How to Keep a Black Car Clean: The Ultimate Car Care Guide!

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Car colors are largely hit-or-miss, but one true hue that always remains chic and classy is BLACK. Unfortunately, it’s so attractive that even dust particles want to get in on the action. Unlike the other members of the rainbow, black is an absolute dirt magnet. In this article, we’ll show you the fast and effortless way to keep your black car clean without blistering your fingers from all that washing and scrubbing.

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Why are black cars so easy to get dirty?

Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter what color your car is—the birds aren’t picky when they carpet-bomb your ride with their droppings. Black only appears to show more dirt because of the paint’s high reflectivity and contrast, making grime visible on its surface, especially in bright light

Why do black cars show dirt so easily

It’s also prone to fading quickly because it absorbs more of the sun’s UV rays, thus making it look shabbier than it ought to be. And it doesn’t help that automotive companies are applying thinner than ever protective clear coats. In addition, when the car gets scratched, the white coat underneath it sticks out because of its opposite hue.

Now, before you fret and decide to trade for a white one instead, it’s really not that hard to keep a black car clean.

What detailer recommended products should all black car owners have?

Your grandpa might recommend a good ol’ fashioned spit-and-shine with a rag, but nowadays, we try to avoid getting a hernia. The first thing you need to do is make sure you own the essential detailer products that can save you both time and energy. In particular, you’ll require the following items:

What’s the best method? Using Waterless Wash

Do Frequent Car Washes Without Busting Out The Hose
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There are many reasons why you would choose a waterless wash. You own a black car. You’re going to wash it a LOT in order to keep it looking sharp. You can have an occasional full-wash that includes rinsing with water, but if you keep that up your free time and water usage would go through the roof.

The winning formula here is occasional full wash (with water) + routine waterless wash.

A waterless wash, especially our very own Turbo Waterless Detailer, contains anti-static and hydrophobic properties that will repel future dirt and contaminants so that your car is looking clean a lot longer than usual. Waterless washes typically come in spray bottles. Simply apply a moderate amount on the surface of the car and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Once you’ve gone through the entire exterior (including the windows), step back and admire the spotless finish! It’s a nice and simple hand wash process.

This doesn’t seem complicated at all, and you might be tempted to brush this off as a too-easy-to-be-true solution, but the power comes from the chemical components of the wash, not the amount of fluid you pour and certainly not the amount of scrubbing you endure. Regular water simply doesn’t have the necessary components to repel dirt and preserve that immaculate look for long periods of time.

It may not need mentioning, but AVOID using dish or bath soap to clean your car! This kind of soap is manufactured to remove oil, which can seriously damage the coat and molding!

How do I keep a black car clean with a regular waxing or ceramic coating?

Once the waterless wash is complete, you might be tempted to stop there, but you still need to detail your black goddess if you want to give it that sparkling sheen. Most people use monthly waxing, but recent innovations in the auto industry have rendered the traditional car wax or sealant a rather inefficient solution. Nowadays, a ceramic coating is preferable.

Unlike car wax, ceramic coatings last a heck of a long time, keeping your car factory-fresh for two to five years. These products contain a special polymer coating that acts like a second skin in order to protect the paint from scratches and stains, making it highly resistant to environmental stress.

The main problem with ceramic coating is that it takes hours to apply and usually requires the assistance of a professional (who probably won’t do it for free unless he owes you big time). In order to bypass the cumbersome trip to the local auto store, you can get similar results by using a spray-on Ceramic Spray. Torque Detail’s Ceramic Spray works just like a ceramic coating, except that it costs less than a regular car wash and can be applied manually in minutes. It’s formulated with special silicon dioxide particles that fill in the pores of the car’s surface, creating a thin, glasslike layer of protection that literally repels iron deposits, rain, snow, tree sap, pollen, bug guts, bird droppings, and practically every other everyday contaminant you’ll encounter.

To apply it, simply spray the Ceramic Spray on the exterior, wipe it down with the microfiber cloth, and voila - your car looks like it just rolled off the showroom five minutes ago!

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How do I avoid putting swirl marks in black paint?

Some swirl marks are caused by the natural aging of the paintwork, but most of them are the result of haphazard cleaning such as using a regular rag for wiping or failing to wash off dirt before drying the car.

