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COVID Car Industry News Roundup: Uplifting and Wacky

While most of the country is in quarantine, many cars are off the road.  Still we’ve had our fair share of uplifting car stories and wacky news we wanted to share.

Uplifting News

Ford Motor Company ships 1 million face shields to New York City

In just over a week, Ford has shipped 1 million face shields across the country to protect front line health care workers fighting COVID-19 in their communities.

Ford, Tesla and GM are Helping with Ventilator and Mask Supply

The carmakers are working with GE and 3M to supply more vital equipment to the medical community.  Here's a more in-depth article on how they are switching from making cars to making ventilators

Ferrari Makes Parts to Turn Snorkel Masks into Coronavirus Kit

Mazda, Porsche Offer Free Car Care for Medical Workers No Matter What They Drive

Those on the front-line are getting real help with pro bono oil changes and more from the pair of automakers.

Car Insurance Refunds and Reduce Your Car Insurance Rate

Here's the full breakdown on car insurance refunds and discounts for all companies.  Many customers are switching their cars from commuting to pleasure and getting their rates reduced as well. Personally I was able to get around a 15% discount for me and my family.  

Wacky News

We've got NASCAR drivers losing their sponsor over virtual races and more.

NASCAR's Virtual Race was the most-watched esports TV show to date

Bubba Wallace Quit a NASCAR esports race and lost his sponsor

F1 Launches Esports Series featuring Current Drivers

Free Coloring Books from Car Companies Mercedes and Audi to Help Fight Boredom

Well that's one way to keep the little ones entertained.
Did we miss anything?  Drop a comment and we'll feature it on our next round up. Hope you're staying safe out there.
  • Published on Apr 16, 2020