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How Long Does Wax Last On A Car? We Tested It

Before applying paint protection to your car, you should know how long it will last to ensure it’s worthwhile. One type of paint protection is car wax. Many car waxes are on the market, all with different durability potentials.

However, there’s yet to be a definitive answer to how long car waxes last. Wax durability varies by manufacturer and the formula of the wax. For example, most natural carnauba waxes last between 2-4 months, while spray waxes last from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. On the other hand, synthetic waxes can last up to a year

The longevity of car waxes depends on various factors. In this article, we’ll go through popular options and tell you how to get the most longevity of car wax.




High Rated Reviews from 150+ Customers 

After a simple spray and wipe down using a microfiber towel, your car’s paint job will be protected for up to an entire year. Your car’s top coat impenetrable to any chemical, liquid, or environmental contaminant there is. In a matter of minutes!

How Long Do Car Waxes Last?

Usually, car waxes last anywhere between four weeks to four months. The critical factor for wax longevity is the wax type. There are two main types of car waxes; natural carnauba waxes and synthetic waxes. 

Image of a hand with black gloves handling carnauba wax  in the left and another hand holding cloth and synthetic wax in the right

Natural carnauba waxes last shorter, whereas synthetic waxes have better durability and last longer. Each wax type has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s best to research before settling on a wax. 

Firstly, you will rarely find a 100% carnauba wax product; even if you do, it would be costly and not last very long. To make the wax as efficient as possible with a beautiful shine, manufacturers usually mix both natural and synthetic ingredients. 

On the other hand, synthetic ingredients will increase the durability of the wax but will not provide the same shine as natural carnauba wax. In addition, there are various formulas of car wax, such as liquid, spray, and paste forms. 

Spray wax is easy to apply but does not provide as much protection as a paste or liquid wax – which are the most durable. But don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of waxes to find which works best for your car. 

What Factors Affect The Longevity of Car Waxes?

Other than the wax type, there are other essential factors you should keep in mind before you buy a new wax to protect your car’s paint job. The factors that impact car wax longevity are:

  • Product Quality
  • Washing Habits
  • Driving Habits and Garage
  • Climate 

Below, we go through how each of these factors affects the longevity of your car wax.

1. Product Quality

Product quality is what affects the longevity of your car wax the most. It isn’t wise to expect top-notch results from the cheapest products on the market. That is why it is best to research before buying car wax. 

Using a high-quality product can give your car excellent protection that lasts a long time. For example, some high-quality natural carnauba waxes can last up to 5 months, while synthetic ones can last up to a year. That’s excellent durability and saves you a great ton of time and cost on car wax reapplication. 

2. Washing Habits

Even the greatest auto waxes will be removed from the paint by incorrect car washing. A good cleaning routine can make an old car look new, while a lacking routine can drastically impact your new car and make it look like it’s been through hell and back.

If you want to increase the longevity of your car wax, you should know the proper way to wash your car. Here are a few things to keep in mind while washing your car:

  • Use a suitable wash soap, such as dish soap.
  • Do not use a scorching hot war to wash your car.
  • Refrain from taking your car to an automatic car wash with brushes that can quickly brush away your wax coating.

3. Driving Habits and Garage

Like everything else that has to do with a car, the lifespan of your car wax also depends on your driving habits. If you only occasionally take your car out for a drive, your wax will likely last longer. But if you drive your car frequently, your car wax may be affected

In addition, when you’re not driving your car, the best option is to park it away in the shade, such as the weather, dust, and dirt. So, keeping your car in a garage will increase the longevity of your car wax. On the other hand, if you always leave your car outside, your car wax will last for a while. 

4. Climate

Another factor that affects the lifetime of your car wax is the climate. Harsher climate conditions, such as snow, hot temperatures, pollution, sun, etc., will deteriorate your car’s wax. So if you always drive your car in bad weather, you can expect your car wax to last shorter. 

With that said, it is impossible to avoid climatic conditions, but you can try to avoid driving over dirt and gravel.




High Rated Reviews from 150+ Customers 

After a simple spray and wipe down using a microfiber towel, your car’s paint job will be protected for up to an entire year. Your car’s top coat impenetrable to any chemical, liquid, or environmental contaminant there is. In a matter of minutes!

How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

Man with a Micro fiber cloth waxing a car

It can be challenging to know when you should wax your car. It is because car wax’s shine fades slowly and gradually. So, it can be challenging to know exactly when your car needs to be rewaxed. 

