What Is a Graphene Coating? Benefits? Disadvantages?

Discovered by scientists in the UK, Graphene is an extraordinary mineral that’s being called the “miracle of the 21st century”.

And for good reason...

This nobel-prize winning mineral is 200x stronger than steel but 1,000x thinner than a strand of hair.

Why should that matter to you?

Well… when you apply it to your car it’ll bond to the clear coat and create an impenetrable armour of protection.

That means shielding your car from every chemical, liquid or environmental contaminant there is… effortlessly!

How does Graphene work?

Graphene in an oxidized form bonds to your car’s clear coat and creates what I like to call a Master Sealant. Protecting your car’s paint job on a microscopic scale.

Essentially, it protects your car’s clear coat from contaminants like bird poop, bug guts, acidic rain or any other nasty chemical.

But the real beauty of graphene is when you combine it with ceramic coatings.

The beautiful deep gloss you get from ceramic gets locked in and protected for up to an entire year with the protective armour of Graphene.

Ceramic coatings on their own don’t come close to the durability achieved when combined with Graphene.

What are the benefits of combining Graphene
with a ceramic coating?

  • Protects your car’s shiny clear coat for up to an entire year
  • Creates a deep glass-like shine on any car (new or old)
  • Repels dirt, dust, grime and even acidic rainwater
  • Makes detailing your car easier and quicker because dirt won’t cling to it
  • Water beads right off and avoids spotting

What are the downsides of Graphene?

Since this mineral is such a new discovery, experts say it’s impossible to add pure Graphene to a liquid formula.

If you did, it’d sink all the way to the bottom. Never actually sticking to your car’s clear coat to protect it.

That’s why it’s important to use oxidized forms of Graphene. That way, graphene will cling onto your clear coat for dear life. Keeping it protected and glossy with minimal maintenance.

What is the best Graphene-based ceramic coating?

For the last year we’ve been secretly working on a DIY graphene ceramic coating. One that gives your car all the showroom shine of a ceramic coating but with the armour-like protection of Graphene.

Introducing...Graphene Burst!

Just spray Graphene Burst™ onto the exterior of your car and wipe off using a microfiber towel.

The whole thing takes less than 15 minutes (depending on the size of your car) and is so easy to use a fifth grader could do it.

UNLIKE ANY CAR PRODUCT OUT THERE: Graphene Burst™ uses Nobel-Prize winning mineral, Graphene. A mineral that’s 200x stronger than steel and 1,000x thinner than a single strand of human hair.
THE RAIN JACKET FOR YOUR CAR: Thanks to Graphene being the strongest form of protection on earth, this spray sealant repels any weather, chemical or roadside contaminants that come your way.
ALL-YEAR ROUND GLASS-LIKE SHINE: Graphene Burst™’s proprietary formula blends nano silica dioxide particles. These microscopic minerals are found in crystal quartz.

Stay Shining,
Dan Sweeney from Torque Detail

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