Our Favorite Cars From January - The Shine Club

We love seeing happy customers and seeing their cars shine! Because of that we wanted to highlight some of our favorite cars from December and January. Our favorite will win our BRAND NEW 4 Part Decon Kit - Decontamination Soap, Wash Mitt, Clay Lube and Reusable Clay Pad.

Want a chance to be featured or included? The easiest way is to leave a review and upload a picture.  You can also send us an email at Hello@TorqueDetail.com.

Now let’s check out our favorite cars!

Telsa Model 3

Harry R. from Kissimmee: "I applied Mirror Shine to my Tesla Model 3 in less than 20 minutes. It looks great!" 

We agree it looks amazing!  Love how the red shines.

Ole Blue

Steven K: "Ole Blue gets her shine back on. This stuff really works as stated. Went on well and came off easy. My truck sits out 24/7 and get the Texas sun rain and everything else. Preformed flawlessly LOVE IT."

Good to see Ole Blue get her shine back and stand up to that Texas weather.  Hook 'em!

Chevy Tahoe

DJ from Currituck: "Torque Mirror Shine does the job! Gives your vehicle an instant high gloss look. I love this product! It worked great on my 10 yr old Chevy Tahoe. Made her look new again."

Audi R8

Don R from Newnan: “Exactly as advertised! Goes on easy. The more you buff it, the more shine you get out of it. I'm a fan!”


Shining Blue

Dan G from Tucson: “I absolutely Loved it‼️User friendly and the end result is Spectacular ‼️”

Blue seems to be surprisingly popular.

Fantastic Deep Shine

James from Gonzales: “Product worked great, applied two coats. Car has a fantastic deep shine”

Equinox and F150

Eric L from Delmar: “We have 2 black vehicles. Amazing how the color stands out now!! Easier to apply than wax. 1/2 a bottle did my F150 and my wife's Equinox. Very pleased.”

Harley Davidson CVO

Peter F: “Looks as good as when it came from the dealer.”

Shining In Snow

Philip H from Algonac is showing off his shine in the snow!

A Classic

Peter B from Philadelphia: “I am pleased with the results I get from your product. Just like most things, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. A second coat and some buffing really brings out the shine.”

The Shine is Brighter

Michael R from Avondale: “The product was easy to apply. My cars are waxed often and generally have a good shine. There is no question that after the application the cars shine is brighter. I will be watching to see how long it lasts.”

Florida Red Mud Doesn’t Stick

Tom F from Havana: “Great stuff. The hardest part. Is polishing out my truck before using Mirror Shine. It does what you claim. Dirt does not stick to it. I drive back on a muddy trail to fish. When I get home I hose off the Florida’s red mud and it looks as good as the top half.. No film. I'll be done when I finish the front half of this 8 foot bed. You can tell where the back half [halfway up the wheel well] is already finished.”

Want to Get the Most Out of MirrorShine?

Mirror Shine™ is most effective when it bonds to the car's "clear coat". It's unable to do this if there is dirt and grime sitting atop the clear coat.

First use a proper Decontainment Soap to wash the car.  Next, you'll want to “Clay” your car. This will help remove deeper containments, such as iron deposits and fallout. 

You can buy these items from your local store separately, but to make it easy for you we created the DECON KIT: 4-in-1 pack with Soap, Clay Lube, a Clay Block and Wash Mitt.

We hope to see your car in the next Shine Club of the Month!

Rick Gaines July 27, 2019

Great Shine , Very Happy with u product.

Jeronimo Gonzalez August 08, 2019

Was a F-11 fan but decided to give the Torque mirror shine a try and love it. The F-11 seems to attract dust but after 3 days the Torque was still dust free. I am a fan for life!

Kelly Cromer August 23, 2019

Love the shine. Bought this 2016 Z51 Corvette about a month ago. I used polishing compound and lightly went over the entire car to remove any stains in the clearcoat. I applied a good hand rubbed coat of Mirror Glaze & buffed it out. Then applied a second layer & buffed to a beautiful deep shine. Now just waiting to see how it holds up.

monty benko September 19, 2019

I have a black 05 gto and a 13 mks also black and when I got done with your product I could not believe the shine it really did give both cars a mirror finish

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