The  Simple 3 Step Process We Use For Beautiful Shine & Protection

Confused by all the products out there when it comes to car detailing? Tired of products claiming to be a do-it-all “miracle spray” that don’t live up to the hype?

Getting a beautiful shine AND months of protection is not as hard as it seems (or as expensive).

The Simple 3 Step Process We Use To Get Results Like This:

Step 1: Decontaminate Your Surface

Your car’s surface is filled with contaminants. Some are visible and some are invisible to the naked eye. These include water spots, brake dust, bug guts, tiny iron deposits, and road salt.


Removing all the contaminants from your surface is vital for exposing your vehicle’s clear coat and will help your wax or sealant last much longer.

    First, we use a Decontaminate or "Decon" Soap. This is stronger than regular car soap, as it will help strip your car of waxes and surface contaminants. Most brands sell a decontamination soap. If you don’t want to buy something, you can simply use household dish soap. Again, don’t use this too often as it is harsher than normal car wash soap.

    Step 2: Clay Your Surface

    Next, you'll want to “Clay” your car. This will help remove deeper containments, such as iron deposits and fallout. Lately we like to use a Clay “Block” instead of a traditional Clay Bar. You can use a Clay Block up to 100 times, and it is faster than using a Clay Bar.

    Also, be sure to use a Clay Lubricant while claying, so as not to damage your vehicle’s surface.

    You can buy these items from your local store separately, but to make it easy for you we created the DECON KIT. It's a 4-in-1 pack with Soap, Clay Lube, a Clay Block and Wash Mitt. 

    Step 3: Apply a Wax or Sealant

    Now the fun part! Once your car is free from contaminants, you can apply your favorite sealant. We like to use spray sealants they make it much quicker than applying a traditional wax or sealant.

    We recommend a sealant over wax.  Why?  The right sealant should be more effective and easier to apply.


    We created Mirror Shine as a wax replacement with a focus on effectiveness. It's fantastic at giving that natural wax finish - it's much easier to apply than traditional wax; just spray on and work into the surface, then buff. In addition, it gave that long lasting protection to our car’s coat (we’re on month 3 and it still repels water like crazy).

    We are also proud to say that Torque Detail is run by a former professional detailer and produced entirely in-house in America down at Tampa, FL.

    Many other brands use separate manufacturers, so they’re merely charging a mark-up. Often the products aren't produced in America either.

    Finally, as of right now Mirror Shine has received over 68 5 star reviews on everything from Porsches, Old School Cars, Trucks and even Motorcycles!

    We currently offer our best selling Mirror Shine product in 2 sizes, 16oz spray bottle and 1 Gallon Jugs.

    Want to Save 23% and Get Everything For the 3 Step Process Above?

    Get our Pro-Detailer Bundle which includes:

    • (3) 16oz Bottles of Mirror Shine Car Wax Spray,
    • Full 4-Part Decontaminate Kit with Decon Wash, Wash Mitt. Clay Lube Spray, Clay Bar Applicator
    • 6 Premium Microfiber Towels!

    Just click here and your car will be shining in no time.

    • Jan 23, 2019
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    Steve Boschen May 06, 2019

    I’ve been using F11 for the last 6 months or so on my 18 Acura tlx ASPEC. I decided to try your product, just to see if it was a better option. I was pretty pleased with F11, but I just finished washing my car with your decontamination wash and applied one coat of your Mirror Shine and I really like it. I like that it’s thicker so it doesn’t run when applied, yet it’s easy to buff and the shine is deep and, quite literally, mirror like. Great product

    Bill Fojtik June 06, 2019

    Would like to purchase Torque in a gallon, make a purchase verbally. Need a contact number

    Thomas Gross June 09, 2019

    In your three step process, you say you “recommend a sealant over wax.” I had to read that three times to realize you meant “sealant instead of wax.” I was thinking I had to wax my car first, then apply a sealant “over” it. Perhaps you should say, “We recommend sealant instead of wax.”

    Graham Steve June 15, 2019

    I just tried your Torque detail on my motorcycle and I was very suppressed and satisfied with your product it went on very easy and very easy to buff out to a GREAT SHINE. I highly recommend your product.

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