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Glassparency Graphene Coating Review & Alternatives

Every car owner wants their vehicle to look fantastic all year long. But to do that, you often have to spend a lot of time and money maintaining your car’s outer appearance and overall car care, which is against our ethos. Not only do you have to wash and rinse your car regularly, but you’ll need to apply layers of wax or ceramic coating, both to see an aesthetically awesome shine and to protect your car’s paint coatings job.

However, new products like the GlassParency Graphene Ceramic Coating hope to change that. This novel product can theoretically replace regular washing and waxing of your vehicle. Instead, you can wash your vehicle once, and then use wheel cleaner, then apply a special graphene-ceramic blended coating to protect it for months on end, if not years.

Sounds too good to be true? In some ways, it is. Before you spend money on this product, read our detailed review of GlassParency’s Graphene Coating. By the end, you’ll know what to expect from this product and whether you should go with an alternative.

Shines Like a Diamond; Strong as Steel
Torque Detail Graphene Burst Spray

★★★★★  6k+ Verified Customer Reviews
In just 20 minutes transform your car with a brilliant “Showroom Shine” that’s locked in and protected for up to an entire year. Never wash, wax, or scrub any surface of your car again.

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The GlassParency Graphene Coating – What Is It?

The GlassParency Graphene Coating is a car coating product intended to remove the need for regular cleaning, waxing, and application of water repellent. In a nutshell, it’s an exterior paint correction coating that uses a mixture of ceramic and graphene to offer improved water resistance and paint protection compared to other coatings.

In theory, just one application of GlassParency Coating is enough to last for between three and four years. Applying two layers should yield protection for up to five years or more. Note, however, that the GlassParency Graphene Coating should be bolstered with seasonal maintenance, including using GlassParency’s Boost Multiuse Sealant.

During this time, users don't typically need to apply another coat or worry about water spots, bird poop getting ingrained into their cars' pain or steel layers, or serious scratches. The graphene layer acts as a “sacrificial” barrier that absorbs damage and takes the brunt of daily abuse. In turn, a car’s paint layer(s) and steel are spared.

Features of GP Graphene Coating

According to GlassParency, their Graphene Coating product comes with the following features:

  • Enhanced product durability compared to other ceramic coatings
  • Reduced water spotting compared to traditional ceramic coatings, which don’t use graphene
  • Ability to be applied to multiple surfaces, including carbon fiber and paint
  • A glossy shine that resembles the look a car receives after an application of wax

In theory, it’s a great product and exactly what many car owners need to cut down on maintenance time and protect their vehicles for years to come.

Downsides to GlassParency

That all said, there are several potential downsides you should be aware of before spending your money on this coating product.

For example, GlassParency’s Graphene Coating isn’t actually as durable as advertised. As noted above, users will frequently need to apply another product from the same company – the Boost Multiuse Spray Sealant – in order to keep their cars looking great. That’s because this specific graphene coating eventually develops small gaps or cracks as it is worn down.

Those cracks, in turn, may allow water damage or other debris to reach the paint or steel layers of a vehicle.

Furthermore, some customers have noted that the graphene coating doesn’t actually last as long as a year or more, let alone several months. Depending on how the coating is applied, it may only last for several weeks before needing another application. Since each bottle only comes with 3.99 ounces of coating liquid, and each bottle is nearly $150, that means you could spend tons of money for very little return on your investment.

Alternatives to GlassParency Graphene Coating

Fortunately, there are better alternatives to GlassParency Graphene Coating. Torque Detail’s Graphene Burst is a far superior choice for a variety of reasons.

Like the Graphene Coating product, our Graphene Burst product uses high-quality graphene. But our formula uses graphene that’s scientifically proven to be up to 200 times stronger than steel. When you apply a layer of this protective product, your car will be guarded beneath an almost impenetrable shield.

It's a great way to ensure all-year protection for your vehicle. Just apply Graphene Burst once per year, and your car will be protected from any hazard you can imagine.

Shines Like a Diamond; Strong as Steel
Torque Detail Graphene Burst Spray

★★★★★  6k+ Verified Customer Reviews
In just 20 minutes transform your car with a brilliant “Showroom Shine” that’s locked in and protected for up to an entire year. Never wash, wax, or scrub any surface of your car again.

30% Off Limited Deal

How Graphene Burst Coat Protects Your Car

Torque Detail’s Graphene Burst protects your car and is a much better product than other graphene coatings for several key reasons.

Durable Protection All Year Long

By far the biggest benefit of Graphene Burst from Torque Detail is the tough, durable protective coat your car will enjoy all year round.

