Active 2.0 Electric Pressure Washer - 2.0 GPM Flow and 1800 PSI Peak Pressure

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The #1 most important tool that you can use to clean your car: a pressure washer.  We went with the best PRO performance on a DIY budget, the Active 2.0 Electric Pressure Washer.  Most low budget pressure washers in big box stores don't provide the optimal GPM for a foam cannon or proper PSI to clean the car.

The Active provides the optimal output for detailing at lightweight 24 lbs in a condensed frame.  It also has double the lifespan of typical pressure washers.

Why Pressure Washers Are The #1 Tool for Cleaning Your Car
You can remove a large portion of the heavy grime on your vehicle before you even touch it with a wash mitt. That way you have less to scrub off later, reducing the chance of scratching. Your car cleans much easier with less elbow grease. 

You'll notice a huge difference when cleaning the brake dust from your rims. It also works great for engine bays, rubber floor mats and even areas around your home.

Easy & Safe Cleaning With Foam
Foaming your car is one of the best ways to wash your car.  The foam is lubricating so your wash mitt gently glides over the paint, cleaning the car with ease and protects against scratching. Try our Foam Bomb Shampoo for best results.

The Best Foam
The proper GPM (gallons per minute) is very important for your foam cannon.  The higher the GPM, the thicker the foam.  Cheap pressure washers have a lower GPM which creates a thin foam that doesn't work well. The Active 2.0 outputs 2 GPM for that perfect, thick foam.

Optimal Cleaning
PSI is hugely important to detailers.  You need it strong enough to properly clean but not too strong where it could chip or hurt the paint.  The Active 2.0 generates 1800 PSI for optimal & safe cleaning.

Quieter Operation
Electric pressure washers are much quieter than gas options. The Active 2.0 model is only on when you pull the trigger.

Technical Specifications 
  • Patented 5-Piston Pro Pump - The newly engineered pro pump gives the performance benefits of the previous Active with TWICE THE LIFECYCLE.
  • High Water Flow & Pressure – The 1800-watt motor with the pump helps generate a peak pressure of 1800 PSI and an increased water flow of 2.0 GPM which gives you 3600 cleaning units of output.
  • 2 Year Residential Warranty – On full unit & all accessories via the manufacturer. You contact their support at 1-844-777-4555.

What's In The Box?

  • Active 2.0 Pressure Washer
  • 20 Foot Pressure Hose: 1/4" M22-14mm real rubber hose.
  • 35 Foot GFCI Electric Cord 
  • 4 Different Nozzle Tips: 0,15,25,40 degrees
  • 600ml Foam Blaster
  • Metal Lance
  • Metal Gun
Note: M22-15mm hoses are not compatible, use appropriate accessories to connect.

Pro Tip: Keep the pressure washer 24 inches from the car while cleaning.

*The Active Pressure Washer 2.0 is not eligible for discounts due to MAP pricing.*

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