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I FINALLY Removed Baked on Dirt From My Car Using This Crazy Kit

If you are dealing with baked-on dirt from your car, this guide is for you. There’s a ton of debris that could be collected on your vehicle’s exterior. It can even damage it if you leave it unattended.

Imagine seeing dirt spots discoloring the paint. It’s not pretty and it might be hard to wash off the old-fashioned way. Not to worry, we have a product that will be worth using. We’ll let you know what it is later on.

Before we do, we’ll show you some of the conventional ways to remove baked-on dirt from your car’s exterior. Let’s start right now.

What’s the Best Way to Remove Stubborn Dirt off Your Car?

Find an excellent decontamination car shampoo

It starts with finding a car shampoo that will work great for your car. You’ll want to follow the instructions on how to apply it. Make sure you’re not in direct sunlight when applying the shampoo.

It may be a good idea to do this on a day when the weather is mild. After applying shampoo, use a microfiber cloth to dry it off.

Use a clay bar

A clay bar can prove its worth against very dirty car exteriors. In fact, we actually have a clay bar as part of the product we’ll be introducing here in a bit. So with that said, let’s cut to the chase and introduce it right now.

Check Out Our Full Decon Kit

Full Decon Kit consist of Decon Soap, Clay Bar, Wash Mitt, and Clay Lube.

Our Torque Detail Full Decon Kit is your full-on kit when you’re fighting against baked-on dirt for your car. So what does this have? Glad you asked…here’s what you get:

  • Reusable clay pad: As we’ve mentioned, a clay pad is great for scrubbing down stubborn dirt. This will be a usable pad that you can use 100 more times if you need to. This will come in handy when you need to remove deep contaminants (especially those that you won’t be able to see at all).
  • Decontamination soap: This will be the centerpiece of the kit. This is a decontamination soap that you can put to good use to help remove contaminants that are present on the surface.
  • Clay lubricant: Before you use the clay pad, you’ll want to apply this lubricant. This will help protect the pad from scratching the surface. We know how other clay pads can get when you get to work with the decontamination process. It can leave scratches that will be hard to get rid of. But as long as you use this lubricant, you’ll be able to prevent said scratches from happening.
  • Wash mitt: This is made from microfiber materials. You’ll be able to wipe down your vehicle’s exterior without risking any scratches. Even better, you won’t even have to leave any smudges or streaks behind. No one wants to drive down the road and their car is full of streaks.

That’s the kit in its entirety. And you’ll be happy to put this to good use the moment it arrives on your doorstep. Keep reading, we’ll show you how to do just that.

How to Use the Full Decon Kit

There’s a two-part guide on how you can use the Full Decon Kit. Pay close attention so you know how to use it properly. Let’s begin with the Decon Soap first:

Part 1

Adding Torque Detail Soap to the bucket of water.
  1. Fill a bucket with water
  1. Add Decon Soap to the bucket of water
  1. Wet down the car with a hose
  1. Apply the Decon Soap onto the surface
  1. Using the microfiber wash mitt in a back and forth motion, rub it in
  1. Spray down the soap with a hose
  1. Repeat for a second time (if applicable)

Part 2

  1. Apply the Clay Lube while the surface is dry and clean
  1. Make sure you use a generous amount of the lube to prevent scratches
  1. Scrub the Clay Bar in a back and forth motion (not circular motion)
  1. Hose the car down with water once the entire surface is clayed.

And just like that, you’ve just given your vehicle a full decontamination treatment. Now, you can prevent future contaminations from happening for a long time. How cool is that?

You don’t have to do a process where it can take more time and cost a lot of money. With the Full Decon Kit, you’ll be able to remove caked on dirt from your vehicle at the snap of a finger.

What people are saying about the Full Decon Kit?

Our Full Decon Kit has been used by hundreds, even thousands of past customers. The reviews have been nothing but positive. Let’s take a look now at the following testimonials:

“This soap works great. It removed the old wax and it came out beautifully. I’m very pleased.” – Melvin P.

“This Decon Wash Pack is the best. My vehicle is looking sexy after this.” – John B.

“I used the kit and my F-150 XL is looking great.” – James K.

What other product should we recommend?

If you need extra microfiber towels, we have them. Our Microfiber Towels come in a pack of six, 12, or 24. If you are applying our products, these will be a must-have for your garage.

You can wipe everything down and they won’t leave a smudge or streak behind. You’d be hard-pressed to find a good set of these towels anywhere else. They get the job done and can be used several times over.

Choose your package deal and put them to good use.


Super Decontaminate Your Car


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Your vehicle’s surface is filled with contaminants. Some of these may be visible, such bug guts, bird droppings, water spots, and tree spots. And some contaminants, such as iron deposits, brake dust, and overspray may not be visible to the naked eye.

Get rid of baked on dirt with the Full Decon Kit

If you want to get rid of baked dirt fast, the Full Decon Kit will be exactly what you need. You get a heck of a deal with our best products. Our Decon Soap, Clay Bar, Wash Mitt, and Clay Lube will be your best line of defense against the dirt that will be hard to take off with just warm soapy water.

Don’t wait until it’s too difficult to remove dirt. Get this Full Decon Kit right now and prevent future decontamination from happening.

  • Published on Jan 04, 2023