First off, how often you wax your car should depend on you. If your car is your pride and joy and it makes you feel all tingly inside to wash it every weekend, an old-school wax that only lasts a week or two is a good bet. Do what makes you happy! But if you don’t want to apply a coating all the time and want superior protection, you should go with a ceramic or graphene (even better) coating. Our Torque Detail Graphene Burst has been a big hit! With it, you must apply once a year, and you can use Turbo Waterless Detailer to maintain it.

In addition, here are some factors to look out for to know when it is time to wax your car.

First, the age of your car often determines whether it needs to be waxed. New cars require less waxing as the paintwork is in perfect condition. However, if the car is older or has not been looked after, you should regularly wax and polish it to protect its paintwork. 

Second, the time or season plays a huge part in deciding when you should wax your car. Warmer months mean your wax would last longer due to less rainfall, but in colder months with an increased chance of rainfall, the wax washes off sooner, and you will have to wax your car frequently. 

How To Make Your Car Wax Last Longer? 

Image of a man waxing a black car

There are several things you can do to achieve the maximum durability of your car wax:

Longevity of The Most Popular Car Waxes

We tested the most popular car waxes to help you pick the best sealant for your car. The table below consists of three columns; car wax, wax type, and its average lasting time. 

Car Wax / Protectant Car Wax Type Average Lasting Time
Torque Detail Graphene Burst Graphene Coating 1 year
P21S 127001 Carnauba Wax Natural Carnauba Wax 6-8 weeks
Chemical Guys Better Wet Wax Natural Carnauba Wax 3 months
Collinite No. 845 Liquid Insulator Wax Natural Carnauba Wax 3-5 months
Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax Synthetic Wax 6 months
Car Guys Premium Liquid Wax Synthetic Wax 3-8 months
Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax Synthetic Wax 3-8 months

Tips for Making Your Car Wax Last Longer

When waxing your car, you want to ensure that you do it properly. So take your time and research before you experiment with car waxing.

First, you should only apply a thin layer of wax to your car. Applying thick layers of wax to your car will make the whole process slower, and the finish may look unpleasant. Additionally, thick amounts of wax may seep into any cracks in your car. 

Also, always ensure that your car is parked in a shaded area. This will give your car wax enough time to do its job; otherwise, it will dry far too quickly, and you’ll have to spend more time waxing the car

Always use the horizontal or vertical method while applying the wax to your car. This will prevent swirls or patterns from forming to ensure a smoother finish, making your car look more attractive. 

For easy Car coating protection, Here’s how to apply a ceramic coating spray.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers about car waxes and how long they last.

Which Type of Car Wax Lasts the Longest?

Synthetic car waxes last longer than natural carnauba waxes. If you want the most longevity out of your car wax, try ceramic-infused or PTFE-based car waxes, which can last up to a year on the car’s paintwork. However, ceramic and graphene coatings are more vital and becoming the go-to with detailers these days. 

Which Car Wax Lasts Longer; Spray, Paste, or Liquid Wax? 

Spray usually waxes last shorter than liquid and paste waxes. The latter typically lasts between 2-3 months, while spray car waxes only last between 2-4 weeks before you need to re-wax. However, the upside to spray waxes is that they are faster to apply.

Is It Bad to Wax Your Car Too Much?

Frequent automobile waxing won’t harm your vehicle in any way. However, it is often unnecessary. Applying too many layers of wax on your car can cause the finish to look smooth and appealing.

When you apply wax on top of another dead layer, the new wax will also stick to the old layer. It means that when the old layer slips off your car, the new layers will also go with it, so it is best to wash off an old layer of wax before reapplying.

Final Thoughts




High Rated Reviews from 150+ Customers 

After a simple spray and wipe down using a microfiber towel, your car’s paint job will be protected for up to an entire year. Your car’s top coat impenetrable to any chemical, liquid, or environmental contaminant there is. In a matter of minutes!

When waxing your automobile, several variables, including the product quality, the kind of wax you’re using, and the state of your car, affect how long the wax will last. Overall, car wax can last between four weeks to six months, depending on the abovementioned factors. 

Ideally, you should wax your car twice a year minimum and four times a year maximum. But you should invest in high-quality car wax, synthetic or natural, to ensure your car doesn’t have that botched look. 

  • Published on Sep 26, 2023