Ceramic Shine™ - Silica Sio2 Spray Sealant (8oz Bottle) (Wholesale)

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Designed by Professional Detailers: 

Frank Mitchell is a former professional detailer and car enthusiast. Mirror Shine is a culmination of over 5 years of formulating his own detailing solutions.

Custom Formula: 

Only available here, Mirror Shine is a specially formulated to provide a glass-like shine with an additional synthetic polymer protection. Mirror Shine adhere's to your vehicle's clear coat and has UV protection and repels water (hydrophobic).

USA Made: 

Produced and tested by hand in Tampa, FL.

We Support American Workers: 

We employ American workers across multiple states (FL, NY, CT, & CA) and pay competitive wages to our hard workers.

Professional Grade Quality: 

We created this product because we wanted it for ourselves. We've only recently began selling it to customers.

Fast Domestic Shipping: 

We typically ship out your order same day or the day after. Expect 3-5 days shipping total

Customer Reviews

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This is it

I've tried many different polishes on my Harley. I won't name others but I am definitely sold on Torque Detail Mirror Shine. Easy on, easy off. Compliments from friends and even strangers about the deep, mirror shine. I now have much more room on my shelf in the garage as I got rid of all the other polishes.
Thanks for a great product.

first time use

Very good. I used Decon, Clay Bared, and then used Silica Spray. Did small areas at a time. Only had a few problems with it leaving streaks. Resprayed and wiped with a second microfiber. Looks great. waiting on it to harden up before taking it out in the sun.


I never received it Nor did I get a tracking number.

I’m quite impressed!!

“Gave this a try today and, I have to say, it gave my Laramie a very deep shine. Says it gives “Up to 12 months protection”. Well, that remains to be seen but, knowing me 😁, I’ll apply either another coat of the Silica Seal (aka - Ceramic Shine) in 5-6 months and, probably a coat or two of the Torque Detail in between. 😎”

That was right after I applied the Ceramic Shine for the first time and it’s been about a month since I did. I’ve driven through the “Florida Love Bug” swarms thinking I’d have a mess to clean when I got home but, nope!! Not...one...bug on the front of my ‘19 Laramie. THIS IS GOOD STUFF!! I’ll apply the Mirror Shine this weekend. 😎 I’ve tried 2 other products from FB and gave them away. 😁

Brilliant Shine

Used this product on my 03 F150, used the Mirror Shine on it first, the shine and feel are excellent. I’m going to see how long it lasts before I do another coat of the product. I’m including a picture and it’s been 4 days since I applied the product and it’s been rained on a couple of times since.