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Choosing The Best Car Wash for a Ceramic-Coated Car

Getting a ceramic coating on your car is a liberating experience, as it significantly cuts down on car maintenance. However, understanding how to clean and protect the ceramic coating is equally important.

The Torque Detail Ceramic Car Wash is the best car wash for ceramic-coated cars. The formula is easy to use and perfect for cleaning your car while adding unbelievable shine. Read on to find out exactly why we believe that to be true.


Your Ceramic Coating Deserves The best


“Works better than anything I find at my local stores.”

Our new Ceramic Car Shampoo is the easiest way to maintain your Mirror Shine or Ceramic Sprayd car. Infused with Silicon Dioxide (Sio2), this product helps increase shine and adds protection to your surface. It will extend and enhance your wax or ceramic coating for an entire year.

Why a Ceramic Car Wash Is Just What You’re Looking For

You may opt for any regular car wash to get that mirror-like shine on your vehicle. However, this can be a terrible idea because it can damage your vehicle’s surface rather than cleaning it. Many soaps aren’t pH neutral. It means the pH of these soaps can be too high or too low, which could severely damage your car’s surface.

A pH level that is too high or too low can leave scratches and nasty swirl marks on your vehicle’s surface. It might make your car look worse than when you first started washing it.

Our Ceramic Car Wash is formulated with a neutral pH and contains no unnecessary wax. The extra wax in some regular car washes often leaves an oily residue on your car, which attracts dirt particles and does not protect your car too well.

Moreover, this car wash makes a brand-new appearance by creating a mirror-like shine. You get the results of a professional car wash and wax without any extra work or effort.

Besides being pH-balanced and containing protective properties, it is also a great cleaner. Users report that the Ceramic Car Wash easily removes pollutants and impurities.

What Is pH-Balanced Car Soap?

A pH-balanced car soap is formulated at a neutral pH of 7. A neutral car soap will not leave a basic or acidic residue on the vehicle’s surface. If you use a regular cleanser just because it’s cheap or readily available, there’s a high chance it will remove your car’s surface’s previous coating or sealant. It will cause more damage than good to your vehicle.

The ceramic coating on your car offers protection from scratches, dirt, stubborn stains, and strong UV rays. However, the ceramic can react negatively with highly basic or acidic pH levels, which causes the layer to deteriorate and come off.

Regular car soaps tend to damage this clear coat, which results in your car being left without any protection for the surface. The irregularity in pH can cause reactions with this clear coat, exposing your car’s exterior to external damage.

The Torque Detail Ceramic Car Wash is neutral and gentle enough to thoroughly clean your vehicle’s surface without damaging the clear lacquer or removing any necessary protective waxes.

5 Reasons To Give a Ceramic Wash a Try

Many car wash shampoos are intended for ceramic-coated cars, but there is only one Torque Detail Ceramic Wash. We’ll show you why it sticks out from the crowd.

1. Adds Additional Shine

Regular soaps peel or damage your car’s protective coating, causing dullness even after thorough washing. Due to this damage, car surfaces are once again left unprotected. It can end up causing water spots, scratches, and hard-to-remove layers of dust.

Ceramic Car Wash does not remove the necessary wax or coating. Instead, depending on the product you go with, it’ll leave it completely intact – only cleaning the surface of your car, or it will enhance your coating and extend its life.

Torque Detail Ceramic Car Wash is formulated with Silicon Dioxide (ceramic), which enhances your car’s protection while also adding shine and glistening. Hence, this car shampoo increases the appearance and longevity of your car’s surface. So not only do you end up with a clean, shiny, brand-new-looking vehicle, but you also end up with a surface with increased protection.

2. Deep cleaning

The formula of the Ceramic Car Wash is gentle yet effective, allowing it to clean any hard-to-remove spots and stains without causing any damage. The Ceramic Car Wash will clean it all, whether water spots, swirls, bird droppings, dirt, or any similar residue on your car’s surface. Moreover, the extra shine and protection are a plus.

The product is specifically formulated to ensure complete stain removal. Even though it gets rid of all contaminants, it does not damage the protective coating at all. Instead, it adds to the protective layer. With the Ceramic Car Wash, you get a complete cleaning experience right home, plus added protection!

3. Balanced pH does not harm your ceramic coating

While ceramic layers on your car are resistant to damage and stains, they can get easily damaged if the cleaning agent you use isn’t formulated well. A misbalanced pH can cause damage or complete removal of the protective layer, leaving your car’s surface susceptible to external damage.

Stronger, irregular pH can also remove previous wax, sealants, or protective coatings from your car. Whenever you’re cleaning a car with a protective sealant, you must use a cleaner with a regulated, neutral pH.

The Ceramic Car Wash comes in a neutral pH formula, allowing you to clean your car with no damage to the surface.

Thanks to our Ceramic Car Wash, you do not need to worry about measuring pH or going the extra mile. The car wash has a neutral pH, making it ideal for washing your car without causing unwanted damage. Furthermore, it is neither too basic nor too acidic, making it suitable for achieving thorough cleaning while adding protection.

4. Great lubrication for a safe wash

Cleaning a car coated with a ceramic layer can be tricky sometimes. Using a harsh cleaner or a stiff tool can cause scratches or remove paint when scrubbing off stains. Even a simple towel can sometimes cause visible damage if you’re too aggressive. That is why you must use a car wash with good lubricating properties.

