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Ceramic Coating Near Me: Read Before You Spend The Money

Ceramic coatings have become one of the hottest topics in the car detailing industry. Promising multi-year protection from the elements, mirror-like gloss finishes, and almost magical dirt-shedding capabilities, ceramic coatings could be considered the gold standard in auto detailing products.

But does it measure up to the claims? Does it represent value to you, the consumer? And what do you need to consider before investing?

Here is your guide to the facts, the fiction, and the options in the world of ceramic coatings.

Over 500 Positive Reviews
DIY Ceramic Coating That Lasts 1 YEAR!

★★★★★ "I didn't want to apply a full-on ceramic coating to my car (and didn't want to pay a pro to do it), so I thought I'd try this spray-on solution. All I can say is Holy Smokes! It reflects like glass and repels water like it's a job! So far I love it." - Ramsey H.


What Type of Ceramic Coatings Are Offered Near Me?

Constructed from a chemical polymer solution, ceramic coatings form an almost inseparable bond with your vehicle's paint. Whereas traditional waxes or sealants will wear off over time, ceramic is intended to act as a semi-permanent finish, with many brands claiming to offer multi-year protection after just one application. How long the coating lasts and how well it’s applied is greatly dependent on your budget. You get what you pay for. The biggest difference between types of ceramic coatings is how long they last.

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Ceramic Coating Option Near You

Products & Equipment Used

There is a bewildering array of ceramic products on the market, but they fall into one of two broad categories: those that you can apply yourself and those that must be installed by a professional.

Then there’s the question of quality and durability. You may have heard the headline figures of eight, nine, or even ten years of durability, but not all ceramic coatings are created equal. Some can indeed last for ten years, but others can lose their efficacy after just one year, despite pricey professional installations.

Services & Pricing

With all coatings not being created equal, their prices aren't equal either. Including application, you could pay from $500 up to $2500 for a sedan-sized vehicle kept in good condition. There can be a natural temptation to go for the cheapest option, but it's worth noting that you really do get what you pay for. A $500 coat simply won't last anywhere near as long or provide such a high-quality finish as a $2500 treatment.

Credibility From Customer Feedback

One of the most significant advantages of ceramic coatings is their semi-permanent results. However, that means that any mistakes made in the application are equally permanent!

It’s worth researching a quality car detailer in your area. True professionals who respect any mistakes' potential impact are the only people to whom you should entrust a job like ceramic coating!

The Condition Of Your Vehicle (High Paint Correction Costs)

The condition of your paintwork beforehand is critical to getting the best results from a ceramic coating. Contrary to popular belief, ceramics will not hide swirls and scratches. Instead, they will seal them in permanently! Any paint correction has to be done before applying the coating. Depending on what needs to be done, this can be a major additional expense in what’s already not a cheap job.

An alternative to paint correction is to apply the ceramic coating on top of a paint protection film. In most cases, the film will actually hide some swirls and scratches, depending on their severity.

If you're unable to stretch to the cost of paint correction or a protective film, don't be tempted to install a permanent ceramic. You will never be able to get close to the results you’ve seen in the advertisements!

Can You Apply Ceramic Coating Yourself?

Yes! You absolutely can apply them yourself. However, this is not an easy project with most of the ceramic coating products on the market (although there’s one exception we will soon talk about).

High-grade professional coatings take a lot of care and practice to apply correctly, and the price you pay for getting it wrong can be huge. Just check out these ceramic coating fails to get an idea of what can happen.

Of course, the only other alternative is to pay up some big money for a professional to install it, right?

Well, maybe not.

We’ve created a product that blends the straightforward and easy application of traditional wax finishes with ceramic's protective technology and professional results. Torque Detail Ceramic Spray is a true ceramic coating that lasts for up to a year but applies as easily as a wax!

Of course, one year is not ten years. However, at only $40 per bottle (which will last you for many jobs I must say) and less than half an hour to achieve a full application at home (more if you do a full wash, of course), this is a job that can be easily done each year while still leaving you money and time to spare!

Pros And Cons Of Getting A Local Ceramic Coating (Or Doing It Yourself)


Pro #1 - Hydrophobic Properties

Nothing can beat ceramic when it comes to water dispersion. When water streams off the paint surface effortlessly, it carries dirt with it, leaving your ride cleaner for longer. It will also minimize the opportunities for acid rain and corrosive water stains to damage your clearcoat.

Pro #2 - Some Paint Protection

Tree sap, bugs, and bird droppings are a sad fact of life. However, a ceramic coat is much harder and more durable than traditional waxes or sealants. It will give you a larger time window to deal with these types of messes before they can corrode your clear coat and cause ugly and permanent damage.

Pro #3 - UV Ray Protection

Over time, UV rays will fade your paintwork. It's often only when we see our car next to a newer model that it becomes obvious how much of that color has disappeared. The ceramic barrier slows down this process and helps your paint hold its original rich color for as long as possible.

Pro #4 - Glossy Aesthetic

The practical benefits of ceramic alone make it a great choice. But let's be honest - it's that deep lagoon-like shine that has us addicted!

There's nothing quite like seeing your perfectly detailed ride with that almost unreal-looking paint finish that only ceramic can give!

Pro #5 - Long-Term Results

Rest assured, that gorgeous finish isn't going anywhere soon! Unlike the reapplication routine required to keep wax or sealants looking their best, ceramic is a fit-and-forget solution for at least a year. Just normal, regular washing is required.

Looking better for longer and with less effort… it's no surprise that ceramic is becoming a firm favorite!


Con #1 - You Can Still Get Scratches

Ceramic is many things, but it isn't an invincible shield. Ultimately, even with the best coating in place, your car can still pick up scratches, swirl marks, or chips. It’s only a micro-layer, so any abrasion that could cut into the paint will cut into the ceramic too.

Con #2 - Can Be Expensive

This is undoubtedly the most significant downside. No matter which way you slice it, $1000 or more is a lot of cash for a finishing product. Of course, we now know the incredible benefits, so maybe for you and your car, it’s still money well spent.

Overall Thoughts - Is A Local Ceramic Coating Worth It?

In a word, yes.

Professionally-applied ceramic coatings might be tricky to apply and expensive, but there’s no better way to protect your valuable ride from the elements and keep it looking like a million dollars.

Going for a professionally-applied coat is undoubtedly the most durable option, and you might decide that it's worth the time and cost. However, for us and our fast-growing client base, the cost-benefit ratio of Torque Detail Ceramic Spray is the perfect middle ground that makes genuine ceramic protection genuinely accessible.

Over 500 Positive Reviews
DIY Ceramic Coating That Lasts 1 YEAR!

★★★★★ "I didn't want to apply a full-on ceramic coating to my car (and didn't want to pay a pro to do it), so I thought I'd try this spray-on solution. All I can say is Holy Smokes! It reflects like glass and repels water like it's a job! So far I love it." - Ramsey H.

  • Published on Nov 16, 2020