Reverse: Car Scratch Remover, Water Spot Remover & Swirl Repair - All-In-One Paint Correction Compound (4oz Bottle)

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Remove Scratches, Swirls & Fix Other Paint Imperfections Easily By Hand

A simple all-in-one paint correction compound that works by hand with a simple microfiber towel! Easily removes scratches and swirls by hand. Will also remove water spots, oxidation and paint imperfections. No fillers, hazing or streaking.

  • Repair car scratches, swirl marks and water spots.
  • Also removes oxidation, spider marks and paint imperfections. 
  • Works by hand, no fancy tools needed.
  • Contains no fillers, silicone or wax.
  • No hazing, no streaking.
  • Product contains 4oz of all-in-one paint correction compound.


1. Clean area first. We recommend our Turbo Waterless Wash.
2. Apply a small amount to a microfiber towel or applicator and rub it into the area.
3. Clean off area with secondary clean towel.
4. Finish the area with Ceramic Spray or Redline Shine to seal & protect while giving a glass like shine.

Designed by Professional Detailers: 

Frank Mitchell is a former professional detailer and car enthusiast. Torque Detail is a culmination of over 5 years of formulating his own detailing solutions.

Custom Formula: 

Only available here, our products are specially formulated to professional grade results easily and quickly.  You'll be able to get showroom shine and pro grade protection by yourself!

USA Made: 

Produced in the United States of America and tested by hand in Orlando, FL.

We Support American Workers: 

We employ American workers across multiple states (FL, NY, CT, & CA) and pay competitive wages to our hard workers.

Professional Grade Quality: 

We created this product because we wanted it for ourselves. We've only recently began selling it to customers.

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