Mirror Shine™ - 1 Gallon / 128oz (Wholesale)

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Designed by Professional Detailers: 

Frank Mitchell is a former professional detailer and car enthusiast. Mirror Shine is a culmination of over 5 years of formulating his own detailing solutions.

Custom Formula: 

Only available here, Mirror Shine is a specially formulated to provide a glass-like shine with an additional synthetic polymer protection. Mirror Shine adhere's to your vehicle's clear coat and has UV protection and repels water (hydrophobic).

USA Made: 

Produced and tested by hand in Tampa, FL.

We Support American Workers: 

We employ American workers across multiple states (FL, NY, CT, & CA) and pay competitive wages to our hard workers.

Professional Grade Quality: 

We created this product because we wanted it for ourselves. We've only recently began selling it to customers.

Fast Domestic Shipping: 

We typically ship out your order same day or the day after. Expect 3-5 days shipping total

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Product

Best wax I’ve ever used. This product is well worth the money. The shine is like glass.

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine......

I received my initial torque products and could not wait to try them out. I just purchased a new black car and needed a good product to keep it looking good. Torque exceeded my expectations!!! It's so easy to apply and holds true to everything covered in the videos. I just ordered the ceramic shine and can't wait to try it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these products!!!



Pleasantly surprisedI Decon kit and Mirror Shine

I recieved the Mirror Shine as a gift. After visiting the website, I decided to buy the Decon Soap an Clay Lube as well. I was sceptical at first, but I can’t be happier with the outcome. It really works as advertised. The decon soap and lube removed all the water marks which I used to struggle with. Just amazing. The mirror shine left the paint feeling smooth. It looks like a new coat of paint. And it is easier to keep the vehicle clean now.

I will recommend this product to friends *****

This product delivers everything it promises on the videos. By far easier to apply than other products I’ve tried and I could not be happier with the results. Based on my complete satisfaction of Mirror Shine product and the helpful support I received, I’ve ordered a bottle of Torque Plastic Restore.