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Awesome product

Easy on and off, great results

Mirror Reflection

Greatest shine of any product on the market!

Its the best

I’ve tested a number of products on my car and yours is the best so far.


I just arrived and I just used it. Gave the car a mirror shine. It looks absolutely beautiful. Works as advertised. I will be buying more of the torque mirror shine and more of other products I'm sold.

Love it will definitely buy more now that I know what it is

Very easy to use I did my truck after I washed it about 15 minutes never looked better already been through a rain just saying did she write off dirt now

Great stuff

I put the stuff on clayed it Then I use mirror shine and the customer couldn't believe it

Glass shine

My 2007 Lexus 430 with original paint looks brand new. Super product


I've tried allot of the spray waxes even one with ceramic and hadn't been satisfied with the results. Nothing I've used before even compares to the finish i got with torque. You can literally see the difference as well as feel it!
Thank You Torque,
James Ferrell

My car after using your Product

Beautiful. Shine. Really Nice. Enhanced the beauty of my Ride. Thank You.

Works fantastic

Honesty My truck has never looked better, even when I bought it from the dealership it wasn't even close to this shiny and clean

Like a mirror!!

I have a black GMC Canyon, and I live in the country. As soon as I drive into the shop, it's dusty. When it's clean, you really see the shine.

Best spray wax ever

This wax is great and it’s very easy to apply. I used it on my truck and on the painted part of my wheels it really makes them pop. Makes my truck look great worth every penny.

super shine

WOW! easy fast and perfect shine. outstanding product.

Easy to use cars never looked better these are just 2 that I did will be doing all 10 the reflection of the tree on the black car is from a tree 500ft away


This is the best product ever,it has exceeded all my expectations and I will be a customer for life.

like new

great product, love the shine!

Made my motorcycles look great

It went on and off very easy and made my chrome shine like crazy and I can see my reflection in the paint like a mirror. I guess that’s it’s suppose to being mirror shine right?

Torque Mirror Shine

I use this on my Corvette after stripping the old wax off, this is the best this 13 year old car has looked. Shines as if it was just off the showroom floor.

Amazing product

This is my second time using this product and I just love the shine it put out.

So far so good!!

The product was super easy to put on and buff off and left a great shine. Time will tell on the longevity but first impressions are very good! Hasn't been the greatest weather here since I applied it so I have been having to buff off the dust daily but the car still looks great.

Great job

Very easy to use. Worked great. Car has never looked better


Like others who left reviews seen on YouTube wanted to try this other brand but thought I would check this out instead. What can I say great choice it rained after I was done applying and no spots. Car and bike look like they was never wet. Great product would recommend over others. Was not to happy with the decon soap though washed twice and still need to be clayed clean.