In total, our proprietary graphene-based formula can protect your vehicle from all kinds of hazards, including:

  • Rain, including heavy duty rainstorms and hail that can cause water spots on unprotected vehicles
  • Dirt, including the particles and exhaust fumes or dirt from the ambient environment
  • Chemicals, which can degrade paint or eat into a car’s steel layer over time
  • And more

Best of all, your car will be protected 365 days a year after just a single application. Unlike the GlassParency product, you don’t need to apply more than one layer to get all the defensive benefits mentioned above.

How does it work? Here’s a breakdown of the chemical defenses that apply as soon as you rub this coating into your car:

  • Your car’s paint layer, despite its outward smoothness, is not perfectly smooth. In fact, it’s pocketed with microscopic divots and pits. These are potential weak high spots in the paint layer that, given enough time, could degrade or break down
  • On top of that, these small pits are perfect places for water beading to collect and eventually form water spots
  • When you apply Graphene Burst from Torque Detail, the graphene is pushed into the small divots in the paint layer of your vehicle. This creates a truly uniform, defensive surface
  • When rain or dirt impacts the surface of your car, most of it bounces off. Anything that doesn’t bounce off doesn’t scratch away the paint; instead, it wears down the graphene protective coating
  • That way, your paint and steel layers are still protected. To retain maximum protection and the glossy shine, you just have to reapply Graphene Burst once per year

This is the same protective philosophy that most flex wax and ceramic coating products follow. But we have perfected the formula and put our own spin on it by using a proprietary graphene mixture. Unlike other ceramic coatings, it works very well against all kinds of hazards and typically lasts for a very long time.

Fast and Easy Application

But what if you don’t know how to apply high-quality detailing products? No problem! Graphene Burst doesn’t require any auto detailing experience for you to apply it properly and safely. In fact, you can wipe it on, then wait 20 minutes for the coating to bind to the paint layer of your vehicle.

After 20 minutes have passed, simply wipe off the remaining coating particles and hit the road. In total, you can apply Graphene Burst's proprietary coating in less than a half-hour.

Plus, our easy-spray application bottle means you don’t have to worry about using too little or too much of the product. To use Graphene Burst properly:

  • Simply give your car a wash with soap and water
  • Then Ceramic Spray Graphene Burst directly onto your vehicle’s exterior. We recommend spreading it everywhere over your car, including the hood, rims, windows, and everywhere else!
  • Wait 20 minutes and buff in the product using any clean microfiber towel. The graphene formula will be fully locked into your vehicle and you’ll be able to enjoy it for 365 days at least!

No Need to Wash or Scrub Your Car Again

The Graphene Burst proprietary formula is durable enough that it should last all year round, even if you expose your car to lots of wear and tear or environmental hazards. These include bird dropping, snow, water, and noxious chemicals that are often found in car fumes.

Because every graphene particle is 200 times stronger than steel, plus 1000 times thinner than a strand of human hair, the coating application is only gradually worn down through exposure to dirt and debris.

In this way, Graphene Burst doesn’t just protect your car in the short term. It also saves you time throughout the year. With Graphene Burst, you can spend 20 minutes once per year protecting your car from all kinds of hazards instead of spending 30 minutes every week washing your car or paying for a car wash service every month.

Stellar Showroom Shine

As if that wasn’t enough, Torque Detail’s Graphene Burst produces a showroom quality shine for your vehicle that rivals the best wax products. It’s all because of the proprietary formula we use.

As noted above, we primarily use high-quality graphene, which can stand up to everyday wear and tear and serious weather hazards. However, it's blended with nano-silica dioxide particles. These microscopic particles are found in materials like crystal quartz.

When mixed properly and applied to your vehicle, the resulting layer of protective coating retains a glasslike, mirror-quality shine, full of slickness. Just like the protective coating itself, the mirrorlike shine will last all year long.

What does that mean for you, the car owner? Not only do you not need to wash or scrub your car again. You also don’t need to wax your car again provided you apply a new layer of Graphene Burst each year!

Great Customer Reviews

On top of all that, Torque Detail’s Graphene Burst protective product has excellent customer reviews. If you don’t believe us, just check out our website. With over 6000 verified customer reviews singing the praises of this graphene coat, there’s no reason not to diy ASAP.

All-Year-Round Protection: Graphene Burst

★★★★★  6k+ Verified Customer Reviews
In just 20 minutes transform your car with a brilliant “Showroom Shine” that’s locked in and protected for up to an entire year. Never wash, wax, or scrub any surface of your car again.

30% Off Limited Deal

Try Graphene Burst Coat If You're Looking for a Glassparency Alternative

While GlassParency might have worked in the past, it’s not the best option on the market anymore. Instead, Graphene Burst from Torque Detail offers a much better coating option with improved longevity, better results, and an easier application process.

Plus, our Graphene Burst product is much more affordable than GlassParency. Who says you need to pay $150 just to protect your vehicle? Not us!

Give Graphene Burst a try today; we know you won’t regret it.

  • Published on Sep 19, 2022