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  7. Jimbo's Detailing: Ceramic Shine Torture Test and First Look

Jimbo's Detailing: Ceramic Shine Torture Test and First Look

Jimbo's Detailing: Ceramic Shine Torture Test and First Look


Jimbo's Detailing got a bottle of Ceramic Shine and put it through his infamous 'Torture Test'. He also applies the product and gives his initial opinion. How will it hold up to the Torture Test? Watch above to find out!

Ceramic Shine - Spray On Ceramic Coating

"This stuff is Magic!"

"At first I was skeptical then I tried ceramic shine and boy I was surprised. This stuff really works. The application took about 20 minutes and was very easy. You just spray on, rub it in and then buff with a microfiber towel. I used about a half of a bottle or less. It shine like nothing I ever used before even better than when I first bought it... I'm a lifetime customer."

- Glenn from Bloomingdale

James Frankland June 03, 2020

I put a base coat of Mirror Shine and a follow on coat of Ceramic Shine on a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee and a 2010 Dodge Dakota. When finished, both vehicles looked like they had just come off of the Showroom floor. Thy have both been spray washed with plain water several times since the coating was applied. I have had to use a microfiber towel to wipe off some small areas where the dirt was not removed by the water spray. Both vehicles still look like the Ceramic Shine was put on yesterday. And, if you are caught in a rain the finish still beads up like it was polished yesterday. I’m hooked, now I just want to know how long it will last. More later.

Jose June 03, 2020

The ceramic shine definitely works! I use the decon wash, the ceramic wash, the ceramic shine, and then I apply about 2-3 coats of mirror shine and oh my goodness! My baby mustang shines! I definitely get addicted to applying coats and wonder if it could get any shinier haha I’ve never really been into cleaning my cars but ever since mirror shine came into play, I’ve been washing and shining not only my friends cars but applying shine on line whenever I can after birds poop on my car and what not. Thanks torque!

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