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Our Best Tricks For Protecting Your Car From Snow EVEN If You Don't Have a Garage

Winter is slowly creeping up. At this point, you might even have some snow on the ground. You might not wherever you may be.

No matter what time of year you’re reading this, it’s always good to be prepared. Especially when nature unleashes its wintery fury. This guide will go over how you should protect our car from snow.

Whether you know it or not, snow can leave water spots. That won’t look good for your car’s exterior. We’ll suggest to you a product later on that you can use to help keep your car’s exterior looking good during the winter.

Before we show you the steps you need to take, let’s take a look at the impact that snow can have on your vehicle.




High Rated Reviews from 150+ Customers 

After a simple spray and wipe down using a microfiber towel, your car’s paint job will be protected for up to an entire year. Your car’s top coat impenetrable to any chemical, liquid, or environmental contaminant there is. In a matter of minutes!

What kind of impact does snow have on your vehicle?

Winter storm car covered with snow with a sad face expression drawn on the hood of the car.

Believe it or not, snow can have an adverse effect on your vehicle. Whether it’s a moderate amount or a snowstorm, your vehicle’s surface may be susceptible to cracks and breaks. That’s because the snow can pile up and at a fast rate.

It can take nearly 5 to 10 minutes to clear off your entire vehicle. This will depend on the amount of snow that you have on top of it. You’ll have no choice but to remove it (especially when it’s required by law in most states).

Not only that, you’ll also be posing a safety hazard to other drivers. Snow or ice that is not cleared off your vehicle may fly off and hit other vehicles around you. This can lead to damage including busted windshields and scratched exteriors.

While we’re on the subject of windshields, it’s one part of your vehicle that will hate the cold. If you have a small crack, it will expand with the temperature changes. You may need to get it fixed before the temperatures get even colder.

The longer you delay, the more it will cost you (time and money wise). If you want to prevent snow damage from occurring, it may be wise to put the vehicle inside a garage. That’s because you’ll have it in a temperature-regulated space.

Thus, you won’t have to deal with extreme swings in temperature. In a garage, the temperatures will usually stay the same. That is assuming any doors or windows aren’t open.

Also, if your garage has drafts or open points, you may want to consider sealing them off. Otherwise, you might not have the temperature regulation that we have mentioned earlier. But what if you don’t have a garage at all?

Not to worry, we have the best solutions to protect your car if no garage is available. Keep reading and we’ll help you out.

How to Protect Your Car From Snow if There Is No Garage

Let’s take a look now at the following steps you can take to protect your car from snow if no garage is present:

1.     PRO DETAILER TIP:  Apply a Graphene Coating to Protect Your Paint

Spraying Torque Detail Graphene Burst Coat to the car.

Applying a product to protect your vehicle from water spots and contaminants is important. Torque Detail’s Graphene Burst is what we like to call a ‘snow jacket for your car’.

When you apply this, you’ll get a shine that lasts the entire year. Not only that, you’ll have water run right off. That’s because it has hydrophobic properties that will prevent water spots from forming. This’ll help protect your vehicle from snow sticking. It’s much less likely to build up than on an unprotected vehicle.

Even better, you won’t have to deal with stains and scratches. Just apply this all over your interior and you’ll get excellent protection like nothing else. Especially when you are driving from one place to another and snow is falling all over the place.

Graphene Burst is a must for that extra protection especially if you park your car outdoors.

2.    Stand up your wipers

Your wipers will be the first to freeze up. To prevent this from happening, stand them up. Especially when there are freezing temperatures (32 degrees F or cooler) in the weather forecast.

You will be able to prevent any damage to the wipers. Standing them up will preserve them. Plus, it will reduce the risk of streaking.

3.    Use a windshield cover

Red car's windshield covered up with a protective mat.

The next thing you’ll want to do is cover up your windshield with a cover. The reason for this is to eliminate the challenges that come with cleaning off snow when it’s piled onto the windshield. All you need to do is place the cover itself and easily remove it the next morning.

You won’t have to use a snow removal brush on your windshield at all. You can just easily pull it off and save yourself time. If you want something similar to save you more time, you want to use this next item that we’ll be discussing.

4.    Use a full-car cover

Covered car parked on the street.

This will make life easier for you. Especially when you don’t want to spend time scraping snow off the entire vehicle. Not only that, you’re also protecting your vehicle against rust.

If the snow and water come in contact with your vehicle, it can increase the chance of rusting. This will also be great for protecting your vehicle against the sun’s harmful rays. You don’t have to use this only in the winter time.

This can be a year-round thing. Whether it’s the summer or the winter, relying on a full-car cover will be great.

5.    Invest in a car shelter

Car shelters in front of the house.

A car shelter is modular and easy to set up. These are temporary ‘garages’ or carports. And they are a cost effective option to protect your vehicle year-round.

If you have enough space on your property, you can set one up. One of the downsides of this can be temperature regulation. It may be a bit cold or hot underneath it (depending on the time of year it is).

Regardless, it can still protect your vehicle from the snow. And cleaning times? Next to nothing.

6.    Know where to park before a snowstorm

If a snowstorm is imminent, it may be a good idea to choose a parking spot. A parking garage or some place with enough coverage should be ideal. The last thing you need is to be parked out in the open where your vehicle will be covered in snow.

Plus, you don’t want to be parked on the side of the road (or any place where you can’t be allowed to do so). The last thing your vehicle should deal with is snow cover, getting hit by a plow, or being ticketed for violating parking bans or similar measures.




High Rated Reviews from 150+ Customers 

After a simple spray and wipe down using a microfiber towel, your car’s paint job will be protected for up to an entire year. Your car’s top coat impenetrable to any chemical, liquid, or environmental contaminant there is. In a matter of minutes!

Final Thoughts

Protecting your vehicle from snow is easier than you think. We encourage you to follow the six tips listed above to help get you started. Winter comes and goes once a year.

You want to make sure that you are protected. Some of the tips we have mentioned will apply year-round (such as using a full-car cover). But nevertheless, using products like Torque Detail’s Graphene Burst will get the job done.

If you are looking to give your car that showroom shine and excellent protection, look now further. Get Graphene Burst today and see how it works for you.  

  • Published on Jan 04, 2023