The reason why a rag or cloth should NEVER be used is because they’re abrasive and can produce tiny scratches that accumulate over time. Also, if you fail to wash off all the dirt prior to wiping, the particles get dragged across the surface of the paint, causing damage. This is especially apparent when using car covers on a dirty car.

A simple way to prevent all this is to invest in some microfiber cloths. These are a special fabric that’s made specifically for cars and doesn’t harm the coating. Whenever you find any water droplets, gently pat the car dry with the duster or use slow, vertical movements (avoid vigorously rubbing it in a circular motion). This might take a little while, but the results are worth it.

NEVER leave the car to dry by itself—the mineral deposits in the water droplets can lead to stains.

How do I wash a black car without water spots?

Water on a car’s surface might seem tame. After all, we take a shower every day, and nothing bad has ever happened to us. This analogy is actually quite apt, because people never forget to dry themselves after a bath or shower, but when it comes to their cars, they just leave them all wet and exposed.

Each droplet of water, especially tap water, has contaminants floating inside it. When the fluid dries up, these contaminants remain on the car’s surface, causing white, flaky stains called water spots.

Not only are water spots aesthetically ugly to look at, but they also corrode your car’s paint. In the worst-case scenario, these water spots can be permanently baked into the car itself, which usually happens if you leave a wet car under the heat of the scorching sun.

There’s no great secret to preventing water spots—all you really need to do is to make sure you DRY your car with a microfiber duster after washing it. If you want to speed up the process, you can use the air from a leaf blower or similar and aim it at the wettest areas. Above all, try to clean your car in the shade.

How do I carefully remove road grime, bugs, and bird poop from black car paint?

Bird poop and bug guts contain acids that can dissolve your car’s coating. Grime such as melted asphalt or tree sap hardens over time, and if you try to remove them with your bare hands, it can chip the paint.

To safely remove the remains of these florae and fauna, you need to loosen them up with careful washing. Most of the debris comes right off with a little cleaning solution, but if it doesn’t, gently rub back and forth with a soft sponge. The controlled friction should eventually dislodge even the worst offenders.

How do I remove scratches from black cars?

Black car with some pretty deep bumper scratches.

Some people think that scratches are permanent, and that if you want them fixed, you need to go to a body shop. Of course, a body shop is useful for a lot of things, but scratches are actually easy to remove on your own. All you need is a special scratch remover solvent and you’re good to go.

A scratch remover works by breaking down the top layer of the exterior coating so that it evens up with the scratch, thereby making the mark invisible. To use a scratch remover, first clean out any debris, then dab a small amount into your microfiber duster and apply the solution by hand to the graze. You’ll be surprised how fast it disappears.

If you’re looking for the best black car scratch remover, we recommend Torque Detail’s Scratch Remover, which contains a formula that not only removes scratches but also oxidation, spider marks, and other paint imperfections. It’s an all-in-one cleaner for minor damages and repairs.

It should be noted, however, that if the scratch is deep enough that it penetrates through the paint, primer, and substrate, no scratch remover can cure it. This time, you really do need to go to a body shop!

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Should I bring my car to a car wash or strictly wash it myself?

While a car wash might save you time and energy (not to mention make your kids giddy with glee as they enter into its jaws), it doesn’t quite match up to the level of care that your vehicle deserves. For people who buy automobiles just to get from point A to point B, a car wash is better than nothing, but if you really want to treat your ride like it’s a part of the family, it’s always preferable to look after it yourself.

The problem with automatic and even manual car washes is that they use abrasive spinners or cloths and harsh chemicals that can seriously destroy the finish and paintwork. If you care even an iota for the detail then avoid the car wash at all costs! This is especially true for black-colored models.

By following the tips mentioned above, however, you should now be primed to not only do a better job than the car wash, but maybe even do it faster!

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"My car is slick as glass!! I put the Ceramic Spray on my Corvette Stingray and it is very slick and shiny. I should have purchased it sooner." - Charlie F.


Black cars are arguably the most beautiful out of all colors when kept clean. So keep ‘em clean!

We hope that by reading this article, you were able to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to care well for your car. It might not be able to thank you personally, but the oohs and aahs you’ll be hearing from awe-struck bystanders admiring your sleek ride should be all the thanks you need!

Published on Aug 04, 2020