Water Spot Remover (16oz Bottle)

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Featuring a carefully formulated acid based formula, our Water Spot Remover gets rid of stubborn calcium, mineral and fluoride deposits that cause hard water spots. The acid quickly breaks down the contaminants and allows for easy removal.

  • Removes Stubborn Water Spots & Stains in Seconds
  • Neutralizes The Spot For Easy Removal
  • Works on Paint, Glass & Rims
  • Professional Strength Formula

1. Carefully read ALL instructions before use. Can damage glass with incorrect application.
2. Apply to a surface that has been washed, rinsed & towel dried. We recommend using our Decon Wash beforehand. Do not apply to hot surfaces.
3. Spray product onto a clean microfiber towel & wipe onto surface. Gently rub to agitate contaminants. Let product dwell for 30 seconds maximum.
4. Quickly clean surface with water, soap or waterless wash to neutralize the product.
5. For stubborn water spots, repeat multiple applications.
6. Apply a coating after water spots have been removed to protect against future contamination.

Warning: This is acid-based so use with caution. We recommend wearing nitrile gloves & avoid contact with eyes, skin or ingestion. Do NOT let product stay on ANY surface for longer than 30 seconds.

Glass Warning: Product will etch (eat away) at glass if left on longer than 30 seconds. Apply the product to a microfiber towel, working it over the area & quickly removing it. Do not spray directly on glass. Do not use on side mirrors.

Safe On: Can be used on paint, rims, chrome & glass. Do NOT use on raw aluminum or bare metal. We do not recommend use on plastic.

Designed by Professional Detailers: 

Frank Mitchell is a former professional detailer and car enthusiast. Torque Detail is a culmination of over 5 years of formulating his own detailing solutions.

Custom Formula: 

Only available here, our products are specially formulated to professional grade results easily and quickly.  You'll be able to get showroom shine and pro grade protection by yourself!

USA Made: 

Produced in the United States of America and tested by hand in Orlando, FL.

We Support American Workers: 

We employ American workers across multiple states (FL, NY, CT, & CA) and pay competitive wages to our hard workers.

Professional Grade Quality: 

We created this product because we wanted it for ourselves. We've only recently began selling it to customers.

Fast Domestic Shipping: 

We typically ship out your order same day or the day after. Expect 3-5 days shipping total.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Zach Paul (Lubbock, US)

The water spot remover works incredibly well. The graphene tire shine works remarkably well also. I was inpressed with the level of shine and how the dirt doesn't cling to the tires! Will purchase again


Took hard water marks off my old camper. I love it! Colors even look better.

Mel Skelton (Marietta, US)
Used it on my daughters 325i

I just had my daughter's 2006 325i painted and I used the Scratch Remover, to prep the cars paint to use Red Line Ceramic coating and the glass was prepped with the Water Spot Remover. The entire car looks like a new car thanks to all of your products. Easy to use and work better than anything I've used in my many years detailing my cars.

Great products, keep them coming.

Timothy Miller (Panama City, US)
Water spot remover

This is a great product, it really removes water spots don't hesitate buy it.

Wayne Achtzehn (Niceville, US)
Heavy Baked on Window Water Spots Removed with ease.

I had serious baked on water spots on the inside rear deck window of my C8 Corvette. Your Water Spot Remover was easy and quick to alleviate the spots. I know what to use for any future issues! Thanks.