The Ceramic Car Wash produces high suds, which makes cleaning the car surface quick and easy. It allows you to use your wash mitt without worrying about causing unwanted results. The mitt smoothly removes any stains as there’s a smooth, thick layer of lubricant on it. This lubricity allows for thorough cleaning without the risk of scratches or accidental paint removal. 

Even if you’re rubbing off stains that are too aggressive to wipe away, the lubrication properties of the Ceramic Car Wash make it easier to scrub and clean. You can remove even the harshest stains while ensuring that your car’s surface quality and paint are still intact and in optimum condition.

5. Premium ingredients from the United States

Some car washes come with harsh ingredients that can prove damaging to the ceramic coating of your car and do more harm than good. Regular car washes also contain added wax that claims to help with your car’s shine but instead ends up leaving an oily later on your car.

The oily layer clings to dirt particles easily and accumulates dust and stains on your vehicle. It can also cause permanent water spots on the car’s surface, as the wax layer is not meant to be used on ceramic-coated cars.

Torque Detail Car Wash contains only premium quality ingredients, optimum for use on ceramic coatings. It has no excessive wax but contains additional products for a shine that add glistening and glamour to your car’s surface without causing problems to your ceramic coating.

How to wash your car with Torque Detail Ceramic Car Wash

To ensure you get the optimum results, you should implement a few steps to make your car surface as good as new. Here is a list of a few essential items that you’ll need.

Pro tip: Power up the detailing arsenal with our Decon wash pack. While Ceramic Car Wash is intended to enhance ceramic coating, Decon Soap is a tough decontamination soap that removes your ceramic coating layer. It’s perfect for your yearly deep wash or when you’re ready to apply a new ceramic coating. Buy it today and get a free microfiber wash mitt! 

1. A Good Microfiber Wash-Mitt

Invest in a good quality microfiber wash mitt to ensure that your car surface is properly cleaned without any scratches or damage. They are quite cheap and readily available but make the car-washing process easier and more efficient.

The mitt should be soft enough not to scratch the car but also firm enough to properly scrub the vehicle’s surface without falling apart.

2. Wash Buckets

Preparing your wash buckets ahead of time makes the process easier and quicker for you. Get two wash buckets and fill one with soapy water made with our Ceramic Car Wash. Use the other bucket to store clean water to wash the soap off your car.

3. An absorbent towel

A good quality, absorbent towel nearby makes it easier to dry up your car after washing it. It prevents any water spots or stains from drying up water or detergent. The towel should be soft to avoid any scratches. It is important to be gentle while drying.

The BEST Ceramic Coated Car Wash Steps To Follow:

Washing a ceramic-coated car requires a little more care and gentleness than a regular car. So we’ve curated the perfect process to make achieving a spotless, shiny car easy. 

  1. Ensure your car engine is off and the surface isn’t hot. 
  2.  Wash the car body once with a hose or a bucket of clean water. Make sure to drench the entire surface with water.
  3.  Prepare your mixture of Ceramic Car Wash and water. You can do this by pouring some Ceramic Car wash into a bucket of clean water. Ensure you use only a little to avoid causing surface damage or detergent streaks. 
  4.  Dip your wash mitt into the soap water bucket and scrub the surface in small sections. 
  5.  Rub the surface back and forth and avoid going in circular motions, as this can cause damage to the paint, causing swirls. 
  6.  Make sure each section is scrubbed carefully. 
  7.  After giving it a good scrub, use the clean water bucket to wash your mitt after cleaning your surface section by section.
  8.  Finally, clean hose water down your car’s surface once the scrubbing is complete. Make sure all soap is gone completely and no residue is left.
  9.  If you desire, dry the surface with a soft, absorbent towel. You’ll be left with a clean car that shines brightly right into your eyes.

How Regularly Should You Wash a Ceramic Coated Car?

Most people believe that having a ceramic-coated car means they do not need to clean it often. While ceramic layers offer protection, this is a massive misconception, as ceramic coatings also get dirty. Some dirt and impurities can get stuck on the surface, which builds up over time to cause a dull, dirty-looking class.

Experts recommend washing your car every two weeks after getting a ceramic coating. When you first get it coated, you should wait a week before washing it. The ceramic coating needs some time to develop and sit correctly on your car.

But after some time, you need to devise a two-week cleaning routine. Now that you know which car wash to use and the steps you follow, cleaning your ceramic-coated car should be easy after two weeks.

It would help if you stuck to your cleaning regimen regardless of car usage. Whether your car is sitting in the garage or being used daily, cleaning it is important. In both cases, there are several ways your car can accumulate dirt.



Your Ceramic Coating Deserves The best


“Works better than anything I find at my local stores.”

Our new Ceramic Car Shampoo is the easiest way to maintain your Mirror Shine or Ceramic Sprayd car. Infused with Silicon Dioxide (Sio2), this product helps increase shine and adds protection to your surface. It will extend and enhance your wax or ceramic coating for an entire year.

After going through our article, you know that the Torque Detail Ceramic Car Wash is the perfect car wash for ceramic-coated cars. It has been perfectly formulated while keeping all the specifications your car needs in check. 

Ceramic Car Wash is pH balanced, which is important for a car wash to avoid unwanted reactions with the ceramic coating on your car. It is highly lubricated and produces plenty of good-quality suds. 

Moreover, it contains SiO2 instead of waxes to add shine, which means you get the glisten you desire without any damage. So what are you waiting for? Grab the tools and make your car look as good as new! 

  • Published on Jan 06, 2023