and professionally done graphene coating will provide excellent resistance from water beading / water contact angles and other troubles once applied. You might have more issues getting the same effect from a kit you can find at a hardware store. It pays to make invest a professional!


It Can Be Expensive

Of course, it can be expensive to get a professional graphene coating done. The most experienced professionals working with advanced tools and quality graphene coating can charge in the upper thousands for their services. This is why research is so critical before you find a local spot for the procedure.

A Cheap Job Can Be Worse

If you don’t have the money to invest in an expensive local spot and you vouch for a cheaper job, the condition you end up with might be worse than something you did yourself. Don’t waste your money – if you’re going to spend funds on a professional job, put a little more in for better results that are worth your hard work.

Pro-Grade Coating Yourself is Difficult

It is possible to invest in professional-grade coating to apply yourself at home. However, it can feel impossible to put this coating on all by yourself. It’s difficult and tricky for anyone who is not an experienced professional to apply. You may spend more than you want and achieve a look that is not ideal.

Pros and Cons of Performing a Graphene Coating Procedure Yourself


It Can Be Easy to Apply

Many graphene coating kits sold in stores are simple for consumers to apply by themselves. The spray-on options are the easiest, but the non-spray-on choices aren’t too much more difficult to put on to the vehicle. If you’re not an expert and want to save money, these are the way to go for the future of your car’s durability.

It is More Affordable Than Professional-Grade Coatings

Performing a graphene coating procedure by yourself is much easier than investing in a professional to do it for you. It’s possible to save almost a thousand dollars if you invest in an easier application, rather than professional-grade coatings for your car. Only you can determine if performing the process at home is the right choice for your future.

It Can Last a Long Time

Although professional-grade coatings have a history of lasting the longest, many graphene coatings can last a long time! If applied correctly, some options can last for at least five years. Normally, these are the spray-on choices.

It Can Be Done By a Beginner

The best part about these self-appliable graphene coatings is that they can be performed by beginners. It’s possible to know very little about cars and still successfully apply this defensive layer without much issue.


It’s Possible to Buy an Overhyped Product

If you don’t know a lot about graphene coatings, it’s possible to invest in an overhyped product that only lasts a year or so. You’re less likely to get stuck with a terrible product if you invest in a professional for the process.

It Can Provide Intrigue To Friends

This con might seem silly, but it’s possible to successfully apply a graphene coating and get intrigued by friends who want nothing more than for you to perform a coating for your car. If you get a professional to do it, you can simply recommend the local shop.

Some Are Less Affordable

Some brands of graphene coating you can apply yourself are less affordable than others. If the cost of the material is close to what you would pay for a quality professional to add the coat, you might as well take it to a local shop for a guaranteed quality job. They will get it done in the right way.

Shines Like a Diamond; Strong as Steel
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★★★★★  6k+ Verified Customer Reviews
In just 20 minutes transform your car with a brilliant “Showroom Shine” that’s locked in and protected for up to an entire year. Never wash, wax, or scrub any surface of your car again.

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Overall Thoughts – Is A Local Graphene Coating Worth It?

Now that we’ve discussed graphene coating, here comes the big question – is a graphene coating worth the price? Yes!

Although graphene coatings are more expensive than their graphine ceramic cousins, they provide excellent protection and durability for your vehicle. They can be tricky to apply yourself, but it’s worth it.

If it’s durability you want, get your graphene coating professionally installed and there could even be warranty. It’s worth the investment and the time from a quality company that will give you a defense that will last a long time. Research everything before you land on a local graphene coating.

  • Published on Sep 19, 2022